English Vocabulary Words Quiz 3 Online Questions with Answers

Here we have a online English vocabulary quiz which can be attempted by all of our visitors in order to assess and also improve their level of knowledge related to this topic. Having a strong English vocabulary is quite important these days as the language is widely used in worldwide, so now you will be able to learn it with ease in a short time period through our free tests.

English Vocabulary Words Quiz 3 Online Questions with Answers


1. Assent

Question 1 of 15

2. Mutual

Question 2 of 15

3. Sight

Question 3 of 15

4. Canvas

Question 4 of 15

5. Beech

Question 5 of 15

6. Cease

Question 6 of 15

7. Acceptance

Question 7 of 15

8. Bear

Question 8 of 15

9. Irritate

Question 9 of 15

10. Baneful

Question 10 of 15

11. Capable

Question 11 of 15

12. Incident

Question 12 of 15

13. Borne

Question 13 of 15

14. Causual

Question 14 of 15

15. Adopt

Question 15 of 15


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