English Synonyms Quiz Online 2 Mcqs Questions with Answers

English Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz And Word Meaning

For the quick and easy preparation of various types of written exams which include questions about English Grammar, below we have provided a free online quiz which includes questions and answers of English Synonyms. It is strongly recommended that you attempt this test to prepare for the actual exam in the best possible way. When it comes to being able to communicate clearly and proficiently in a language, having a large vocabulary is an invaluable benefit. The English language is significantly improved by the use of synonyms, which are words that have meanings that are comparable to one another. We provide the “English Synonyms Quiz Online” as a means of assisting you in the expansion of your vocabulary. This quiz is an entertaining and interactive approach to investigate the intricacies of synonyms that are used in the English language.

English Synonyms Quiz Online 2 Mcqs Questions with Answers


1. Tacit:

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2. Impeccable:

Question 2 of 20

3. Hypocrite:

Question 3 of 20

4. Desuetude:

Question 4 of 20

5. Kindle:

Question 5 of 20

6. Frugal:

Question 6 of 20

7. Capricious:

Question 7 of 20

8. Prosaic:

Question 8 of 20

9. Stupendous:

Question 9 of 20

10. Quack:

Question 10 of 20

11. Abnegation:

Question 11 of 20

12. Bellicose:

Question 12 of 20

13. Lucid:

Question 13 of 20

14. Garb:

Question 14 of 20

15. Juvenile:

Question 15 of 20

16. Abhor:

Question 16 of 20

17. Vindicate:

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18. Fulminate:

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19. Ebullient:

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20. Impair:

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Significance of English Synonyms

The definition of a synonym is a word that has the same or very similar meaning as another word, but which may be used in a little different way or have a slightly different connotation. Having a strong command of synonyms not only makes your vocabulary more extensive but also enables you to articulate your ideas with greater specificity. You may, for instance, replace the word “happy” with substitutes such as “joyful,” “ecstatic,” or “content” rather than using it in a manner that is both repetitious and monotonous.

English Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz

Words that are considered to be synonyms have meanings that are comparable to one another, whereas antonyms have meanings that are diametrically opposed. Your ability to express yourself in a variety of ways and hone your understanding abilities are both significantly aided by these linguistic friends. You will not only be able to increase the size of your vocabulary, but you will also be able to obtain a better understanding into the complexities of the English language if you master synonyms and antonyms.

English Word Meanings

The complicated dance between words and the concepts they convey is at the very heart of language, which serves as a conduit for the expression of ideas, thoughts, and emotions. When it comes to communicating, having a solid grasp of each word’s specific meaning is of the utmost importance. This article looks into the intriguing realm of English word meanings, investigating how the meanings of words impact our comprehension and enhance the way we engage with language.


“English Synonyms Quiz Online “English online Synonyms Quiz” is a great source for those seeking to improve their proficiency in speaking. Through exploring the complexities of synonyms in an engaging and interactive way that you’re not just increasing your vocabulary, but also improving your understanding of the nuances of language. No matter if you’re a teacher, an expert, or an individual looking to improve their communication skills, this test promises a rewarding and fun learning experience. Join us on our quest to explore what synonyms mean and discover the power of words now!

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