English Prepositions Online Test Quiz 2 Mcqs Questions Answers

Given below on this page is a free online quiz about the English prepositions. If you’re gearing up for a written exam or interview, a solid understanding of English is vital, as questions related to this subject commonly appear in tests. To aid our visitors, we offer a free online test that serves as a helpful guide for swift and convenient online preparation. This resource, titled “English Prepositions Online Test Quiz 2,” assists you in refining your grasp of prepositions in the English language. With this quiz, you can bolster your skills and readiness for assessments, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle preposition-related questions effectively.

English Preposition MCQs Online Test Preparation

This online aid makes it easy to learn English prepositions. Prepositions are words that show how other words in a sentence connect to each other. To do well on tests and jobs that test your English skills, you need to know a lot about prepositions. This page has Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) to help you practice using prepositions in different situations. These questions will test how well you know how to use prepositions in words. By doing these multiple-choice questions, you can improve your preposition skills, learn more about how they are used, and feel more confident about answering related questions correctly.

English Prepositions Online Test Quiz 2 Mcqs Questions Answers

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1. I took strong objection _______ the proposal.

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2. Razia is fit __________ joining her duty.

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3. He has servants to attend ________ him.

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4. Aslim was married ________ Amina

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5. Alia parted _______ her parents in tears.

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6. He has disposed ___________ his house.

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7. He is always boasting ________ his wealth.

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8. I prefer death _______ dishonor

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9. His father prevailed ________ him to join the government service

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10. Amer has been blessed _________ a soon.

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11. I am badly in need _________ money

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12. He was never entitled _________ this high post.

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13. She provoked him __________ anger.

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14. Our neighbor died ________ over work.

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15. She was mistaken __________ a switch

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16. He is averse ___________ hard work

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17. I had the privilege _______ knowing him intimately.

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18. We have full faith ________ our leaders.

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19. He has recently taken ________ drinking

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20. This course of action will be prejudicial __________ the interests of our country.

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Online English Preposition Test

The Online English Preposition Test is a full test that checks how well you know how to use prepositions. Prepositions can be tricky, but they are very important for making words make sense. This online test asks you to choose the right phrase for each sentence in a set of questions. It has different situations that test your ability to choose the right phrase for the situation. This test is a great chance to practice and improve how you use prepositions, which will make you a better English speaker generally.

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  1. The answer to question no. 19 is incorrect. The right answer is “taken to” whereas it is showing “taken for” as the correct answer. Fix it so it doesn’t misguide people.

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