Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23 Apply Online Application Form

Hungary Helps Scholarship Program for Christian Young People (SCYP) has been announced by the government of Hungary. SCYP, which was established in 2017, provides Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23 for Christian students to study at Hungarian universities. These scholarships are available for Master, One-tier Master, and Ph.D. programs. The scholarship will be available for the 2024/23 academic years to citizens of the Lebanese Republic and the Republic of Iraq, State of Israel. The form submission date for Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23 is 31 January 2024. See all details such as eligibility, last date, the application process, latest advertisement, etc form here.

Hungary SCYP Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition-free education
  • Monthly stipend for
  • Bachelor’s, master’s, and one-tier master’s level: monthly amount of HUF 166,600 (EUR 450) contribution to the living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies
  • Doctoral-level: the monthly amount of the scholarship is HUF 140,000 (EUR 380) for the first phase of education (4 semesters) and HUF 180,000 (EUR 490) for the second phase (4 semesters) – for 12 months a year until completion of studies.
  • Accommodation: free dormitory place or a contribution of HUF 40,000 to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period.
  • Reimbursement of travel costs o HUF 200,000 /academic year (EUR 550)
  • Medical insurance o health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act LXXX of 1997, national health insurance card) and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65,000 (. EUR 180 per year.

Process of Application for Scholarship

  • Each year, the application process begins in January. You can prepare your documentation and request a recommendation letter from the local. The deadline for online applications for the Hungary Scholarship for Christian Young People is January 31, 2024 (until 23.59 Central European Time)
  • Shortlisted candidates are notified accordingly and the list is made in March 2024. The host institutions receive the applications in April 2024. The final selection is made by May 2024. Students must arrive in Hungary by September 1 2024.

Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23 Apply Online Application Form

Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23

How to Apply for Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23

  • Online applications can be submitted through the Hungary Helps Agency’s online application system. Click on the given link to apply.
  • You must submit your applications by clicking on the link “Submit”.
  • Only saved applications will be accepted. Only applications that are submitted online by the deadline date will be accepted.
  • You do not need to send hard copies.
  • For the 2024-2024 Scholarship Cycle, the deadline to submit the entire application package is 31 January 2024 (until 23.59 Central European Time).

Purposes Behind Hungary Help Scholarship

The scholarship’s core purpose is to offer young Christian students the opportunity to study in Hungary.

List of Universities for Hungry Scholarship

  1. Budapest Business School
  2. University of Applied Sciences
  3. Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  4. Eotvos Lorand University,
  5. Eszterhazy Karoly University
  6. Karoli Gaspar University of Reformed Church in Hungary
  7. Obuda University
  8. Pazmany Peter Catholic University
  9. Szechenyi Istvan University
  10. Szent Istvan University
  11. University of Debrecen Urban
  12. University of Dunaujvaros
  13. University of Miskolc
  14. University of Pecs
  15. University of Public Service
  16. University of the Sopron
  17. University of Szeged.

Program Details Related to Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23

To download the available programs in your field of study. Download Here
No specific number of awards.

  • These provisions do not cover the cost of living for scholarship recipients.
  • The monthly stipend is not sufficient to cover all costs of living. Therefore, scholarship recipients may need to supplement their financial resources to pay for all living expenses in Hungary.
  • Before applying, applicants should verify the expected living expenses in Hungary and the city they are interested in moving to.
  • This scholarship provides study programs in English.
  • Only applicants who meet the minimum language requirements of the host institution are eligible to apply.
  • To see the specific language requirements for each program, applicants must visit the online application site.

Duration of Program

  • Bachelor programs are 2-4 years long
  • Master programs 1.5-2 years
  • One-tier master programs 5-6 years
  • Doctoral programs 2+2 years.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

The SCYP Programme relies on cooperation between the State Secretariat of the Churches who are involved in humanitarian efforts in crisis areas. The following criteria must be met by applicants for the academic year 2024/2024.

  • Hungarian citizens, including those with dual citizenship, people granted refugee status persons in temporary protection persons admitted for humanitarian protection stateless person asylum seekers, and persons already living in Hungary. This applies to both Scholarship Holders and applicants. It means that, for example, if you are granted Hungarian citizenship (or a refugee status) during your studies in Hungary your scholarship holder status will automatically be terminated.
  • Local Churches will verify that the applicant is a member of their religious community. Note that letters of recommendation from ecclesiastical Christian denominations and rite groups are only accepted.
  • The scholarship will only be given to applicants who have received recommendations from the local church and the approval of the State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians, as well as the State Secretariat for Hungary, Helps Program. Note that letters of recommendation from the churches listed in this PDF file will not be accepted.
  • All applicants are eligible to apply for bachelor, one-tier, master, and master degree programs. Doctoral programs are available to applicants who have completed their master’s studies within the framework of the Scholarship Programme to Christian Young People in Hungary, o are registered for their final semester as Scholarship for Christian Young People scholarship holders must have the appropriate language and education certificates.
  • In the scholarship agreement, the scholarship recipients agree that they will return home to their homelands if security and political conditions permit.
  • Young applicants must be over 18 years old when they start their education in Hungary (as of August 2024).
  • You can be a citizen of the Lebanese Republic or the Republic of Iraq, Palestine, the Islam Republic of Pakistan, Syria Arab Republic, the Republic of Kenya, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Republic of Armenia, and Nigeria.

Non-Eligibility Requirements

In the following cases, applications will not be accepted:

  • The Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23 is open to applicants who are not citizens or residents of the same country as their nationality, or who reside in an ODA recipient country. This does not apply to scholarship holders who are applying for the SCYP Programme in the next cycle. Bachelor scholarship holders apply to master’s programs, and master’s scholarship holders apply for doctoral programs.
  • Those applicants who are registered self-financed/fee-paying students of a Hungarian higher education institution at the time of the application deadline.

Former SCYP Scholarship holders who were awarded full-degree scholarships and who:

  • Are now reapplying to a full degree within the same cycle of education (non-degree, bachelor’s, or master’s), so SCYP Scholarship holders can apply for the program to continue their education at a different cycle. Master’s programs are available to bachelor scholarship holders. or who postponed the start date of their scholarship studies but did not withdraw their scholarship before the deadline.
  • Ex-Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holders are eligible to apply for the next cycle of education if they have not received their degree by 31 August 2024. A bachelor’s student can apply for master’s studies if they have received their bachelor’s degree by 31 August 2024.
  • Doctoral scholarships are only available to those who have completed their master’s in Hungary’s SCYP Programme or are registered for their last semester as scholarship recipients for the Scholarship for Christian Young People.
  • Local Churches from eligible sending countries are allowed to rank applicants as part of the selection process. The following priority order will determine the order in which applicants are ranked:
    Technology, agriculture, economics, medical and healthcare sciences, technology Computer science, law, administration, political science, teacher education natural sciences Humanities, social sciences, and sports sciences.

Preparatory Courses for Scholarship

  1. Full-time, non-degree programs may also be offered within the program, but only in certain cases. These programs can last up to one year. This section is for students interested in studying Engineering and Computer Science and Technology. Preparatory courses can be taken before you start a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree program at the host institution (both with a scholarship).
  2. Only for full-time study programs in Engineering and Computer Science and Technology, and only after the institution entrance examination process and professional evaluation, can the host institutions decide to admit an applicant to a preparatory program (up to one year) before they can start their full-time degree programs.
  3. Only bachelor and master-level programs in Engineering and Computer Science and Technology can be completed through the preparatory program. Preparatory courses are not available to applicants directly. It is up to the host institution whether a professional preparation period is required.

Required Documents to Apply Online

Online application form (will require a recent photograph of the applicant taken within the last six months);

  • Motivation Letter: Minimum 1 page, in Times New Roman 12-point fonts. It should be written in English. It should explain why the applicant chose the particular studies and how they will benefit their community.
  • Acceptance of a Statement for Application in the Online System. To submit your application, all applicants must click on the accept button on the online platform. Minimum 2 pages. Typed in Times New Roman 12-point font size letters. (Only for Ph.D. applicants).
  • Statement of the Supervisor: A statement by the Supervisor at the proposed institution stating that the supervisor will supervise the student’s work. (Only for Ph.D. applicants).
  • Letter of Recommendation: One signed Letter of Recommendation (only for Ph.D. applicants);

All applicants must upload scans of original documents to the system. Attach all documents along with translations in Hungarian or the language of the chosen study program. At the time of your application, you do not need to have hard copies of any of the documents. All documents submitted must be original, valid, and legally binding. Documents that have visible signs of damage, repair, or handwritten corrections are not acceptable for scanning.

  • Approved recommendation: Recommendation of the local Christian church (Please click here for the list) that must be approved by the State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program. It must be issued no earlier than 15 November 2002. The Letter of Recommendation must only be signed by the highest level of the episcopal in those Churches where there are no bishops. The recommendation letter must be:
  1. Signed and stamped by either the Bishop of the relevant Church or the highest authority in the episcopal hierarchy, if there is no Bishop).
  2. Be typed on the Church’s official letterhead and printed
  3. It should bear the name of your bishop
    Specify all personal information of the applicant, including full name, country of residence, and date.
  4. Handwriting cannot be used
  5. Original proof of language proficiency; scannable copy, with minimum level set by the Host Institution
    Certificates from schools
  6. Transcript of Records
  7. Medical Certificate (not before 15 November 2024). This form must be used by applicants
  8. Copy of identification document. If applicants do not possess a passport, they can upload a photo of their national identification document.

Documents Missing

  1. All the documents above are required for application. However, some documents can be uploaded after the application deadline if the applicant is unable to obtain the document before the deadline. The applicants must sign a statement stating that they will get and upload any missing documents by 31 July 2024. If the statement is not uploaded by 31 January 2024, and/or the missing documents are not uploaded by 31 July 2024, such applications will be automatically rejected.
  2. Translations of school certificates
  3. High school certificate: Only applicants who have been registered for the final semester of secondary school studies must upload a high school graduation certificate. Later, candidates should upload a high school diploma.
  4. Bachelor degree certificate: Only applicants who have completed the final semester of their bachelor program must upload a bachelor’s certificate. Later, candidates should upload a bachelor’s certificate.
  5. Master’s degree certificate: Only applicants who have completed the final semester of their master’s program declaration must upload a master’s degree certificate. Later, candidates should upload a master’s certificate.
  6. Only applicants who are waiting for their results from the language tests can apply for the certificate of language proficiency.
  7. Only applicants who are awaiting their passports will be issued a copy of them.
  8. Only applicants who are awaiting their medical certificate statement to be signed by the applicant.

Only one applicant can apply to a study program. After applying, applicants must be aware that they can’t change the program they have chosen. Before submitting your application, you should carefully review the entry requirements for the program.

General Instructions for Applicants

  • For more information about admission requirements, curriculum, and other details, visit the website for the program or your Host Institution.
  • Make sure to provide accurate contact information and that your e-mail address (or other information) is not mistyped in your application form. All information, including the selection results, will be sent there.
  • Do not apply to the wrong level of study (e.g. Master’s studies are not available to Bachelor students. You cannot apply for different study levels at the same time.
  • The correct file formats have been uploaded, and the files can then be opened.
  • Send your application by the deadline.
  • After filling out all details and uploading any documents, click the submit button to apply.
  • Keep track of your login name and password and the e-mail address you used to submit your application. You will need this information later (e.g. Accepting the scholarship offer
  • Keep track of your application number and keep it handy for future reference.
  • To avoid technical difficulties, it is highly recommended that you do not use Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses when submitting your application.
  • All applications must be submitted by clicking the “submit” button within the application system. Only applications that have been saved will be accepted.

Scholarship For Young Christian SCYP 2024-23 Last Date

The deadline for applications is January 31, 2024, at 23:59 Central European Time. Visit the official page for more information about the Scholarship for Christian Young People (Hungary)

Hungary Helps Agency

The Hungary Helps Agency was created on 14 April 2019, based on Act CXX 2018 regarding Hungary Helps Program. The Hungary Helps Agency, a government agency, is an organization that works under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary. It is a non-profit agency and operates following Hungary’s Fundamental Law. We emphasize the importance of the culture and freedom of other countries. We aim to work with all nations around the globe while respecting their dignity.
Its goal is to respond to local needs efficiently while respecting basic human rights and humanitarian principles. Its projects are designed based on reports from local community representatives and implemented with local partners, primarily Faith-Based and Non-Governmental Organizations. Hungary Helps Agency’s mission is to provide aid to communities in crisis and ensure donations are used professionally and efficiently, thus representing solidarity among the Hungarian people.

General Overview of Hungry Christian Scholarship

  • Levels: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • Fields: All Fields
  • Type: International
  • Category: Merit Based
  • Area: All Pakistan
  • Deadline: 31-01-2023
  • Funded: Fully Funded
  • Place: Hungary

Contact Details of Hungry Organization

Email: [email protected]

 Official Website

See All Details Online for SCYP Scholarship 2024-24

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