Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College Scholarship 2023 Apply Online

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Admission Form 2023

The Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College Scholarship was just recently made public there. Only need- and merit-based scholarships are available. This cadet college scholarship is unique. The major goal of this scholarship is to assist Pakistani students who struggle to pay for their education and cannot receive a decent education in their pursuit of a higher education. Therefore, the Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College Scholarship helps students of that kind. On a scholarship basis, students in need can be admitted from grade 8 to intermediate pre-medical and engineering levels. Students are given free education through this scholarship so they can pursue a quality education and eventually join the military. Soon, the exam date and the result date will be released. So continue reading for more information.

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College is the first cadet college for children who have no parents. The admissions for scholarships are now available in the class of 8th in the Sweet Home Pre-Cadet college. The cadet college as well as Pre-Cadet College are run jointly together along with Siddique Public School. The college provides quality education to students who are orphans free of charge and helps them prepare for the military of the nation. Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet school is spread across 8.5 acres. A brand new college campus for Pre-Cadet College is located near HEC Islamabad.

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet school has modern facilities like boarding, lodging, dining Hall as well as a Play Area and a grassy area for sporting activities, etc. The college offers free education, hostels and meals are offered to students who are enrolled. Students from all across Pakistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan can apply. The deadline for applications is March 31st 2023.Children who are Martyred members of Armed Forces, Police, and other forces, as well as Hafiz-e-Quran students will get priority. Students are able to submit copies of their documents via Whatsapp at the numbers listed in the advert below.

Details Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College Scholarship

Levels: Matric

Fields: All Fields

Type: Local

Category:  Merit Based

Area:  All Pakistan

Deadline: 2023

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  • To be admitted in the 1st year:

The 80% mark in Matric Students waiting for results may be able to apply. Maximum 17 years old on 21st August 2023.

  • Age 12-14 years old

Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College Scholarship 2023 Apply Online

Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College ScholarshipRequired Documents for Pakistan Sweet Home Pre-Cadet College Scholarship

  • One Photo
  • 2-Attendance Proof
  • 3-Income Proof
  • 4-B-Form
  • 5-Last Exam Results
  • 6-Father’s death certificate
  • 7-Guardian’s CNIC
  • 8-Any Other Documents

PSW Scholarship Covers

Free Housing, Free Meals, and Free Education Pakistan Sweet Homes Cadet College is responsible for covering any and all costs.

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  2. Cadet College Fatah Jung
  3. Cadet College Jhelum
  4. Cadet College Keller Kahar
  5. Cadet College Petaro
  6. Cadet College Pasrur
  7. Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College is a joined college of Pakistan Sweet Home (AFP) and Siddeeq Public School. As the founder, Mr. Zamurrad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz) had planned for the children of Pakistan to get the best of education and eliminate poverty by giving the generation a chance to be empowered through education. It is surrounded by 8.5 Acres; Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College is situated in Sohawa Gujar Khan District. Rawalpindi. With the capacity to accommodate 100 children with their lodging, Boarding and Dining Hall, a play area, a grassy field for sporting activities, and more, Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College offers education at no cost to orphans.

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Admission Form 2023

Download application form for pre cadet college scholarship over here by single click at given link. Click Here

The 2023 Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Admission Form begins the application process for prospective students. This detailed form is essential to the admissions process, allowing candidates to contribute personal, educational, and other information. The form collects vital information to help the Cadet College assess applications and choose the best. Students can display their academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and personal objectives on the entrance form, demonstrating their aptitude for the elite Cadet College. To streamline the application process, prospective students should complete the admission form completely and provide all relevant documentation. The Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Admission Form 2023 is the initial step toward a successful educational future.

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College admission 2023

The Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College is a military boarding school for orphaned and underprivileged children Students in grades 8 and 11 are eligible for entrance to the college. Here is how the admissions procedure works:

  • The applicant must send in an application via mail or online.
  • Both an interview and a written test are required of the candidate.
  • A medical exam is required of the candidate.

Following are the requirements for admission to Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College:

  • The applicant must be a Pakistani national.
  • potential candidate must be an orphan or come from a poor family.
  • For entry into the eighth grade with at least 70%, and the eleventh grade with at least 80%, the candidate must have completed the seventh grade.
  • The applicant must be in good physical and mental health.
    The deadline to submit an application for admission to Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College in 20th November, 2023 . Please visit the website of the Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College for further details.

500+ New Pakistan Sweet Home Scholarship Program 2023

Cadet College Sohawa will provide free quality Education to all orphans across Pakistan. Students will receive the education for free and Boarding, Lodging, and Food provided by the Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Administration. The full details regarding this Cadet College Orphan Scholarships 2023 Online Application, Eligibility for the Orphans’ Support Scholarships 2023 Cadet College scholarship Application Form 2023, as well as other information that was announced through the Pakistan Sweet Home is Provided below:

The Most Interesting and Deserving students are invited to apply for the Cadet college Sohawa Orphan Help Program for 2023 

Free Education & Scholarships in Pak Sweet Homes Cadet College

Siddeeq Public School and Pak Sweet Home have joined forces to create Pak Sweet Home Cadet College. It will be the first initiative in the world. Pak Sweet Home Cadet College offers free education to orphans who wish to join the Pak army, PAF, and Pakistan Navy as commissioned officers. Only orphans are eligible to apply to be admitted into this cadet school. Students who are orphans come from All regions in Pakistan, including Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir, as well as the former Fata region. In the initial stage, Pak Sweet Homes Cadet College has announced the admission date of 2023 for the FSc Pre Medical and Pre-FSc Engineering classes.

Basic Goal of Scholarship

This program’s purpose is to support Orphans who suffer from financial difficulties. All Orphan Students currently enrolled in the 8th or 9th grade are eligible to apply online for SHF Foundation Orphan Support Program 2023. Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College is a cadet college it was created to provide the highest quality of education to students who are orphans. The college’s cadets have begun the admission process for middle and inter-classes Part 1 in Pre-Medical Engineering and ICS groups. The college also announced admissions on the scholarships.

Cadet College will manage the admission test for orphans to be eligible for the scholarship on 21st August 2023 in Siddique Public School Rawalpindi. The school provides education at no cost to orphans and helps them join the army of Pakistan. Candidates can find out more about how to apply for Pak Sweet Home Cadet College Orphans Scholarship 2023. Orphan Scholarship 2023 services are entirely free for all users. Free Apply does not in any way manage or own the operation or control of the university.

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Past Papers


How to join Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College?

First, register on our website. Step 2: Apply online. Step 3: Verify your details and submit the application. After submitting your form, you will receive an email and the roll number slip will be enabled in your website account

How many marks are required for admission to cadet college?

To be admitted to any class, applicants must be enrolled in the course or have completed the last lesson by achieving at least 70 percent marks when applying for admittance. The relaxation period is 90 days, the age limit for all applicants.

Which Cadet College Is Free In Pakistan?

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College is Only the Cadet College in Pakistan that provides free quality education to orphaned students in Pakistan.

Can We Apply To Cadet College After Matric?

Yes, the student can apply for Cadet College after Matric in the 1st year class after having passed an entrance test. Cadet College Entrance Test.

Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College Contact Number

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