Flaws Of Education System in Pakistan and How to Improve

Educational system of Pakistan is as old as the creation of Pakistan. It mainly based on the British India division that after creation with little modification was implemented in the country. Higher education commission is the head of Pakistan educational institutions. Ministry of education deals in affairs related with course, expansion of course ,addition of new courses and modification of educational system. Pakistan education system is thought to be faulty. It is unable to produce competent and workable graduates.

It is thought to be a class base education system in which poor and rich have different knowledge to read and learn. Inspite of having numerous faults and problems, Pakistan educational system has a well established system.
At formal stages Pakistan education system is consist of mainly three stages namely primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary education system started from grade 1 and goes to the grade 8.catgorically,grade 1 to grade 5 is called primary school education and grade 6 to grade 8 is called middle school education.

At this grade children are learnt basic information about culture language and religion along with information related with the history of Pakistan. From grade 9 to 10 students are trained in knowledge of physical sciences and general sciences and from 11 to 12 students are thought in advance level sciences. From grade 9 to five education system is called secondary school education. From 13 to 16 year formally known as university education and categorically as tertiary education level .In tertiary education level students are thought in subjects of personal interests.
Apart from formal education in Pakistan students are thought informally too. Vocational training institutions, workshops and directional seminars are held by education department .These non traditional institutions are called informal educational institutions of Pakistan. They are mainly designed to inject skills in lower grade individual under the leadership of a skilled craftsman.

Pakistan education system is blamed to not train competent graduates. It is mainly due to its poor structure and course plan. From the earliest days of child life, he is supposed to teach in a result oriented syllabus. But unfortunately, in Pakistan child are thought in poor and unidirectional syllabus that is why they cannot get groom in confidence and knowledge. To some extent in knowledge they may be perfect but in confidence and techniques of delivering learned knowledge are found below the average level.

Additionally, technical and internet education are absolute absent in our society. Main reason behind these things is incompetency of our education planners. This the time to rethink Pakistan education policy otherwise in the race of modern countries Pakistan will be left alone.

Some Recommendations and Improvement options

  • Technical education should be made a part of secondary education. Classes for carpentry, electrical, and other technical education must be included in the curriculum.
  • Providing economic incentives to the students may encourage the parents to send their children to school and may help in reducing the dropout ratio.
  • Local government system is helpful in promoting education and literacy in the country. In local government system the funds for education would be spent on a need basis by the locality.
  • Corruption in education departments is one of the factors for the poor literacy in the country. An effective monitoring system is needed in education departments.
  • For any system to work it is imperative that relevant structures are developed. Legislation and structure should be framed to plan for the promotion of education in the country. After the 18th amendment the education has become a provincial subject, therefore, the provinces should form legislations and design educational policies which ensure quality education.
  • Unemployment of educated men and women is a major concern for Pakistan. There should be career counselling of the pupils in schools so that they have an understanding of job market and they can develop their skills accordingly.
  • Counselling of parents is required, so that they can choose a career for their child which is market friendly.
  • There are two approaches to acquiring education: First, which is being followed by many in Pakistan is to get education to earn bread and butter. The second approach is to get education for the sake of personal development and learning. This approach is followed by affluent and economically stable people who send their children to private schools and abroad for education. The problem arises when non-affluent families send their children to private schools, and universities. This aspiration for sending children for higher education is wrong, because the country does not need managers and officers only. There are several other jobs where people are needed. Hence the mind-set of sending one’s children to university only for becoming officers and managers needs to be changed.

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