Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan City Wise

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan process of learning a foreign language can be a thrilling adventure for anyone of all different ages. In terms of the linguistic preferences of Pakistan two of the most widely spoken languages in the nation include Urdu and English English, except in rural areas, where people are more comfortable with the use of regional languages. Additionally, public documents that are issued by the state of Pakistan are either in English and/or Urdu medium. In recent times the interest in studying foreign languages, particularly Chinese is also picking up in Pakistan. This is because many Pakistanis often travel back and back to China to work, business, and educational reasons because of the close ties between the nations. Due to this that many institutions have begun to offer Chinese classes in Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan.

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

Top 5 Institute For Chinese Language Courses In Islamabad

Here is a list of institutions that offer classes to help you overcome the difficulties you encounter when talking to your Chinese colleagues, friends, and your business associates.

  • Pakistan China Institute
  • Opportunity
  • National University of Modern Languages
  • China Dream Institute
  • Aryan Institute of Chinese Learning

Pakistan China Institute

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan City Wise

It is a location where you learn to learn Chinese. Mandarin language of Chinese by observing native Chinese as well as experienced local instructors. The Pakistan-China Institute is accredited as a reputable institution by The Chinese Embassy of Islamabad. The Chinese class is designed to improve the skills of writing, listening and talking, and reading in a daily context. The course lasts for two months and is taught every day of the week and lasts 90 minutes.

  • Address: 1st Floor, Manzoor Plaza, Plot 14E, Fazle, A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq Rd, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Contact: +92 324 503 0909


Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

As one of the top locations offering Chinese classes within Islamabad, Opportunity offers Chinese language learning programs specifically for professionals working professionals. with the help of modern technologies, methods of experiential learning and an online platform This institute has taken the entire process of learning a language out of the traditional classroom. The opportunity offers a three-month Chinese course that teaches Chinese. students from various professions are connected through the use of a network. This feature assists them in brainstorming and sharing new knowledge about the language they’re learning together and accelerates the process of learning.

  • Address: House No. 152-C, Street No. 8, PMCHS, E-11/2 Basement Floor, Islamabad
  • Contact: +92 51 8358038

National University Of Modern Languages 

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

In 1961, the basis of the National University of Modern Languages was laid in the hope to assist people in overcoming the language barrier. The University has a broad Chinese program with the help of both Chinese and teachers from the local area. It’s an entirely separate department. The program is designed to teach students how to speak speaking and write Chinese. The duration of the course is a little over a year and includes 3 semesters. Additionally, the institute provides certificates and diplomas for students studying the Chinese language. It is considered to be among the best institutions where you can study Chinese within Islamabad.

  • Address: 4 Khayaban-e-Johar, H 9/4 H-9, Islamabad
  • Contact: +92 51 9265100

China Dream Institute

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

China Dream institute is a famous name among the institutes that offer Chinese language courses in Islamabad. Students learn the art of writing, speaking and hearing, and studying Chinese in the Mandarin language dialect Chinese language under the guidance of native Chinese instructors. Courses Chinese courses at the institute are held every day of the week. The instructors at China Dream Institute emphasize the proficiency of students in Chinese in handling everyday situations such as talking casually to acquaintances and classmates, formal gatherings and discussions, and business conversations.

  • Address: Royal Plaza 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad
  • Contact: +92 51 8740241

Aryan Institute Of Chinese Learning

Another popular area to learn Chinese in Islamabad is the Aryan Institute for Chinese Learn (AICL). After you’ve enrolled at this school, you will begin with the beginner beginning at intermediate and advanced levels afterward. A more interactive approach to teaching is taught at AICL which is where discussions in groups and informal conversations among students in Chinese courses are a standard. AICL offers a variety of Chinese language classes and post-matric degree courses that, upon successful completion of which students usually receive certificates certificates.

  • Address: Office # 15, Bismillah Plaza, I-10 Markaz
  • Contact: +92 51 4441096

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

Top Institutes Offering Chinese Language Courses in Lahore

Best Institutes For Learning The Chinese Language In Lahore

Lahore is a city that has lively and diverse cultures and languages and is famous to preserve the past and historical records, but it also has an optimistic outlook. This is why there are a lot of institutes providing the chance to study Chinese and Chinese-speaking, but we’ve put together a listing of top institutes to consider for Chinese classes in Lahore. Our rankings are based on the popularity of the institution and favorable reviews.

  • National University of Modern Languages, Lahore
  • Pakistan – China Institute, Lahore
  • Pak-China Language Institute, Lahore
  • Berlitz, Lahore

National University Of Modern Languages, Lahore

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

If you’ve been looking for an institution that can provide properly designed Chinese classes in Lahore the search is over here. The National University of Modern Languages (NUML) is a preferred choice for not only studying Chinese as well as becoming accredited in every dialect of Pakistan.

NUML’s first foundational stone NUML was laid in 1969 and it was initially recognized as a language institution that helped citizens to embrace and intermix cultures of the world in Pakistan. The university was upgraded to become a fully functioning university on the 29th of May 2000, with campuses operating all over the nation and exceptionally effective faculty.

In addition to offering certificate-based courses in addition to certificate courses, NUML also offers professional degrees in the field of linguistics. In the same vein, an introductory Chinese class at NUML is about eight weeks and students who have completed academic matriculation (or equivalent) are qualified to apply. To become an accredited native speaker of the Chinese language by NUML requires that a person be enrolled for at minimum 1 term (6-8 months) by the above-mentioned requirements for eligibility.

  • Minimum Fees in PKR: 10,000/-
  • Location: Khayaban-e-Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore.
  • Contact Details:042-99204588 and 042-99202636

Pakistan – China Institute, Lahore

Top Universities for Chinese Language Courses in Pakistan

Pakistan The Pakistan China Institute (PCI) was created under the guidance of Senator Mushahid Hussain in 2009. It was founded solely on cultural concerns PCI was founded to assist the citizens of Pakistan and strengthen the connections between the two nations that are Pakistan and China and China and their citizens.

PCI is aiming to be an important platform for sharing information on the many traditions and traditions of the two nations and aid youngsters and women from Pakistan to understand the current dynamic of friendly bilateral relations. The Chinese class offered at PCI is taught using a unique method of teaching: an emphasis on active learning. It covers 2 essential aspects of the Chinese language which are listening and conversation skills, as well as teaching China and Chinese culture.

The duration of the course is two months and each class is approximately 90 minutes, only three times every week. The course has been specially designed to assist students in mastering the intricate aspects that make up the English language and to develop the necessary vocabulary and structure of grammatical language that aids them in conveying their message.

  • Minimum Fees in PKR: 16,000/-
  • Location:90 Tipu Road, Block A 2, Gulberg III, Lahore.
  • Contact Details: 0334-4199985

Pak-China Language Institute, Lahore

It is located at Johar Town, Pak China Language Institute (PCLI), Lahore claims to assist learners to develop the Chinese language in just one hour. PCLI employs modern teaching methods and interactive classes to assist students in becoming acquainted with the Chinese language. The Chinese program offered by PCLI covers a variety of aspects of Chinese, including phrases, characters, and pinyin. It also covers accent proper pronunciation, and grammar. The program is designed to meet the demands of people working in every aspect of life.

The official site of the institute provides programs that are available at any time and which include sessions with interaction designed to aid students to graduate with a high degree. In addition, they also offer no-cost counseling sessions that encourage students to enroll in the top universities in China that offer scholarship programs. Furthermore, the institute has four courses that run between one day and six months.

  • Minimum Fees in PKR: 10,000/-
  • Location: Pak China Language Institute, 4 J Block, Johar Town, Lahore.
  • Contact Details:0335-8452818 and 0300-4710910

Berlitz, Lahore

Berlitz is a well-known brand for studying different languages within Pakistan. Numerous campuses are located in large cities in Pakistan and have more than 70 branches across the world with over 550 campuses.

In addition to offering language classes on campus, Berlitz also offers virtual classes where students can learn a language on their own time. Because of its accessibility, this feature is what makes Berlitz an ideal choice for those looking to master Chinese to learn in Lahore.

The program teaches students how to meet and take on Chinese culture effortlessly and make a difference in their careers through communication. The goal for Berlitz is to help make the Chinese language easier to understand and connect the people of Pakistan at a global level with Chinese people who speak Chinese.

The Chinese course at Berlitz is designed to run for two months and comprise four courses. However, Berlitz also offers consultation for students who are planning to pursue a degree abroad, particularly for Chinese universities.

  • The minimum fee in the PKR: Information not available.
  • Location: Berlitz, Awami Complex, 3rd Floor, Usman Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.
  • Contact Details: 111 237 548

Chinese Language Course Institute in Karachi:

In Karachi, numerous private and public institutions offer Chinese Language courses. Here are the best institutions to study this kind of course. Learn more about the Chinese Language Course in Karachi

Chinese Language Course Institute in Faisalabad:

There are many institutes in Faisalabad that offer Chinese Language courses.

  • Institute of Modern Languages Faisalabad
  • Seoul Korean Language Center
  • British Institute
  • University Of Agriculture Faisalabad
  • Career Institute

Chinese Language Course Institute in Peshawar:

Within Peshawar, there are several institutes in Peshawar that offer classes in the language. Below is a list of institutes located in Peshawar.

  • Peshawar Degree College of Commerce
  • University of Peshawar
  • Peshawar College of Engineering

These institutes offer Chinese language classes in Pakistan to meet the needs of the future. The majority of these classes are offered at no cost and they pay stipends to students as well.

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