HEC Equivalence Certificate List 2023 Download Online

Do you plan to pursue a degree abroad or looking for job opportunities in a different country? You may require the HEC Equivalence Certificate List 2023 to demonstrate your academic credentials. It is the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan issue equivalence certificates for those who completed studies from universities in other countries. The following article we’ll give you a complete guide to downloading the HEC Equivalence Certificate List 2023 online. HEC has launched an online portal that is helpful for equivalence certificate. The certificate is crucial to be able to obtain a job on base of particular qualification. The candidates can also check the HEC Equivalence Formula on their official website of HEC.

I will share with you the Equivalence of Degree Qualifications and this is the data that I have gathered to the HEC(Higher education commission of Pakistan). It varies from one country to another. Degree Equivalence is different from one scenario to the next. It is determined by the type of goal you are seeking to obtain the certificate of equivalence from your department that has authority over your country. It is contingent on whether your employer is looking to hire you to do what type of job, and also what kind of expertise you possess.

What is HEC Equivalence Certificate?

The HEC Equivalence Certificate can be a valid document from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan that confirms that a foreign-issued degree is comparable to the degree that is offered by an Pakistani university. This certificate is required in the case of students having completed their studies at foreign universities and wish to further their education in Pakistan or look for employment in Pakistan.

Why Do You Need an HEC Equivalence Certificate?

If you’ve received your studies at an international institution, you may need an HEC Equivalence Certificate to fulfill the following reasons:

  • To continue your studies to continue your studies in Pakistan If you wish to apply to the Pakistani institution, you will need to present an HEC Equivalence Certificate to show that your foreign diploma is comparable to the degree that is offered by the Pakistani university.
  • To apply for a job to work in Pakistan There are many employers in Pakistan require the HEC Equivalence Certificate to confirm the qualifications of applicants with studies at foreign universities.
  • To apply for visa If you’re planning to travel to another country to pursue higher education or work You may require the HEC Equivalence Certificate to the Embassy of the country that you’re seeking a visa for.

How to Apply for HEC Equivalence Certificate?

For an application in order to obtain the HEC Equivalence Certificate, you have to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Go to on the HEC site (http://hec.gov.pk) and sign up for an account.
  • Fill out an online form, and then submit it with all the necessary documentation (including your foreign diploma transcripts, your foreign degree, and any other pertinent documents).
  • The application fee can be paid by an online transfer.
  • You must wait to allow the HEC to check your documents before issuing the Equivalence certificate.

HEC Equivalence Certificate Online

You can download HEC Equivalence certificates in PDF. Pakistan Higher Education Commission provides Equivalence Certificates. It is possible to apply for foreign Equivalence and Local Equivalence as well as Deni Sanad through the HEC Official Website www.hec.gov.pk. There you can view the HEC Equivalence list of certificates and submit an application to get the certification.

HEC Degree Equivalence List pdf Online

Equivalence Certification From HEC

Prior to applying to apply for HEC Degree Equivalence, determine the equivalence between your subject and HEC degree. To do this, HEC Pakistan has uploaded HEC Degree Equivalence List PDF. Anyone can download it to view the names of subjects that have equivalents to several subjects. Most those who are students Deni Madaris as well as foreign degrees holders must obtain an Equivalence certificate from HEC.

HEC Equivalence Certificate List 2023 Download Online

HEC Equivalence Certificate List 2023

How to Get HEC Equivalence Certificate List 2023 Online?

HEC publishes the list of certificates of equivalented issued in 2023. The list is available online following the steps below:

  • Go to the HEC website (http://hec.gov.pk) and then click at “Home” then “Equivalence Certificate” tab.
  • Choose that date (2023) and click the “Equivalence Certificate List” option.
  • The list will appear in the display. It is possible to save it in PDF format to use for reference in the future.

HEC Degree Equivalence Notification

HEC Degree Equivalence notifications are available on the internet. Higher Education Commission HEC degree equivalent system is accessible online. Anyone who holds earned a degree from an Pakistani university can apply online to obtain an equivalent certificate. They will have to pay for the fees for verification or equivalence, which differ between degrees and from country to.

HEC Equivalence Certificate Fee

The fee for equivalence certificates is not refundable. Foreign, local, as well as Deni Sanad HEC the cost of equivalence certificates are distinct. HEC can amend or revise the HEC Equivalence Certificate fee structure. The challan can be downloaded on the form once you have submitted your application.

Service Fee(each)
Foreign Degree/Diploma/Certificate 5000/-
Local/Pakistani Degree/Diploma/Certificate 2000/-
Deni Sanad 2000/-

HEC Duplicate Equivalence Certificate Fee

Duplicate Equivalence letter Fee Structure in case of loss etc.
Service Fee
Foreign Degree/Diploma/Certificate 500/-
Local/Pakistani Degree/Diploma/Certificate 300/-
Deni Sanad 300/-


How long does it take to get an HEC Equivalence Certificate?

It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 days for HEC to check that your document and give an Equivalence Certificate.

What are the documents required to apply for an HEC Equivalence Certificate?

You must submit your foreign diploma transcripts, or other pertinent documents (such as a photocopy of your passport or the NIC) together with your application forms.

How much does it cost to apply for an HEC Equivalence Certificate?

The fee to apply required to apply for the HEC Equivalence Certificate is based on the degree type and the country in which it was acquired.

Is it necessary to get an HEC Equivalence Certificate if I want to study abroad?

The answer is no, you do not need an HEC Equivalence Certificate will essential if you intend to continue your education in Pakistan or pursue job opportunities in Pakistan.

Can I apply for an HEC Equivalence Certificate online?

Yes, you are able to request an HEC Equivalence Certificate online by going to the HEC website and filling out this online application. You must provide the necessary documentation by courier , or personally in person to HEC office. HEC office.

How do I check the status of my HEC Equivalence Certificate application?

You can track how the status of your HEC Equivalence Application for a Certificate by signing into the account on your HEC account and clicking “Application Status” “Application Status” tab.

Can I apply for an HEC Equivalence Certificate if I have completed my education from a non-recognized foreign university?

The answer is no, HEC only issues equivalence certificates for degrees earned by recognized universities in foreign countries.

How long is the HEC Equivalence Certificate valid?

The validity of the validity of an HEC Equivalence Certificate is contingent on the degree type and the country in which it was acquired. It is generally valid for five years.

Can I apply for an HEC Equivalence Certificate if I have completed my education from a Pakistani university?

It’s not true, HEC Equivalence Certificates are only available for foreign degrees.

How do I get my HEC Equivalence Certificate attested?

You can obtain an HEC Equivalence Certificate certified by going to HEC’s office in person. HEC Office in person or sending it via courier with the necessary documents and the fee.

HEC MS/MPhil Equivalence Certificate


The process of obtaining An HEC Equivalence certificate is essential to students that have finished their studies at foreign universities and are looking to pursue their studies further or find employment openings in Pakistan. In this post, we’ve provided you with a thorough guide to downloading this HEC Equivalence Certificate List for 2023 online. Follow the steps in this article to make sure you have a smooth application procedure.

HEC Local Degree Equivalence

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