How Many Passing Marks Required in NTS Test for Jobs Recruitment

National Testing Service NTS exams are used to determine the qualifications of students seeking any recuiememt. NTS is a Member of the International Association for Educational Assessment. There is a question in candidates’ minds as How many Passing Marks Required in NTS Test for Jobs Recruitment. It is compulsory for the students to get 50 percent marks to pass these tests. The NTS Merit Lists are made up of candidates who have scored at least 50% in their NTS exams. Candidates who have scored at least 50% in their NTS tests are eligible to apply for job appointments.

National Testing Service is the best department to judge the eligibility of candidates in overall Pakistan in any field. NTS conducts a written test to select the most eligible applicants for every required post like admissions, jobs, etc. NTS is the top testing service in Pakistan but NTS never maintains a standard of passing marks in all tests, because in every test the standard of passing marks changes according to the level of the test.

The National Testing Service- Pakistan (NTS), an organization in Pakistan, administers tests that measure academic performance. NTS offers two types of tests: the National Aptitude Test, (NAT), and the Graduate Assessment Test, (GAT). The NAT is for students who are applying to universities and colleges. NTS is responsible for conducting various types of tests such as NAT-1, NAT 11, and GAT general. These tests are used to assess the academic skills and performance of students.

NTS Passing Marks 2023

The standard of NTS for the passing marks in most tests is 50% marks but it can be changed according to the post, job, or any other admission, etc. In 2023 the passing marks standard for the educators is 50% and on the other side candidates who get 45% marks will also mark as passing candidates. The eligibility criteria for educators are mentioned as 50% but after the test, it will be decreased by 5% to attain the numbers of the candidates required for educators.

Here are the rumors will also be that NTS will never mention any standard for the passing marks in any test after test NTS will see that most candidates got 55% or 60% marks they will set the standard of 65% or 70% for passing. In another case, NTS decreased the percentage for the educators from 50% to 45% and the applicants have 45% marks considered as passed candidates. Those candidates who had taken 45% marks in their NTS test for educators were eligible for pre-interview.

How Many Passing Marks Required in NTS Test for Jobs Recruitment

Passing Marks Required in NTS TestNTS is the governing body for Pakistan’s written exam. It can be used to determine if you are eligible for job vacancies, private and public internships, admission into colleges and universities, and merit-based scholarships. The GAT is a difficult exam that can be very stressful. Also, check the answer of How many passing marks Required in NTS test for Jobs Recruitment. It is even more difficult if you haven’t studied at a university in a while. Students find that the GAT Analytical section is the most difficult on the GAT, compared to the verbal or quantitative sections.

Preparation of Vocabulary for NTS Test

This NTS test will give you vocabulary and essay questions. Preparing your academic vocabulary is a must. It is important to get into the habit of reading books in order to gain general knowledge about academic vocabulary concepts. This will help you improve your writing skills.

  • Total marks of NTS test
  • Passing marks out of 100 in NTS Test
  • NTS passing marks out of 90

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NTS Test Merit Formula

  • Marks allocated for Matric 15
  • Marks allocated for Inter 10
  • Marks allocated for Graduation 20
  • Marks Allocated for Master 20
  • Entry Test Marks 10

The standard of qualifying marks in NTS different tests are

  • Qualifying marks for educators: 50%
  • Qualifying marks for AEOs: 60%
  • Qualifying marks for Railways: 45%
  • Qualifying marks for WAPDA: 60%
  • Qualifying marks for Ministry of Defense: 60%

FAQs About Passing Marks Required in NTS Test

How many NTS passing marks for admission in university?

A minimum of 4 out of 6 in analytical writing, at least 1,800 points (out of 2,400) on the International GRE, and at least 50% of the possible points on the NTS GAT-General. At the moment of admission, the score need to be legitimate.

What are NAT test passing marks?

50% will be the passing score for each of the aforementioned categories. c. At least one week before to the written exam, the syllabus and purpose area should be posted on the NTS website.

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  1. I have the post of juniar storekt in ntdc l have got 48 marks out of 85 why I have pass this exam ho much passing marks in ntdc Test paper to pass this exam

  2. I get 47 marks in nts for the post of junior store keeper how I can get to passing marks in ntdc test paper criteria please tell me

  3. I got 47 marks for primary teacher AjK & got 46 marks for junior teacher ajk
    Plz tell me I am considered as pass or fail…?
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  4. Im getted marks 51 for the post of vaccinator in epi health project sindh that im qualified for the interview or not??

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  6. My total number 47 in Counter Terrorism Department CTD Punjab Police Jobs 2017 .so’ i am pass consider or not.

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