Educational Reforms in Pakistan, Major Issues and Solutions to Improve System

As youth can play an extremely key role in the development of a country so Pakistan is pretty lucky in this matter because a major portion of its population consists of youngsters. But for the progress of the country, it is really important to provide all the required tools to this youth, out of which a key one is Education. Despite of having so much talent and spirit to progress in their youth, Pakistan has failed to gain benefit from this due to poor educational system.

If we want to compete with other countries of the world in any sector may it be IT, agriculture, science or business, we need to make reforms to our educational system right now. The basic infrastructure is available but due to the government’s lack of focus towards this extremely important area, the resources have not been utilized properly and the condition of Pakistan’s educational sector continues to get worse. Below we are going to highlight a couple of key points related to which immediate reforms are required to be made in order to improve the situation a little.

Educational Reforms in Pakistan, Major Issues and Solutions to Improve System

Educational Reforms in Pakistan


Everything starts which a vision and when it comes to educational system of Pakistan, there has never been a clear vision for decades now. Governments come and go but none of them have been able to set a clear goal for achievement. Without any well-defined direction, one can never reach his destination.

Social Constraints:

Although the government has the basic responsibility of ensuring good educational standards in the country but the society itself can not overlook at its own mistakes. One key mistake that a large portion of our society continues to do is to restrict the enrolment of girls in educational institutes due to factors like poverty, illiteracy of parents, early marriages and cultural constraints. Although the condition in cities is much better now but it rural areas of the country, the enrolment rate of even boys is pretty low. This mind needs to change for sure; it will certainly take some time so we need to start making efforts for it right now.

Educational Cost:

There is a huge difference in educational standards being provided at the government and private institutes of the country. The government institutes provide low cost education but its quality is also very low but when it comes to private institutes, the educational system is really good but it comes at a very high cost too. The government institutes need to make improvements in their system while regulations should also be made in order to control the cost of education at private institutions.

Law & Order:

Although this may not seem to be a very huge factor but the law & order situation of the country is also effecting the promotion of literacy campaign negatively. As Pakistan is currently at war against terrorism so many att-acks on educational institutes have been carried out by the militants in which thousands of students have been injured and killed. The government needs to ensure that complete security is provided to all educational institutes so that parents and students themselves aren’t afraid of studying there.

Lack of Funds:

Not sufficient funds are allocated for their educational sector of the country in budget. The amount reserved for this sector in the fund is hardly enough to maintain the current infrastructure while no new development projects can be launched in order to improve the education system of Pakistan. The government needs to review this policy and must increase the budget allocation for this sector as with well-educated youth, the country will progress in every other sector automatically.

Uniform Curriculum:

There is a huge difference between the standard of education between taught at the government and private institutions of the country. Although it would be pretty difficult to introduce a uniform education system but atleast the government can make efforts for introducing a uniform curriculum so that equal opportunities can be made available for both private and government institute students.

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