11th Class English Chapter 13 God Be Praised Short Question Answer

11th Class English Chapter 13 God Be Praised Short Question Answer

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Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 11th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 11th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

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1. What was alias Abul’s full name?
His full name was Maulvi Abdul Barkat.
2. What was his turban known as and where from did it originally come?
His turban was known as “Mashadi Lungi”. Originally, it came from Mashad in Iran.
3. What did he always carry with him?
He always carried with him a walking stick.
4. Describe Maulvi appearance?
Maulvi wore a turban on hid had. He wore silver rings on his fingers. He always carried a stick with him. He has bulging eyes.
5. How much did the Mualvi collect on every Eid?
He collected 150 to 200 rupees at every Eid.
6. How much was distributed among the needy and the poor?
At every Eid, He distributed 40 to 50 rupees among the needy and the poor.
7. What was the name of his eldest daughter?
The name of his eldest daughter was Mehrunnisa (Mehrun).
8. What was the name of member of the District Board where the Mualvi lived?
His name was Chaudhry Fatehdad.
9. What was the name of his wife?
Her name was Zaibunnisa.
10. Write the names of the other two daughters who are mentioned in the story?
Their names were Zabda and Shamsun.
11. What did the shoe maker tell Mualvi Abdul about the cost of the shoes?
He said that the cost of the shoes was five twelve. His profit was only four annas. He got ready not to take even that bit of profit.
12. What was the condition of Mualvi Abul when he saw the bare feet of his daughter?
He burst into tears to see the delicate feet on his daughter bare.
13. Did Mualvi Abul buy shoes for his daughter? OR How much did Mualvi Abul pay for the shoes of Umda?
He bought the shoes by paying five rupees and twelve annas.
14. What happened when Mehrun reached the age of 14? OR When did Mialvi Abul begin to make mistakes in the prayers?
When Mehrun reached the age of 14, Mualvi Abul’s prayers intense and prolonged. He begin to make mistakes in the prayers.
15. What sort of mistakes did Mualvi Abul make in the prayers?
Sometime he begin straying from one Surah of the Holy Quran to another. Sometimes, he repeated the same chapter twice in the same part of prayers.
16. Why did Mualvi Abul make mistake in the prayers?
He had got worried about marrying his young girls. So he began to make mistake in the prayers.
17. What did Chudhry Fatehdad send to Mualvi Abul’s house every evening?
He had been sending Mualvi Saheb bread smeared with ghee and a bowl of dal for years.
18. What would Chaudhry fatehdad do if there was a delay in sending the evening meal to Mualvi Saheb’s house?
If there was a delay, he would carry the meal himself to Abul’s house and apologized for the delay. He would say that his wife was ill and the mad had cooked the meal.
19. When did Chaudhry Fatehdad give new clothes to Mualvi Abul?
Chaudhry Fatehdad gave him new clothes once a year after every harvest.
20.What happened in Mualvi Abul house when Chaudhry Fatehdad gave them new clothes?
When Chaudhry Fatehdad gave them a new clothes a tailoring shop would spring up in Abul’s house. Zaibunnisa would cut them into smaller dresses for the younger kids.
21. How did Abul open hid heart to Chaudhry Fatehdad?
Mualvi Abul asked Chaudhry Fatehdad to seek a suitable match for his daughter.
22. Who was Shamim Ahmad?
He was a son of Hafiz. When he was 16, he went to the city. He worked in the house of clerk there. Then he opened a small shop of footpath. Then he returned to the village and opened a cloth shop.
23. What requested did Shamim Ahmad make to Mualvi about his shop?
He requested Maulvi Abul to inaugurate his shop and become his first customer.
24. What did Maulvi Abul do to inaugurate the shop?
He inaugurate the shop by reciting a few verses from the Holy Quran.
25. what was the condition of Maulvi’s Abul when Shamim Ahmad demanded 42 rupees for the cloth?
Shamim’s words fell like bomb on Maulvi Abul. He felt as if bundle and gave the rest to him.
26. Where did Mualvi Abul take Shamim Ahmad?
He took him to the mosque. They went into a room at the one end of the mosque.
27. What did Shamim Ahmad say to Mualvi Abul in the room of the mosque?
He first heisted, cleared his throat and than in low voice requested Maulvi Abul to accept him as his slave. He said it would be honour for him to be son.
28. What did Maulvi Abul say to Shamim Ahmad when the latter asked him to accept him as his son?
He said that he was his dear student. He was ready to accept him as his son. Then he embraced Shamim Ahmad warmly.
29. What did Chuadhry Fatehdad give to Mualvi Abul for his daughter?
He gave him a cotton bag containing a gift and asked him to give it to his daughter as a gift from him.
30 . What gift was in the cotton bag for Mehrun?
There was a pair of golden pendants set which large shining stone. They were wrapped in a hundred rupees note.
31. How did CH. Fateh dad help Maulvi Abul?
He had been sending bread and dal for years to Mualvi Abul house. He gave him new clothes once a year. For the marriage of his daughter, he gave him a pair of gold pendants and a hundred rupees note.
32. What did the village girls do setting around the bride?
The village girls sang songs of love, friendship, flowers and romantic rainy season. They also sang the song of the joy of union and sadness of separation.
33. How did Shamim Ahmad come to marry Mehrun?
He came to marry her amidst fireworks and with musicians playing gay tunes.
34. What was the belief of some villagers about the special power of Maulvi Abul?
Some villagers believed that Maulvi Abul had a special amulet by which he could get as much money as he desired from the angels.
35. What did the old had say about the dowry?
She said that some suit once belonged to a late woman. Some other suits the bracelets and the golden nose – ring belonged to her mother. But she thought that the pendant were a gift from heavens.
36. What was the reaction of Zaibunnisa after the marriage?
She held Maulvi Aboul hands and burst into tears. Then she said that the house like a graveyard without Mehrun.
37. What were the two sources of inspiration for Maulvi Abul?
One source of Allah Almighty and the second was CH. Fatehdd.
38. Write a note on CH. Fatehdad?
Fatehdad helped Maulvi Abul with food, money and clothes. He helped him in arranging marriage of his daughter. He proved to be a great well wisher of Maulvi Aboul on every occasion.
39. How did Fatehdad help Maulvi?
Fatheaded helped Abul with food, clothes and money. He also gave Abul a gift for his daughter at the occasion of her marriage.
40. What changes did the responsibilities of his daughter in Abul’s life?
The responsibilities of his daughters made his life full of worries. He could not fulfill their basic needs. He began to remain worried about the marriages of his daughters.
41. Who was CH. Fatehdad?
He was a member of the district board. He was a kind fellow. He helped Abul with food, money, clothes and gifts.
42.The moral lesson of the story is that we should help the poor and the needy. Sometime, seemingly well- off people is found to be needy.
The moral lesson of the story is that we should help the poor and the needy. Sometime, seemingly well- off people is found to be needy.
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