11th Class English Poem 3 Loveliest of Trees The Cherry Now Short Question Answer

1 what is hanging along the boughs of cherry?
The cherry is in full bloom. White flowers are hanging along the boughs of cherry.
2. Where is the cherry growing?
It is growing about the woodland ride.
3. What is meant by woodland ride?
It means the path trodden by the horse riders. The path passes through the woods.
4. Why does the poet decide to go to the jungle?
The poet decides to go to the jungle to enjoy the beauties of nature. There he would be able to see many things without the available time.
5. Write the central idea/them of the poem?
The cherry is in full bloom. The poet says that life is too short to enjoy the thing in bloom. Therefore, he decides to go to the wood to enjoy nature.
6. What does the poet mean by “of my three score years and ten”?
According to the Bible, a man lives about seventy years in this world. The poet referring to this age. Three score and ten years seventy years.
7. Why does the poet call cherry the loveliest of trees?
The cherry is in full bloom. It is covered with white flowers. As it looks very beautiful the poet calls it the loveliest of trees.
8. When does cherry bloom and how does it look?
Cherry blooms in Easter season. It looks white as it covered with white flowers.
9. Why does the poet consider his life as short?
The world is full of natural beauty. He wants to enjoy the charms of nature. But he thinks that his life is too short to enjoy so much beauty prevailing all around.
10. How does cherry add to the glory of Easter?
Cherry is in full bloom in the Easter season. It looks to be dressed up for Easter. Its beauty and sweet smell add to the joys of Easter.
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