NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Online Preparation Subject Wise Mcqs

National University of Medical Science NUMS has announced the schedule of the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024. The candidates who want to get admission to an undergraduate program must submit the complete form before the closing date and start online test preparation. On this page, we share Online Test Preparation MCQs for the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test with syllabus related free of cost. Students attempt our test and improve their general ability and get good marks on the written test. NUMS National University of Medical Science has improved its test syllabus for MDCAT 2024. We will provide you test syllabus, test patron, test dates, and result dates.

NUMS MDCAT Entry Test Online Preparation at Home

Youtube is a great platform for online preparation for any study. Youtube has many channels that provide excellent material for MDCAT preparation. There are many videos. You can view other videos if you don’t get the teacher’s style. For test preparation, you can also use WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Online preparation for MDCAT is a great way to share ideas and have discussions. Numerous online tutoring and testing sites have gained popularity and are highly effectiv

Best Books  for NUMS MDCAT Entry Test Preparation

Here are some study materials to help you prepare for the exam and get the best score.

  • NMDCAT Papers Past.
  • National MDCAT Book by MBBS.COM.PK
  • Stars NMDCAT practice books and prep books.
  • Kips NMDCAT practice books and prep books.
  • Step National MDCAT practice and preparation books.

How to Apply for NUMS 2024?

  1. Visit the NUMS website and click on the “Admissions” tab.
  2. Select the “Undergraduate Admissions” or “Postgraduate Admissions” tab, depending on the program you are interested in.
  3. Read the admission requirements carefully and ensure that you meet all of them.
  4. Click on the “Apply Online” button and fill out the application form.
  5. Pay the application fee.
  6. Submit your application by the deadline.

The application fee for undergraduate programs is 1,000 Pakistani rupees. The application fee for postgraduate programs is 2,000 Pakistani rupees.

NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Pattern

NUMS MDCAT shall comprise a single-question paper containing 180 multiple choice questions MCQs divided into the following four-section composition.

NUMS Syllabus 2024:

The syllabus for the 2024 MDCAT exam has been updated to include the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • Biology = 70
  • Chemistry = 45
  • Physics = 45
  • English = 20

Formula for Merit Calculation:

  • Intermediate/Equivalent: 50%
  • 50% Entry Test

Below is the aggregate calculation for NUMS admission. It shows that the NUMS admissions total is 50% for Inter and the same percentage from entry tests. It shows how important this test is. To get a high final aggregate, you must prepare well. Every year, merit increases. Even if you score very high in Intermediate, you will still need to pass the entry test.

You will be able to calculate your aggregate after the test results. You will then see the merit list, and if you are deemed worthy, you can apply for admission. It is the most important step. Admission will be granted if you are a deserving candidate. This NUMS Entry Test Preparation Online 2020 MCQs Practice will greatly help.

This page contains details about the NUMS Entry Test 2021 and the NUMS Preparation Online 2021 Mock Tests. It would help if you were prepared for the test and worked hard to achieve your goals. It is a great opportunity to be admitted to top NUMS medical schools. You can also take the entry test preparation MCQs to Engineering and Medical Exams.

NUMS Entry Test Total Marks

  • The assessment consists of a 200-mark test that comprises multiple-choice questions.

NUMS Entry Test Passing Marks

  • The passing marks for the NUMS Entry Test are 55% for MBBS and 45% for BDS

Nums MDCAT Entry Test Result

  • Expected Result Dates: The results of the 2024 MDCAT exam will be announced on November 2024

NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Online Preparation Subject Wise Mcqs


NUMS test Syllabus

Biology Syllabus

Cell Biology
Biological Molecule
Human Physiology

Chemistry Syllabus
A: Physical Chemistry
Fundamental Concepts, States of Matter, Atomic, Structure, Chemical Banding, Chemical Energatics, Electrochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics
B. Inorganic Chemistry
Periods, Groups, Transition Elements, Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulpher, Chemistry Syllabus
C. Organic Chemistry
Fundamental Principles, Hydrocarbon, Alkyl Halide, Alcohols and Phenol, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxlic Acids, Amino Acids, Macro molecules, Environmental Chemistry
Physics Syllabus
Measurement, Motion and Force, Work, Energy and Power, Oscillations, Heat and Thermodynamic, Electrostatic, Current – Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Deformation of solids, Electronics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics
English Syllabus

Power Words

National University of Medical Sciences NUMS has been declared as Admitting University for centralized admission for all Public and Private Medical/Dental Colleges located in Islamabad Capital Territory, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and Gilgit & Baltistan. It also includes all constituent and affiliated medical/dental colleges of NUMS and Bahria University Medical & Dental College, Karachi Cantt. NUMS University shall conduct Entry Test 2024(NUMS MDCAT) on behalf of the Federal Government of Pakistan on Sunday 18 November 2024 for admission to MBBS/BDS programs for Medical Dental Colleges & institutes located in above mention regions.


National University of Medical Sciences NUMS has announced the test dates for admission in the Medical and Dental Colleges admissions Test 2024. Now the students who applied for the NUMS MDCAT Test 2024 will appear in the entry test on 8 November 2024. MDCAT pre-admission test. Everyone who aspires to take admission in MBBS or BDS program in any private or public sector university or college of Punjab.

NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Online Preparation

All the students are eligible for the NUMS MDCAT admission test 2024 but the major problem for the candidates is how to prepare for the MDCAT Test and what kind of syllabus is for the Medical Test. Don’t be wary on this page we provide all the detail of the NUMS MDCAT Test 2024 syllabus and online free test for the preparation of the test. All the candidates attempt our test and check their knowledgeability. After attempting the test you will be able to improve your overall preparation to get high marks on your test to get admission.

Click on Subjects for Online MDCAT Test Preparation Below:

MDCAT English Test Mcqs Online Biology MDCAT Test Online Mcqs
Chemistry MDCAT Test online Mcqs Physics MDCAT Test Online Mcqs
  • The duration of the test shall be 180 minutes (3 hours) and the total marks shall be 180. There shall be no negative marking on the test.
  • Additional details and guidelines regarding filling out answer sheets mention below.

MDCAT English Test Online Preparation MCQs

MDCAT Entry Test Biology 

MDCAT Chemistry Test Online Preparation MCQs

MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Physics

FAQs for NUMS MDCAT Entry Test

How many MCQs are there in NUMS test?

It is a complete description of the nums entry exam. There are 180 total MCQs. Each Multiple Choice Question carries one mark. No negative marking.

Is MDCAT based on MCQs?

Medical College Admission Test (NUMS MDCAT Entry test), required to seek admission into medical colleges and universities, comprises 220 MCATs. 88 MCQs come from the Biology section according to the pattern established by the University of Health Sciences.

How can I prepare for the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024?

To prepare for the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024, you can make use of online resources that offer subject-specific Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Numerous websites and platforms provide free access to subject-wise MCQs, practice tests, and study materials.

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