Pakistan Defence Day 6 September Quiz Online GK Mcqs Test

The Pakistan Defence day is celebrated nationwide on 6 September every year in the memory of Pakistan’s armed forces successful defence of the country’s boundaries against the Indian army in Indo-Pakistani war of 1965. With this day coming near, we have compiled some really interesting questions related to this event through which you can check your level of knowledge about this extremely important event.

Pakistan Defence Day 6 September Quiz Online GK Mcqs Test


1. The 1965 war took place between April and _________.

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2. The Defence Day is celebrated in the memory of Indo-Pakistani war of:

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3. The Pakistan Defence Day is celebrated on:

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4. The Pakistan Defence Day is also known as:

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5. Who was the President of Pakistan at the time of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965?

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6. Which one of these was awarded Nishan-e-Haider for their act of exceptional bravery in the 1965 war?

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7. The peace agreement between Pakistan and India after the 1965 war is known as:

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8. The Pakistan Defence Day is celebrated as a:

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9. Who was the Pakistan Army Chief during 1965 war?

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10. The Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 was the ________ war among the two countries.

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