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To help our visitors in preparing for various mathematical related written exams, we have provided a free online quiz below on this page which includes mcqs questions related to the topic of Profit and Loss. Four alternative options for each question will be shown on the screen out of which you will be required to identify the correct answer.

Profit and Loss Maths Online Quiz Test With Question Answers Mcqs


1. If sweet be bought at the rate of 14 for a rupee. How many must be sold for a rupee to gain 40 percent profit.

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2. An article is sold for Rs. 45 for a loss of 10%. If it is sold at sold at Rs. 65, the gain percent is:

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3. The selling price of an article is Rs. 118 and the profit earned is 50%. The cost price of the article is:

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4. A dealer purchase 22 pencils for Rs. 20 and sells them at the rate of 10 pencils for Rs 11. His profit percent is:

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5. A shopkeeper buys 300 identical articles at a total cost of Rs. 1500. He fixing the selling price of each article at 20% above the cost price and sells 260 articles at this price. As for the remaining articles, he sells them at 50% of the selling price. Caculate the shopkeeper's total profit.

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6. A man buys a computer for Rs. 7000 and sells it for Rs. 11,500. The percentage profit is nearly percent:

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7. A camera was sold at a loss of 10%. If it was sold for Rs. 70 more, three could have been a gain of 4% . The camera was sold for:

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8. By selling a ceiling fan for Rs. 475, a dealer loses 5%. To get a gain of 5%, he should sell the fan for:

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9. A dishonest shopkeeper uses false balance and cheats a customer by giving 20% less quantity of food. His profit is:

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10. A bookseller sold a book for Rs. 40.00 to make a profit of 15% percent. I order to run a profit of 20%. he should have sold it for:

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11. A trader bought a stereo at 20% discount on its original price. He sold with it a 40% increase on the price he bought. His percentage of profit on on original price is:

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12. By selling a book for Rs. 50, a man lost 4%. Find what would have been his gain or loss % if it had been sold for Rs. 60?

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13. A man bought 400 dozen pencils at Rs. 8.00a dozen. He sold half of them at Rs. 10.50 a dozen and the rest at Rs. 7.50 a dozen. Find his profit.

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14. How much I would have to pay for a book which cost Rs. 72 to produce, if the printing company sold it to a bookseller at 20% profit and in return the bookseller sold it to me at a profit of 25%?

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15. Arshad sold a watch to Rahim at a gain of 5% and Arshad sold it to Rashid at a gain of 4%. If Rashid paid Rs. 1092 for it, the price paid by Arshad is:

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