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Begin an intellectual voyage with our online Equations Maths Online Quiz Test, an interactive platform meticulously crafted to elevate your mathematical expertise. Immerse yourself in a captivating experience as you confront a sequence of stimulating questions and answers (MCQs) centered around equations. Whether you are a student striving to refine your mathematical abilities or an enthusiast in pursuit of a mental stimulation, our quiz provides a dynamic avenue to assess and fortify your comprehension of mathematical equations. Plunge into the realm of algebraic expressions, inequalities, and formulas, and enhance your mathematical proficiency through this captivating and enlightening Equations Maths Online Quiz. Let the exploration of equations commence!

To help our visitors in preparing for various mathematical related written exams, we have provided a free online quiz below on this page which includes mcqs questions about Equations. Four alternative options for each question will be shown on the screen out of which you will be required to identify the correct answer.

Equations Math MCQs Online Test

Immerse yourself in the realm of mathematical accuracy with our Equations Math MCQs Online Test. This meticulously designed test aims to test your comprehension of equations through a series of stimulating Multiple-Choice Questions. Whether you are a student preparing for exams or a math enthusiast seeking intellectual stimulation, this online test offers an interactive platform to evaluate and improve your equation-solving abilities. Delve into the various domains of algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities in this captivating and ever-evolving online assessment.

Maths Quiz with Answers

Get ready for your entrance exam by utilizing our extensive collection of Mathematics Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and enhance your mathematical abilities. This online resource is specifically designed to assist you in navigating through a wide range of questions that encompass crucial topics such as algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. Each question is accompanied by detailed answers, providing valuable insights into the problem-solving process. Whether you are preparing for a competitive examination or simply aiming to reinforce your mathematical knowledge, our MCQs provide an efficient and interactive method to assess and improve your comprehension. Immerse yourself in the realm of mathematics, tackle various challenges, and bolster your confidence for a successful performance in your entrance test.

Equations Maths Online Quiz Test With Question Answers Mcqs

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1. The minimum value of x² = 8x +17 is:

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2. If the sum of two numbers is 13 and the difference of the numbers is 23, what is the product of the numbers?

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3. 3 chairs and 2 tables cost Rs. 700, while 5 chairs and 3 tables cost Rs. 1100. What is the cost of 2 chairs and two tables?

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4. Solve:   -3/2 x  +  4/3 y   =  8
3/2 x  +   1/3 y   =   2

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5. Solve : 7x + 11y = 1, 8x + 13y = 2

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6. If x+3/2 + 3x = 5(x-3) + x+23/5 ,  what is the value of x?

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7. A real number is said to be algebraic if it satisfies a polynomial equation with integral coefficients. Which of the following numbers is not algebraic?

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8. If 4x + 13 = 7 - 2x, what is the value of x?

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9. The conditions for the polynomial equation ax²  +  bx  +  c = 0 to be quadratic is:

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10. Which of the following is a solution of the equation √2x  +  5 = 3?

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11. If 4 ᵃ = 8ᵇ, what is the ratio of a to b?

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12. x = 3 is solution of the question 3x² + (k - 1) x + 9 = 0 then k has value

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13. One root of the quadratic equation x² -5x+6 = 0 is 3. Find the other root.

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14. Solve    7x +1/7x +5  =  3x + 1/5x + 1

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15. If 4ᵃ = 5ᵇ, What is the ratio of a to b?

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