Test How Much You are a Liar? Online Quiz

Lying is certainly not a very good habit but it often saves us from a lot of trouble which is why people tend to use it more often. Now with this quiz, we are going to test that how much you are a liar.

Test How Much You are a Liar? Online Quiz

1. Do you agree with this statement: "The only lies that matter are the ones that you get caught telling."?
2. Would you tell someone that you loved them, even if you didn't in order to just get something that you really wanted?
3. Have you ever told an outright lie after saying the words 'I swear to God' or 'I swear on my life'?
4. You are about to dump your partner because you have met someone new that you think is really 'the one'. Do you tell your partner the real reason you're breaking up with them?
5. Is it OK to make up information on your tax return to save money?


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