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Experience a transformative voyage of self-exploration by taking advantage of our complimentary Free IQ Intelligence Test 3 Online. Meticulously designed to evaluate your cognitive capabilities, this assessment is specifically tailored for individuals residing in Pakistan. Engage in a stimulating array of thought-provoking questions accompanied by comprehensive answers, allowing you to gauge your intellectual aptitude. Delve into a diverse range of inquiries that encompass various facets of intelligence. Uncover your IQ score and delve into detailed results, acquiring invaluable insights into your cognitive strengths. Enhance your self-awareness and stimulate your intellect with this interactive and enlightening Free IQ Intelligence Test 3 Online, meticulously crafted to offer a distinctive and enlightening experience.

Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are designed to assess the level of human intelligence. Knowing your IQ level is really important because you won’t be able to improve it unless you know about what’s its current position. So to help our visitors in doing so, we have provided a number of free online IQ checking tests on our website which can be used as a source for evaluating your current intelligence level and also highlighting the areas that require further improvement.

Free IQ Test with Instant Results

With this free IQ test that offers immediate answers, go beyond your current level of cognitive inquiry. This quick evaluation gives you instant insight into your level of intellectual capacity. Take on a set of thought-provoking questions that are intended to assess your analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. As soon as the exam is over, you will receive a thorough analysis of your results that will help you quickly understand your cognitive profile. Use this free IQ test to assess your mental agility and quickly receive your results, which will open the door to a more thorough comprehension of your intellectual capacity.

Free IQ Intelligence Test 3 Online to Check Your IQ Score Pakistan Question with Answers Results

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IQ Test

1. Which number is the odd one out?

9678 4572 5261 5133 3527 7768

Question 1 of 20

2. Question 5

Question 2 of 20

3. How many minutes is it before 12 noon, if 48 minutes ago it was twice as many minutes past 9 am?

Question 3 of 20

4. Which one of these words is closest in meaning to the word BRUNT?

Question 4 of 20

5. How many lines appear below?

Question 10

Question 5 of 20

6. Work from square to adjacent square horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally) to spell out a 12-letter word. You must find the starting point, and provide the missing letters.

Question 9

Question 6 of 20

7. What number should replace the question mark?

0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, ?

Question 7 of 20

8. Which is the odd one out?

Question 3

Question 8 of 20

9. Question 1 ImageQuestion 1

Question 9 of 20

10. Question 11

Question 10 of 20

11. Question 4Each number in the pyramid is the sum of the two numbers immediately below it. Fill in the pyramid with the missing numbers.

Final Image

Question 11 of 20

12. Identify two words (one from each set of brackets) that have a connection (analogy) with the words in capitals and relate to them in the same way.

GRAM (energy, weight, scales)

KNOT (water, rope, speed)

Question 12 of 20

13. What number should replace the question mark?

Question 8

Question 13 of 20

14. Which of the following is not an anagram of a type of food?

Question 14 of 20

15. Which is the odd one out?

Question 6

Question 15 of 20

16. Question 2 ImageQuestion 2

Question 16 of 20

17. Which is the odd one out?

heptagon, triangle, hexagon, cube, pentagon

Question 17 of 20

18. Question 7

Question 18 of 20

19. Which one of the following words is most opposite to word PROSCRIBE?

Question 19 of 20

20. Isotherm is to temperature as isobar is to:

Question 20 of 20


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