Horoscope/ Astrology Signs Meanings Quiz Online

Given below is a online quiz that includes mcq’s questions and answers related to the topic of astrology signs and their meaning. This following horoscope test is a easy and fun way of learning about this topic.

Horoscope/ Astrology Signs Meanings Quiz Online


1. In astrology, which planet rules beauty and romance?

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2. The Water Bearer represents what sign in astrology?

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3. Which symbol represents Aquarius in the Zodiac?

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4. Which symbol represents Libra in the Zodiac?

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5. How many signs are there in Western Astrology?

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6. What creature represents the Aquarius star sign?

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7. Which symbol represents Leo in the Zodiac?

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8. Which astrological sign is given to those born during 24 October – 22 November?

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9. The goat represents what astrological sign?

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10. Which sign of the zodiac is known for being two-faced?

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