Solve Puzzle 1 Test Online

Given below is a online puzzle test which can be attempted in order to evaluate and also improve your problem solving skills. Each question is followed by four options out of which you are required to identify the correct one in order to solve the puzzle.

Solve Puzzle 1 Test Online


1. Here is a rather difficult number puzzle. Rearrange the 17 numbers in the following diagram so that they add up to 55 along any of the eight straight lines which make up the grid:
Puz 1Puzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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2. Shown in the following diagram is a kite. To solve the puzzle, you must draw the kite, and the string attached to it, using one continuous line. The line should not cross itself at any point, nor can you go over any part of the line more than once. You must start the line at the beginning of the string and end it in the middle of the kite.

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3. Here is a puzzle to keep you busy for some time. Given below are five squares constructed from sixteen toothpicks. You are required to move three of these tooth picks to new positions so that we now have four equal squares.

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