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Join PAF Physics Test Online Preparation Online is available here along with MCQs, sample papers, past papers, and all preparation material for the subject of Physics. Every Year Thousands of candidates and Youngsters want to Join Pakistan Air Force through Different Designation but Failed in Initial tests or Subjective Papers. There are only Three Subjects Required for these tests English Physics and Mathematics. Join PAF Physics Test Online Preparation is available on this website. If You have enough Preparation for These Three Subjects then You Can Easily Your PAF Job Test. Gotest. pk has a unique but Free Online Preparation Service for all Candidates who want to get Join PAF Physics Test Online Preparation. 

We have a Series of All Subject Tests where You Can Easily Prepare your all Questions in Real-time because Now all Test Taken By MCQ Pattern. It’s Our Advice please take these tests more seriously because nowadays in PAF Test Negative Marking is also done it is mean you don’t tick any question roughly so Prepare before appearing in the Test you have a Total of Three chances at PAF to take the Test.

Join PAF Written Test Pattern

There will be a total of 25 Questions Asked on PAF Test Day so we have also presented a test with the same pattern you have a total of 25 questions and must complete this test within half an Hour.

PAF Physics Test Syllabus

The specific PAF Physics Test syllabus may vary depending on the level and requirements of the exam. However, here is a general overview of the topics commonly covered in the PAF Physics Test:

  1. Mechanics:
    • Laws of motion
    • Forces and their types
    • Work, energy, and power
    • Conservation of momentum
    • Circular motion
  2. Thermodynamics:
    • Laws of thermodynamics
    • Heat and temperature
    • Thermal equilibrium
    • Heat transfer mechanisms
  3. Waves and Oscillations:
    • Properties of waves
    • Sound waves and their characteristics
    • Simple harmonic motion
    • Wave interference and superposition
  4. Electromagnetism:
    • Electric fields and forces
    • Magnetic fields and forces
    • Electromagnetic induction
    • Electromagnetic waves and their properties
  5. Optics:
    • Reflection and refraction of light
    • Lenses and optical instruments
    • Wave optics
    • Interference and diffraction of light
  6. Modern Physics:
    • Atomic structure and quantum mechanics
    • Nuclear physics
    • Particle physics
    • Special theory of relativity

It’s important to remember that the real PAF Physics Test schedule may have more or different topics, depending on what the test asks for. For the most exact and up-to-date information about the Physics Test syllabus, it is best to look at the official PAF instructions or talk to the right people.

PAF Physics Test Online Preparation

Gotest. pk is the best platform since you can access an unlimited supply of MCQs in Physics and try to pass the Online Quiz free of cost. It is possible to prepare online preparations to be a part of the Pakistan Air Force. Try our online Physis tests since these tests can be beneficial for you. Most of these Physics tests are created by The Recommenced Books, PAF Past Past Papers, and the design of these tests is similar to the PAF tests. It is possible to attempt all tests and see your score. We recommend you try each trial at least 4-5 times to prepare better. Anyone who wants to be a part of PAF can prepare for the exam effortlessly by visiting this site.

PAF Physics Test MCQs

This portion of the article contains a bank of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that have been developed expressly for the PAF Physics Test. These multiple-choice questions cover a variety of material from the discipline of physics that is pertinent to the PAF examination. You can become more familiar with the structure of the PAF Physics Test as well as the sorts of questions that may be offered by working through these multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and practising them. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate not only your knowledge and grasp of physics, but also your problem-solving abilities in that subject. This section is a helpful resource that can assist you in enhancing your preparation for the PAF Physics Test and boosting the overall quality of your performance.

Physics PAF Test

This part is all about the Physics Test that the PAF gives. It tests how well people know and understand physics ideas and how to use them in real-world situations. The test could include questions about mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, electricity, optics, and current physics. This part focuses on the specifics of the PAF Physics Test and gives candidates appropriate study materials, practise questions, and other tools to help them prepare well. It has everything you need to know to do well on the math part of the PAF test.

Join PAF Physics Test Online Preparation MCQs

Join PAF Physics Test Online Preparation Online

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You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.

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  1. A very amazing experience by practicing here on I am preparing for Gdp 153 course and the test will be in this month InshaAllah. Appearing on hope certificate and I am confident of my success , InshaAllah.

  2. Not at all if you apply for arotrade then it’s will be on matric base n if you apply for Commissioning officer than you should select your field according to your subjects like Air defense branch n admin and Special Duties branch have not math tests mandatory while GDP branch required math mandatory …

  3. I have got 98 %. These tests are too much easy i think these are not enough for our PAF Commissioning test…

  4. I’ve also applied for the job in PAF in airotrade recently .please pray for me .It is my second chance .I wish all of you good luck

    1. Inshallah ap kamyaab ho ga.bro aerotrade ki vacancies kon kon sa month ati hei.mei bhi is year fail ho gya hoo.

  5. Bhai log Bata suno ye Jo Lense wala question h Camera m Convex lense yse kia jata h in k pass right answer concave mirror h jo galt h

  6. ASLAM O ALIAKOM sir i am going for a test of PAF AIRLINE on matric bass so any one guide me for that?

    1. Sir plz tell me that those students who have done their FSC in pre medical also have to give maths test or not for PAF????

      1. yes even MEDICAL students have to give Maths nd PHys but for the specify Fields like Aeronautical Engrng but not for GD(P) it requires only PHYSICS

      2. Math test is taken only in Aeroneutical Engeenering …. In AD and GDP only physices, intelligence nd English test is taken.

  7. AOA guys…I have initial test for ACCOUNTS BRANCH – 121 COMBAT SUPPORT COURSE related to INTELLIGENCE and accounts on 17 july…what kind of INTELLIGENCE questions should i prepare and from where i could get questions related to Accounts?? plz share any previous expreince if any…

  8. borther education insturcator physics (assistant warrent officers) ki preparation k ley kon si book ma lu ?

  9. borther education insturcator physics (assistant warrent officers) ki preparation k ley kon si book ly>?

    1. assalam u alaikum. kindly guide m about gdp post. any past papers? timing nd test kese hota h . its my first attempt.

  10. borther education insturcator physics (assistant warrent officers) ki preparation k ley kon si book lu ????????

    1. App dogar,s publisher’s key book layy mau naa isss book saa tayari key thi aour mai naa test pass kaya thaa

        1. App dogar,s publisher’s key book layy mau naa isss book saa tayari key thi aour mai naa test pass kaya thaa

      1. Air defence ki tyari ho yay GDP ki test pattern aik he hotta hy…is k lyay mostly jo recommrnded book hy wo doger publisher ki hy.

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