Interesting and Amazing Facts about Pakistan Cricket Team

Cricket is one of the games in world that has gotten great publicity, hype and also love of people. In Pakistan this game has been loved by people in such a way that it cannot be explained. The game is under crisis due to unknown and uninvestigated reasons but it is a hope that the team will raise the game and bring second, third and many world cups in future. Pakistani team won world cup of 1992 under the captaincy of Imran Khan turned politician. Yes he sure is a true leader and knows how to hold hands of his team bring them in form and raise their courage enough so that they may win.

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Pakistan Cricket Team

Facts about Pakistan Cricket Team

Some of the many interesting facts about our cricket team players are:

  • Shahid Afridi “Boom Boom” and King of boundaries says about himself that he considers himself a better bowler than the batsman, but of course he has hit fours and sixes for Pakistan many times and so many.
  • Sometimes we disgrace our players y acts like raiding their homes on the false alarm of hiding militants, they are the ambassadors of our nation and they surely can’t make such mistake ever.
  • Fawad Alam is one of the rising batsmen of Pakistan cricket team and his father and father in law both have passion and belonging to cricket too.
  • Saeed Ajmal depression is unknown to many people, but this is true that once in 1997 he burnt his whole cricket kit because he injured his wrist while flying kite.
  • It is considered about our cricket players that they are uneducated or educated very little as they focus all their energies on playing cricket. But this is merely a myth because we have players like Misbah Ul Haq and Imran Khan and many others who are well educated and completed their Master’s degree.

Game is a name of trying and giving your all, results are depended upon efforts and luck. Currently Pakistani team is struggling hard because of may be instability in the administration of Pakistan Cricket Board but one thing is for sure that the will rise. Pakistani team has been in the same conditions before but all they need is the leader who has heart and courage to make his team work on their skills. Rest is all about luck and it will surely help the team to win as the prayers of everyone are with them.

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