Interesting and Amazing Facts about Space

Space is the widely explored area after earth. It is human curiosity that they want to know about different things more and more and want to reach which are considered to be beyond its reach. The common facts such as vacuum and absence of air and water are already known to human being. At one point in space, light is also absent there is darkness beyond it. In space without any protection a human can live for just 2 minutes but with the technological advancement now there are many space projects in which people go in the outer space to explore it.

Amazing Facts about Space

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Space

There are number of amazing facts that we are not aware of normally such as:

  • The universe we live in is more than 15billion years old, estimations vary but this is average of all.
  • There are number of galaxies in this universe and ours is one of them which are whirling with the speed of 100 million km per hour along with its stars that include our sun and planets too.
  • We know that there is a thing or place called black hole, but do you know that it has the extensive gravitational pull which is due to the presence of gasses that turn it into an electrical generator. And these black holes are present in all of the galaxies. The opposite of lack holes are white holes that are emitting light and matter just like fountain emits water.
  • We all have seen beautiful rocks named as moon roc because of their shine, but in reality moon rock brought to earth weighing 380kg which wasn’t shiny as moon looks in the sky.
  • It is said that the giant stars have burnt all their hydrogen and now they are using their helium and they are forming carbon by fusion of helium.
  • If we ever need iron on earth we can always bring it from the mars as the surface of mars has red color due to oxidized rusted iron just like we have on earth in many places.

Space is not discovered completely there is very little that we know yet, it is to be explored more as the time progresses. One thing is for sure that it is a place that human will never be able to now about completely because there is always a limit to knowledge that you may gain, right now we are on the initial stages of knowledge so we have infinite opportunities.

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