Pleasures of Reading Essay with Outline

Essay on Pleasure of Reading in English for Matric/Inter in 1000-1500 Words

In the world of books, an abundance of pleasure awaits those who embark on the journey of reading. Beyond the simple act of turning pages, the pleasures of reading encompass a universe of imagination, knowledge, and emotional connection. Through reading, we can delve into diverse cultures, distant eras, and varying perspectives, transporting ourselves to unexplored realms and broadening our horizons. It serves as a catalyst for intellectual stimulation, nurturing curiosity and critical thinking. Whether it’s the excitement of a captivating plot, the delight of discovering new ideas, or the comfort found within the pages of a cherished story, the joys of reading are limitless. In this post, “Pleasures of Reading Essay”, we will explore the myriad joys and benefits of reading, illuminating its transformative power and the immense pleasure it brings to our lives.

Pleasures of Reading Essay Outline:

1. Introduction. Reading offers a great variety of pleasures. It offers an escape from the monotony and leads us to a strange and exciting world.
2. Reading helps people both to escape and face the world. Reading helps us to escape the monotony of life. But by giving us an imaginative experience of life, it also
prepares us to face life.
3. Reading is a mental exercise. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It helps people to improve mentally
4. Reading is useful while traveling or waiting for a bus. On such occasions, it helps us to escape boredom while it enables us to make profitable use of our time.
5. We must develop proper reading habits. It is unfortunate that people do not go beyond newspapers or cheap journals. If we want to enjoy our reading and make full use of it, we must develop proper reading habits.
6. We must be careful in the choice of books. Since a very large number of books are available now, we must be careful in the choice of books and we must read them very carefully.

Essay on Pleasure of Reading in English for Matric/Inter in 1000-1500 Words


The delights found within the pages of books are as boundless and diverse as the stories they hold. Reading bestows upon us a multitude of pleasures, granting respite from the ordinary and whisking us away to extraordinary and enchanting realms. It unlocks the gateways to a universe brimming with exhilaration, creativity, and exploration. Engaging in the act of reading transports us on a transformative journey that transcends the confines of our everyday existence, immersing us in uncharted territories and unforeseen wonders. Within the confines of this essay, we will embark on an exploration of the myriad joys that reading begets, delving into its ability to captivate our senses, broaden our perspectives, and infuse our lives with awe and elation.

Pleasures of Reading Essay with Outline

Pleasures of Reading Essay The pleasures of reading are many. Most people, when they get bored with the daily routine of their lives, get a very pleasurable escape in reading. They forget and are relieved of their worries, their cares, and their tensions, which are so characteristic of modern life. Just consider a person after a day’s hard work sitting in the evening by a fire or in a quilt if it is winter, and reading the book of his choice. He vicariously enjoys the experience of the protagonists of the book. He shares their joys, their sorrows, and their struggles, and thus modifies his own view of life. Surely by the time he goes to bed, he is free and fresh and ready for a sound sleep. Similarly, the pleasures of a holiday, on a sea-beach or on a hill station increase when one also has the companionship of the book one likes. This pleasurable escape from dull situations through reading is universal and time-honored. It is a pity that this situation is now undergoing a very undesirable change. The small screen has invaded our houses so ruthlessly that it appears people will soon forget that there is something like the habit of reading and reflecting also. Most people now prefer to watch serials on the television than turn to a book or a journal.

Reading helps people to escape the world. But it is interesting to observe that it also helps them to come to it. And strangely, for whichever of the two purposes one reads, it is equally delightful. There is a section of people who read to keep up with the latest trends in human conduct. In this way, they get better knitted to the society they live in. They not only develop an awareness of the current social norms but also get acquainted with the latest fashions in clothes, in make-up and in dishes. Reading about these things is very satisfying, particularly to women. They look forward to publications on these topics with a rare delight.

“Reading makes a full man,” said Bacon long ago. And “Reading,” said Sir Richard Steel, “is to the mind what exercise is to the body”. Nobody will dispute the truth of these sayings. When people read with these mottos in mind and are able to improve themselves, they feel a mysterious sense of fulfillment that affords them much pleasure. They have more knowledge about themselves, about the world and are able to deal with their day-to-day problems more effectively. On certain occasions, people are not bored or tired, nor do they have much leisure, and still they glance through a paper or a pictorial magazine. One gets these moments while traveling in a bus or in the drawing-room of a friend waiting for him. There is invariably something to attract one’s attention. One’s face beams with joy and that short moment of wait loses its sting. So even such a fleeting and perfunctory contact with books and magazines can be so invigorating

We thus see that the range and nature of pleasures we derive from reading are very extensive. Our pleasure from reading will increase manifold if our reading habits are developed from the beginning. Unfortunately the readings habits and reading capacity of the modern man are pitiably low. Many people do not go beyond a newspaper or a magazine. Perhaps the rapid pace of modern times and the increasing use of other media of entertainment are responsible for this. Still reading habits can be formed and improved. Here children have got to be paid more attention. Once they fall in love with reading, they will continue to derive pleasure from it throughout their lives.

The possession, the choice, and the manner of reading books, magazines, etc. also have a great deal to do with the pleasures of reading. Books are our best friends. They are windows in the house of our mind. Can one think of a house without windows? Yet it is a pity that in the drawing rooms of the neo-rich, one may find every conceivable luxury, but not a single book! They certainly miss one of the greatest blessings of life.

Pleasures of Reading Essay There is virtually a perennial flood of reading material these days. The variety offered is sometimes so enormous that one feels confused. It suits all tastes and temperaments. Fiction, poetry, drama, biography, travel history, philosophy, psychology, religion, ethics, sociology, astronomy and magic, health and hygiene,  and marriage, games and sports, farming and gardening, tailoring and knitting home and cooking – is not this range fantastic? There are books for the common reader even on specialized subjects like law, politics, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, they certainly make delightful reading. We have, therefore, to be very careful in the choice of our reading material. This will depend on the nature of pleasure we want to derive from reading. For long-lasting pleasure, we have naturally to restrict our choice to the classics.

Closely related to the choice of books is the manner of their reading. Here the advice of Bacon is very sound. He says, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” Unfortunately, some people read every word of a newspaper and think they have done their job. They certainly miss what judicious reading has to offer. Although every person has his demands and expectations and he will adjust his reading to suit his aims, yet a wise and balanced approach is necessary for such matters. This will add to the variety and intensity of the pleasures of reading.

Importance of Reading Books:

Books hold immense significance as they encapsulate the wisdom and experiences of brilliant minds. They serve as a reflection of society and provide a platform for great thinkers to express their thoughts and observations. Through books, we can explore diverse cultures, climates, and beliefs, allowing us to broaden our understanding of the world. Reading is essential if we desire to acquaint ourselves with the intellectual giants of every era. In times of sadness or solitude, books become our steadfast companions, entertaining us during leisure hours. Fiction, plays, poetry, and short stories offer endless pleasure, alleviating loneliness. Furthermore, classic literature contains valuable wisdom that shapes and uplifts our character. During moments of depression and desolation, books provide solace and comfort, soothing our troubled minds and rejuvenating our weary spirits. It is for these reasons that in India, we turn to the Gita and Ramayana, as the characters of Ram and Sita guide us towards noble actions, virtuous lives, and a rejection of sin and cruelty.

Conclusion for Pleasures of Reading Essay

The pleasures derived from reading are truly priceless, providing us with boundless enrichment. By immersing ourselves in books, we transcend the ordinary and embark on extraordinary journeys. Reading opens our minds to fresh ideas, expands our knowledge, and deepens our comprehension of the world. Whether it’s the thrill of captivating narratives, the enlightenment gained from non-fiction, or the solace found in literature, reading offers an endless wellspring of delight. Let us wholeheartedly embrace the joys of reading and unlock its transformative power in our lives.

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