Education System in Pakistan Issues Problems and Solutions

When we talk about education Education System in Pakistan and its problems we suggest the main problem is inequality between public and private education sector of Pakistan. They provide free and compulsory education to all children between the ages of 5-16 years and enhance adult literacy but result as we know how much difficulties are there.

Process of learning is called education and education is the basic right of every person. A nation can be strong with educated citizens. Education plays a vital role in the progress of any nation and is responsible for its advancement towards success.

Pakistan is ranked at 113th out of 120 registered UN members according to the research conducted by UNESCO. The government of Pakistan is responsible for providing free and compulsory education to Pakistanis.

Education System in Pakistan Issues Problems and Solutions
Education System in Pakistan  Issues Problems and Solutions

Issues of Pakistan education system:

Pakistan is amongst those countries which are going through many problems of education. There are many flaws in the current education system of Pakistan that need to be resolved. Pakistan is among those developing countries where people are mostly deprived of good quality education. In Pakistan, educational system doesn’t meet the international standards.

The main problem is inequality between public and private education sector of Pakistan. From the last few years there has been an increase in the growth of private schools which have caused discrimination among students. Regional disparity is another problem.  Students who learn in private schools are more knowledgeable than students of Government Schools.

Schools of Baluchistan are not as groomed as that of Punjab. Technical education also has not been focused in education policy. Technical education is not given to that level which is required. Educational funds are very low. Ghost schools and untrained teachers cause flaws in the education system of Pakistan. All these issues contribute to high illiteracy rate in Pakistan.

Solutions for educational system in Pakistan:

Government has to take solid steps to remove the flaws in our educational system. First of all government should focus on the educational funds. There should be same syllabus in all provinces of Pakistan so that students not have to face discrimination at university level. The standard of primary and secondary education should be raised. Government schools should be at the same level as there are private schools.

Technical education must be given to all the classes. Workshops must be arranged for teachers. Poverty should be removed so that parents can give excellent higher education to their children.

Government should come forward and bring unity in education system of Pakistan. There should be same education for every Pakistani child whether rich or poor. Funds should be given to the deserving and poor children. If our education system will improve then our country can be prosperous and economically strong.

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