STS Past Papers of JEST & PST Download Online pdf |

In this post, we’ll explain the process of downloading STS Past Papers of JEST & PST on the internet in PDF format. STS Past Papers of JEST & PST are accessible to all candidates looking to find PST Past Papers that have been solved. Download JEST and PST Past Papers Solved. SIBA Testing Service (STS) is a well-known test organization which conducts admission and recruitment tests for numerous organizations in Pakistan. Many government and universities depend on STS to administer their entrance exams. Some of the more sought-after tests administered through STS include JEST (Junior Elementary School Teacher) and PST (Primary School Teacher). The preparation for these tests isn’t easy, however solving past papers can help students get familiar with the test format and increase their confidence. is a fantastic source for downloading and finding old papers from a wide variety of departments and positions and departments, as well as the most effective books that will aid you in your preparation for your competitive examinations. Download the previous papers of SIBA Testing Service’s Education and Literacy Department, which includes papers specifically designed for teachers of junior grade as well as primary school teachers, as also junior and senior monitors and clerics (STS). Written tests for JEST and PST will be conducted on the 25th and the 26th of March in 2023. You can download past papers samples from the IBA Sukkur official website or through the link in this article. JEST sample paper is merely to speculate about pattern of the paper and the type of questions. You are encouraged to download STS Past Papers of JEST & PST to ensure a better placement.

Importance of Past Papers

The ability to solve past papers is the most important aspect of preparation for the exam. Past papers give an understanding of the kind of questions anticipated on the exam, as well as the degree of difficulty of the questions and the format of the test. Past papers help candidates get acquainted with the format of the exam, and also develop effective strategies for managing time. It also assists candidates discover their strengths and weaknesses, and then work on them.  The sample papers are beneficial to increase your chances of selection.

Where to Find STS Past Papers

STS Official Website:

The best and most reliable source for downloading STS papers from the past is STS’s official web site STS ( The website features a section on past papers that is accessible through the “Past Papers” option on the homepage. Candidates can select the exam they’re studying for and download previous papers as PDF.

Other Websites:

In addition to the official site There are numerous websites that allow students to discover STS previous exams. These comprise educational websites, exam prep websites, as well as Social media sites. It is important to verify the legitimacy of these websites as well as the accuracy of past exam papers that are that are available on these websites.

STS Past Papers of JEST & PST Download Online pdf |

STS Past Papers of JEST & PST

How to Download STS Past Papers of JEST & PST?

Steps to Download from the STS The Official Site:

  • To download STS papers past from the official website take these steps:
  • Go to for more information on STS official site (
  • Select “Past Papers,” or click on the “Past Papers” option on the homepage.
  • Select the test you’re working towards (JEST or PST).
  • Choose the year in the document you would like to download.
  • Click”download”. Click on “Download” button next to the year.
  • The previous paper can be available in PDF format for download.

Steps to Download from Other Websites:

To download STS papers past from other websites take these steps:

  • Look for relevant keywords in the search engine you prefer.
  • Search for results and select a reputable website.
  • Find the old papers section on the site.
  • Select the test you’re studying for (JEST or PST).
  • Choose the year in the newspaper you wish to download.
  • Click”download” or click on the “Download” button next to the year.
  • The paper from the past can be available in PDF format for download.

Benefits of Solving Past Papers

The ability to solve past papers offers a variety of advantages to those who are preparing for the JEST and PST. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  1. Experience with the exam format and exam pattern.
  2. The understanding of the types of questions as well as the difficulty level.
  3. Time-management skills development.
  4. The identification of the strengths as well as weaknesses.
  5. Building confidence.
  6. Performance improvement in general.

JEST and PST Sample Papers & Past Papers

SIBA Testing Service will conduct the process of recruitment for Primary School Teacher jobs within Sindh along with Sukkur IBA has uploaded the JEST and PST Sample papers to ensure that applicants can prepare themselves for the test written by a junior elementary school teacher jobs in Sindh. PST Sample Papers have been published through the STS. Get them here. PST and JEST Sample Papers for the written test.

IBA JEST Past Papers PDF Download Download
PST IBA Past Papers solved pdf Download

PST JEST Past Papers pdf

You can download JEST and PST Sample Papers/Past papers solved – The Government of Sindh, Education and Literacy Department has announced 47,500 JEST PST jobs to fill the vacant positions in schools and Colleges in Sindh.PST Sample Papers have been announced as part of the STS. You can download PST as well as JEST sample Papers were taken for test in 2023.

STS JEST & PST Preparation Books

Access is free for all STS Test Preparation Books pdf 2023 Samples, Past Papers, STS JEST and PST Syllabus Test Pattern, STS Past Papers and Practice MCQs on this site. Sindh Testing Service Sindh Testing Service has made the written exam’s syllabus or syllabus accessible for JEST and PST. We offer free access to the latest STS Jobs written practice test online. On our site you can download the latest STS Test Preparation Books in PDF download as well as the STS Syllabus as well as The Test Pattern, the STS Past Papers as well as STS Sample Papers, STS Sample Papers as well as The STS Practice Questions as well as STS Test Preparation Material, STS Test Preparation Material as well as many other study aids.

IBA Past Papers Solved PDF Download

Solved Past papers of PST (Primary school teacher ) KPK ETEA & PTS, Sindh STS and NTS PPSC Punjab Download in pdf. The STS has announced PST Sample Papers. Papers to be used in the PST and JEST written exams are expected to be released in 2023. JEST and PST Jobs Written Exams for 2023 will be held by the administrative divisions in Sindh’s.

STS Solved Past Papers pdf Download

A few days ago, the Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh announced the hiring for the positions that include Primary School Teacher (PST BPS-9) as well as Junior Elementary School teacher (JEST BPS-14) via a competitive selection process. The test will take place by the Sukkur IBA Testing Service (STS) and recently STS has posted Sample Papers for the upcoming post of JEST and PST on their website. Here is JEST PST STS Solved Past Papers pdf download announced by STS.

IBA JEST Past Papers Solved PDF

IBA PST Test papers pdf Download


What is PST and Jest?

Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh announced 37,000 vacant positions of teachers in Primary Schools PST (BPS-14) as well as junior Elementary School teacher JEST (BPS-14) and enlisted all three phases years 2021, 2022 and 2023. Advertisement.

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