Microbiology Online Quiz Test MCQs

Given on this page is a online quiz on the topic of Microbiology. Microbiology is a significant subject, and questions about it often appear in various Biology-related exams. To assist you in preparing effectively, we offer this free online test. It’s a tool to evaluate and enhance your readiness for actual exams. Whether you’re getting ready for an academic test or just want to boost your knowledge of Microbiology, our “Microbiology Online Quiz Test” is here to help. This quiz covers essential topics in Microbiology, making sure you’re well-prepared for any Biology exam that includes Microbiology as a focus area.

Microbiology Online Quiz Test

The “Microbiology Online Quiz Test” is a useful resource created to help people in preparing for exams and growing their knowledge in the field of Microbiology. This online quiz is dedicated to the topic of Microbiology, an important area of Biology. It gives a user-friendly platform for practice and self-assessment, letting you evaluate your knowledge of Microbiology topics. Whether you’re a student gearing up for a test or someone interested in improving their knowledge of Microbiology, this quiz is a handy tool. By engaging with this resource, you can effectively measure and improve your grasp of Microbiology, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any Biology-related challenges or examinations involving Microbiology.

Microbiology Online Quiz Test MCQs

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1. The study of viruses is called as:

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2. The five kingdom system of classification was proposed by:

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3. A set of related genera would grouped into:

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4. Species is the basic unit of:

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5. Large groups are divided into smaller groups until the:

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6. Common cold is caused to human by the:

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7. A class is a group of related:

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8. Carolus Linnaeus developed the system of nomenclature which is called:

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9. Paramyxoviruses cause the disease:

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10. Temperature phage may exist as:

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11. A virion is a:

Question 11 of 15

12. Polioviruses are:

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13. In the classification system, the mode of nutrition related to fungi is:

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14. Pigs could be reservoirs to:

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15. Retroviruses cause the disease:

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Microbiology Online Quiz Test with Answers

The “Microbiology Online Quiz Test with Answers” offers a collection of questions related to Microbiology, followed by their correct answers. This quiz is meant to support self-assessment and learning, giving a straightforward way to strengthening your understanding of Microbiology. Whether you’re preparing for a test or simply want to broaden your knowledge in Microbiology, this quiz is a useful resource. It allows you to measure your current knowledge and improve your proficiency in Microbiology, ensuring you are well-equipped for any Biology-related tasks or tests that include Microbiology topics.

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