Biology The Cells Online Quiz Test MCQs

To help our visitors in preparing for their all Biology subject related written exams in best possible way, we’ve created a free online quiz that focuses on an essential topic: cells. This quiz contains important questions and answers related to cells, a fundamental concept in Biology. By attempting this quiz, you can assess your current level of preparation and work on improving it. Whether you’re studying for an exam or just want to enhance your knowledge of Biology, this “Biology The Cells Online Quiz Test” is a valuable resource. It enables you to test your understanding of cell biology and strengthen your overall preparation, ensuring you’re ready for your Biology exams.

Biology The Cells Online Quiz Test

The “Biology The Cells Online Quiz Test” is a valuable resource meant to help people in studying for Biology-related tests, especially those focusing on cell biology. This online quiz is centered around the theme of cells, which are basic units in Biology. It offers a handy platform for practicing and evaluating one’s understanding of cell biology. Whether you’re a student preparing for a test or simply interested in expanding your understanding of cells, this quiz offers a user-friendly way to engage with important ideas and questions. By utilizing this resource, you can effectively evaluate and improve your grasp of cell biology, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any Biology-related challenges or exams.

Biology The Cells Online Quiz Test MCQs

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1. Fungal cell wall is made up of:

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2. The cell was discovered by:

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3. Contraction and relaxation are the characteristics of:

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4. In electron microscope the resolution of microscope ranges between ________.

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5. Mental retardation and even death may be caused if the brain cells accumulate:

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6. The entire cell wall of prokaryotic cell is often regarded as a single huge molecule known as:

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7. The cell theory was formulated by:

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8. Eukaryotes include animals, plants, fungi and:

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9. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of prokaryotic cell is its:

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10. Lysosomes also releases enzymes for extra cellular:

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11. In the disease glycogenosis Type II, glycogen fills the liver and:

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12. The sedimentation coefficient of prokaryotic ribosome is:

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13. The prokaryotic cell can divided by:

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14. New ribosomes are assembled in the:

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15. The cell nucleus was discovered by:

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Cell Biology Online Quiz Test with Answers

The “Cell Biology Online Quiz Test with Answers” offers a set of questions connected to cell biology, an important part of Biology. Each question is accompanied by its right answer, enabling self-assessment and learning. This quiz is meant for ease and simplicity, allowing people to improve their knowledge of cell biology through engaging with questions and replies. Whether you’re preparing for an exam or simply trying to improve your knowledge, this quiz serves as a useful tool. It allows you to measure your current knowledge and improve your proficiency in cell biology, ensuring you are well-equipped for any Biology-related challenges or tests focusing on cells.

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