HEC GRE Training Program 2023 Under US-Pak Knowledge Corridor

Higher Education Commission HEC Islamabad announces GRE General Training for Pakistani Students under the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor initiative. Under the HEC GRE Training Program 2023 candidates will receive 40 hours of training. The HEC GRE Training Program 2023 is available to those who wish to apply for Ph.D. Scholarships in US Universities under the HEC US–Pak knowledge corridor. You can submit your application online through Google Forms. The deadline for the HEC GRE Training Program 2023 need to submit an application form is December 10, 2023. This training opportunity is not available to anyone who has previously applied.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan proudly announced the United States-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Training Programme for the academic year 2023. All students from Pakistan or AJK can apply through the US Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Program to receive fully supported training in the United States of America. This general GRE training will be provided in collaboration with the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor. This opportunity could be your chance to become the next lucky person. We’ll discuss the details of eligibility and how to submit a form.

What is the GRE?

GRE is a standardized exam with a predetermined pattern. It is used to test GRE Analytical Writing, GRE math preparation, and GRE quantitative. It is one test that can demonstrate student competitiveness, and their potential to succeed, and it is one of many factors universities and colleges consider when deciding on admissions. GRE – General is a 40-hour comprehensive training provided by the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor. We have held 25 GRE training sessions in Pakistan so far. These include Islamabad, Lahore (AJ&K), Karachi, Quetta, and Quetta as well as Hyderabad, Faisalabad, and Muzaffarabad (AJ&K).

HEC GRE Training Program 2023 Under US-Pak Knowledge Corridor

HEC GRE Training Program 2023How Do Apply for HEC GRE Training Program 2023?

  • Candidates will apply for GRE training through Google Form.
  • Candidates must first deposit the deposit fee. After shortlisting, the fee details will be made public.
  • You can also visit the HEC website through the link for complete details about GRE training.
  • Last Date: 10th of December 2023
  • Candidates may apply via Google Forms before the deadline.

 HEC GRE Training Program 2023 Eligibility Criteria

  • Outstanding Pakistani/AJK citizens are encouraged to apply for online GRE Training (40 hours)
  • Potential students and Non-Ph.D. faculty who are interested in Ph.D. scholarships under the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor initiative by HEC.
  • Pakistani/ AJK citizens
  • Minimum four-year bachelor’s degree BS/BSc/6E (16-year formal education).
  • In your entire academic career, you can only have one (1) second division and no third division.
  • The maximum age at the closing date is not greater than 38 years for regular faculty members in Public sector Universities/ Govt Colleges, and researchers of registered R&O organizations.
  • After shortlisting, the applicant will need to submit evidence in the form of a letter from the Organization.
  • All other cases: 33 years
  • You cannot be eligible for any scholarship from HEC.
  • This training opportunity is not available to those who have applied before.
  • Participants will be required to pay a concessional fee of RS 22500/- for the entire training.
  • HEC will pay the remainder of the training fee.
  • Admission to the top 300 QS World Ranked US Universities: Valid GRE-General Score (Minimum 300) OR HAT Score (60%). GRE – General Score or HAT Score are not required if admission is secured with a full tuition waiver.

Objectives of the GRE Training Program

The talent Farming component’s primary purpose is to prepare Pakistani students for university entrance exams like the GRE or TOEFL. GRE (General Training) is part of the ‘Talent Farming’ component of the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor initiative by HEC. GRE – General is a 40-hour comprehensive training program offered by the US – Pak Knowledge Corridor. We have held 25 GRE training sessions in Pakistan so far. These included eight (8) cities: Islamabad, Karachi (Quetta), Karachi, Quetta, and Quetta as well as Hyderabad, Faisalabad, and Muzaffarabad (AJ&K). Only USEFP-approved trainers provided the training.

The main goal of the US–Pakistan Knowledge Corridor was to support existing talent in Pakistan or to encourage efforts to study at American colleges and get a Ph.D. Additionally, this program selects 10 000 applicants to study at top US colleges for the next 10 years. This program has 10000 students selected to study at the top US universities over the next 10 years.

Who can apply for HEC GRE Training Program 2023

Potential Scholars who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. scholarship under the “US-Pak Knowledge Corridor” program are encouraged to apply. Only those who meet the requirements for the scholarship and are committed to Ph.D. studies under the ‘US-Pak Knowledge corridor’ initiative by HEC should apply for the training. All potential students and interested students can apply for a Ph.D. scholarship under the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor project by the HEC.

HEC GRE Training Fee 

The Higher Education Commission announced that the GRE general Training will be offered in both online and physical modes. The fee for training is as follows:

  1. Online GRE Training at Rs 2500
  2. RS 5000/ – Physical GRE Training

These are the concessional fees that candidates must pay. The HEC will cover the rest of the charges. Candidates are not required to pay this fee at this stage. Only shortlisted candidates will receive the details from the HEC.

HEC GRE Training Program 2023 Last Date

The application form to HEC Gre General training via Google Forms must be submitted by December 10, 2023. GRE (General) is now available from the Higher Education Commission (HEC). This program is open to both prospective students and faculty not in Ph.D. who are interested in pursuing Ph.D. scholarships under the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor. For detailed online and physical GRE training, it has invited applicants from Azad Jammu & Kashmir nationals.

Online Preparation for HEC GRE Training

To get a better score on the GRE, preparation key. The GRE test is known as the graduate record examination test taken every year by millions of hopefuls who want to move abroad and study graduate/undergraduate programs in the finest universities over there. Students who take the GRE will choose the USA as their first choice. GRE is accepted in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Singapore, the UK, and Singapore.

The GRE test is a popular choice for young people around the world. It opens up many opportunities at reputed universities abroad. It is important to invest time and effort in preparation for the GRE. After class, you can track your progress with personalized doubt-clearing sessions. You can improve your verbal and analytical skills by using customized question pools and strategic thinking strategies.

GRE Training Written Test

GRE tests are designed to assist universities in identifying the skills that they require from you. Students who are interested in studying international law, medicine, or graduate programs can take the GRE. However, you only need an undergraduate degree. The score can be used for five years starting from the year the claimant took the GRE test. GRE tests can be taken in either a computer-based or paper-based format. GRE score used to be accepted by graduate schools. But now, even business schools and law schools accept GRE scores, which is truly admirable.

Planning of HEC GRE Training Program 2023

The plan proposes that 10,000 Pakistani scholars will be joining US universities over the next ten years as part of the Government of Pakistan’s effort to train its faculty in selected subject areas. The plan’s Phase 1 was approved by ECNEC on Jan 25, 2017. It will be revised in August 2020 to award 1000 Ph.D. scholarships for outstanding Pakistani students at US universities under the project “Ph.D. Scholarships Under US – Pak Knowledge Corridor-1 (Revised).” Each year, approximately 1,000 applicants will receive training to take university entrance exams like the GRE/TOEFL/IELT under the “Talent Farming” component of the project.

This program will foster collaboration between renowned US institutions and Pakistani institutions to transfer research techniques that are specific to Pakistani needs. The official explained that there are two types of scholarships available.

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What is the Pak Us knowledge corridor?

The US-Pak Knowledge corridor Scholarship will allow candidates to obtain a doctorate at the best American universities, including Harvard University, Yale University Princeton University, and Massacheutess Institute of Technology MIT. There are also 250+ US universities ranked among the top 100 in the world.

Can I get a job in the USA from Pakistan?

The likelihood that Pakistanis living in the US will participate in the workforce is about equal for both Americans and Pakistanis. They also have almost the same chance of finding employment. For skilled workers looking for jobs, the United States offers great economic opportunities. The best way to get a Green Card in the United States is by working in the country.

Can I migrate to the USA from Pakistan?

A foreign citizen who wants to immigrate must be sponsored by an American citizen, lawful permanent resident, or potential employer.

How many Pakistanis are in the USA?

The above table shows that the total Pakistani population has grown by 85,279 between 2015 and 2020.

Which US city has the highest Pakistani population?

The largest Pakistani American community is found in the New York City Metropolitan Area. This area includes New York City, Central New Jersey, and Long Island.

Is the USA good for Pakistani students?

The USA offers meaningful and affordable scholarships to international students, including Pakistan. Many exchange programs are available between Pakistan and America. For students from Pakistan, there are both fully-funded and partially-funded scholarship programs in the USA.

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