QU Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission 2023 Last Date

If you’re looking for admission into a Master’s or Bachelor’s program If so, the Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission form is available here. Admissions are now open for the fall of 2023. In the following article, you’ll find out all related details like eligibility, apply process, advertisement and last date about  Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission. This time is perfect for students who need help enrolling in an alternative institution. The last date to apply is 14 May 2023. We have a couple of days to finish the admission. Prospects and application forms are available at the DI Khan Campus of Qurtuba University.

Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission Online 

Qurtuba University Of Science & Technology D.i. Khan announces that admissions are now open for the 2023 session. Applications are available to Local students, students from Pakistani overseas, and International students applying for Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Programs. You can also check University Of Management And Technology UMT Lahore Master Admission 2023

QU Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission 2023 Last Date

QU Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission

Offered Programs of Qurtuba University D I Khan

  • B.COM [Hons] degree in Commerce
  • B.ED degree in Education
  • B.ED (HONS) degree in Education
  • B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Civil
  • B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Electrical
  • B.TECH Degree in Civil Technology
  • B.TECH diploma in Electrical Technology
  • BBA (H) Degree in Business Administration
  • BCS (H) degree in Computer Science
  • BS diploma in Chemistry
  • BS degree in Zoology
  • BS Degree in Political Science
  • BS degree in Mathematics
  • BS Degree in Islamic Studies
  • BS Degree in International Relations
  • BS degree in Botany
  • BS degree in English
  • BS degree in Physics
  • BS diploma in Finance and Accounting
  • LLB qualification in Law

How to Apply for Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission

Admission will be based on merit and merit, which is to be determined by the admission Committee according to stipulated admission requirements.

Interested applicants should know they are informed that Qurtuba University Of Science & Technology  D.i. Khan admissions are now open, and you can submit your application as soon as possible. A detailed application procedure for Pakistani students from the local and overseas areas and international Students and Eligibility Requirements and How to Apply Online and contact information are provided in the official advertisement of the institute below. It is also available on their official website qurtuba.edu.pk.

Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission Last Date

The last date when you can apply to Qurtuba University Of Science & Technology [di Khan]  admission 2036 is on 14 May 2023.

Fee Structure of Qurtuba University D I Khan Campus

The fee structure applies to Local students only. Fee structure for overseas Pakistanis, Pakistanis holding Foreign Nationality, and international students differ. The fee structure for seats Overseas and seats for International students can be obtained through a University Admission office. Quotable University has uploaded the fee structure, and all the students are applying for admission to the institute. In addition, every year, they update the cost every year because once they announce their entries, they must change fees. Therefore, students should apply before applying to the school for admission. They must pay a one-time fee structure.

Every student must pay tuition, admission, and other fees (as stipulated by the University at any time from the date) when they register and at the beginning of every semester. The University can revise and increase the charges, fees, or other fees at any time with the parents ‘ or students’ permission. Additional fees for the thesis/dissertation/internship/ project for Master, MS/M.Phil & Ph.D. Programs will be charged separately.

Departments of Qurtuba University D I Khan

It has many departmenst in which it opens thousands of admissions each year and thousands of students get admission in it.

  • Management Sciences and IT
  • Literature and Linguistics
  • Teacher Education
  • Political and Irregular

General Instructions for Admission

  • Students charged for meaningful turpitude by a court of Law, and those who were rusticated/terminated during their academic career, shall not be accepted to any program.
  • However, those who have been revoked for infractions earlier could be considered to be eligible for enrollment by the President in the event of the basis of circumstances that the Enrolment Committee outlines.
  • Students who have engaged in political activity during their academic life and have been disciplined by their institution of Education or an administrative tribunal are denied admittance by QU.
  • Candidates must apply to The QU D I Khan within ten days after the result of test result for the relevant program or before the date that the University announces.
  • If any information a candidate provides on their application to be admitted is found to be false or incorrect, or any aspects of the content are omitted by the applicant, they will be denied entry.
  • In addition, if an inaccurate or false assertion or denial of information is found after an applicant is admitted and enrolled, the applicant’s enrolment will be terminated, and the applicant’s name removed.
  • Admission to the University, not being a matter of the right way, will be determined and based on merit.
  • International students are eligible to enroll only if their applications are made through one of the concerned authorities specified by the Govt. of Pakistan, and they fulfill the requirements for enrollment.
  • Underneath the inevitable/additional-ordinary conditions, a student will be eligible to defer or freeze not above two semesters relating to the approved method.
  • The deferment period of the semester(s) will be weighed to the maximum number of semesters allowed according to the laws.

Qurtuba University DI Khan

Qurtuba University (QU) was founded in 2001. The main campus is located in Dera Ismail Khan. QU Dera Ismail Khan is acknowledged and is in the top category of ‘W3’ according to the HEC. It ranks seventh among the universities of Pakistan according to the ranking of the HEC. QU Dera Ismail Khan is one of the most well-known private-sector universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Highly skilled faculty committed personnel, and researchers provide the most comprehensive Education for students.

The University has been working to achieve its goal of developing a good character and encouraging its students to thirst to investigate and inquire about, enabling them to expand the boundaries of knowledge with great ease and bring peace and prosperity to our nation. QU Dera Ismail Khan campus is open for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate, graduate, and doctoral students during the spring and fall semesters. It has a variety of disciplines within the disciplines, including Computer Sciences, Management sciences, English, Electrical, and Civil technology. It also offers diploma programs in Human Rights and Marketing and Physical Education.

Scholarship or Financial Aid of QU D i Khan

It offers a variety of scholarships, including free Education for children of factory workers and workers who receive welfare boards for workers.

Qurtuba University D I Khan Admission Entry Test

Qu D i Khan takes entry test always to get new entries in it. So as usual the admissions office of QU will take entry test and examine admissions. The test is mandatory to pass. Those wo will passed the test will be eligibele to study.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  • Candidates with 60 percent marks in the Intermediated exam are considered to be admitted.
  • To be eligible for admission to the Master’s program, the applicant must possess at at-least 2.5 CGPA in the previous bachelor’s degree.
  • Students are advised to make an effort to be admitted, but they must submit an equivalent certificate from IBCC Pakistan.
  • To be eligible for Ph.D. admissions, the minimum CGPA must be 3.0 or greater, or access is not granted.

Ineligibility to Apply at QU D i Khan

If an applicant cannot appear to the entrance Committee to be interviewed or take an entrance test on a regular day and at the time specified. In that case, they might be considered ineligible for entrance by late fee payment.

Qurtuba University Admission Form

  • Candidates can download the admission application form from official website of the university.
  • Download the form, and complete the form thoroughly.
  • Following this, you should attach additional copies of your documents stated in the form.
  • Send this to the contact listed below before the end of the date.
  • Only complete applications will be considered for processing.

Contact Details of QU D i Khan

Address: Qurtuba University of Sciences & IT Sheikh Yusuf Road Dera Ismail Khan, K.P.K Pakistan

Phone: +92 (966) – 714007/8

 Fax: +92 (966) – 730047

 E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.qurtuba.edu.pk

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