PDNET Professional Development for Novice English Teachers Program 2024

Here we have provided the Professional Development for Novice English Teachers Program 2024. The Program for Professional Development for Beginning English teachers (PDNET) course is a fully-funded teacher training program that provides five days of intense, residential training for students who are new or prospective English instructors (current students or recently graduated from professional degree teaching courses (B. Ed, M. Ed, TEFL, and ELT) from all over Pakistan. The last date for registration is 23 0ctober 202.

After completing the program, the participants will be qualified to receive small grants to carry out following-up activities within their respective areas.

PDNET Training Module 2024

The training module is based on international standards. International trainers will teach it. After completing the course, the participants can receive small funding to conduct following-up activities within their respective regions.

PDNET Professional Development for Novice English Teachers Program 2024

Professional Development for Novice English Teachers Program 2024

Duration of PDNET Program 2024

Professional Development for New English Teachers will be a week of the intensive residential course for new or aspiring English language teachers from all over Pakistan. The training module is based on international standards and taught by internationally-trained trainers. After completing the course, participants are qualified to receive small grants to help follow up in their respective regions. The program is entirely funded by the Regional English Language Office (RELO).

Venue of Training

Jamia Naeemia Gari Shahoo Lahore

Eligibility Criteria for Professional Development for Beginning English Teachers 2024

  • New English Language Teachers who have under five years of teaching experience.
  • Potential ELT: To make teaching a full-time profession, students who have completed or are currently enrolled in any professional degree in teaching (B.Ed. or M. Ed, TEFL, and ELT).

Required Documents for PDNET Program 2024

  • Photocopy of the most recent Academic Transcripts/degrees.
  • B.Ed, M.Ed,ELT  the transcripts of TEFL/degree (Mandatory for teachers who are aspiring)Signature by hand Privacy Policy.
  • Application Certificate Statement Page (Format enclosed to the application).
  • A duplicate of CNIC.
  • Referral and Support Form for Institutions, completed by your supervisor/HOD and then signed/stamped by the Principal/HOD of your institution (Format included in the Application Form).
  • Provisions of Fellowship
  • Round-trip travel to train
  • Food and accommodation during the training.
  • A chance to submit a small grant application upon completing the program.
  • Prospective applicants who have completed their studies and are unemployed aren’t required to complete an Institutional Support and Referral Form.

Professional Development for Novice English Teachers Program 2024

150 prospective and novice English Language teachers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) attended workshops on the forthcoming U.S. State Department-funded Professional Development for Novice English Teachers (PDNET) program.

What is PDNET?

The program is a teacher education series that provides the opportunity to attend five consecutive days of training for prospective and novice English language teachers across Pakistan. The training will begin during the summer months with Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi locations. Collaborating with American trainers and pre-service and novice English teachers will help them gain the essential skills to provide their students with necessary 21st-century English proficiency. After completing the course, the participants will be eligible for small grants to help with following-up activities within their respective areas.

The KP Department of Education supported the program of Outreach at Kohat Government Secondary school No.2 Kohat and the Kohat University of Science and Technology. Shaheed Benazir-Bhutto Women’s College SBBWU also assisted in the outreach by organizing sessions in the Eleanor Roosevelt Corner (the American Space at SBBU). The sessions provided English language teachers with information about the admissions process and eligibility criteria to be considered for this program.

Development for professional professionals for ESL teachers can be neglected, but it’s vital. Suppose you’re seeking the perfect job or to improve your skills at your position. In that case, ESL professional development can aid you in establishing yourself by hiring managers as someone who is up to date with the latest trends in education and is committed to the importance of continuous learning. To make your resume stand out with eight opportunities to develop your professional skills that include getting specialized certificates for TEFL/TESOL, taking part in ELT webinars, and applying for fellowships in TEFL/TESOL.

What is meant by professional development” for ESL teachers?

Professional development is a learning process designed to increase one’s ability, expertise, and knowledge of a specific job or profession. It is usually a matter of getting or maintaining specific certifications through academic accreditations and courses. Still, it could also be a part of informal learning opportunities like conferences or peer group meetings.

When it comes to ESL professional development for teachers, for example, a TEFL/TESOL-certified, the experienced teacher might take a specialized course to learn a new skill, such as teaching English online or attend an online webinar or a conference to stay on top of the latest methods of teaching English.

Why is professional development necessary for ESL teachers?

Professional training for EFL teachers offers in-person and internet-based English instructors opportunities to be noticed by all other teachers in this competitive area. It can increase your chances of getting hired and allow you to advance in your current position.

Additionally, professional development for TEFL/TESOL is crucial if you want to become an improved and more effective teacher. If you do not take advantage of professional education opportunities, teachers may become unproductive in their teaching and their EFL career.

  • Free of cost
  • Learn modern teaching techniques
  • Awareded with official certificate
  • Refresgments


Who is the training for?

These online training courses are designed for those in an educational environment who wants to increase their understanding and awareness of physical disabilities and the effect they may impact learning.

What does the training involve?

Each lesson is about one hour long and utilizes custom graphics and interactive learning that helps users understand the hurdles or obstacles faced by young and children-disabled people and the measures to overcome them.

How do I get started?

Once you’ve registered or logged in, you can learn at your own pace and return as often as you’d like. When you complete the various modules, the progress you make will be saved automatically. If you have to quit the course before the end of the period, you’ll be able to continue where you were after you return. A digitally-downloadable certificate is given upon the completion of each module.

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