Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024 Online Check [Updated Merit List]

Free It Courses Sindh Result 2024 Online Check Merit List Passed Selected Candidates

Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024 Entry Test

Are you aware of the announcement for Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024 that are free IT classes that Sindh’s governor is providing? The government of Sindh is doing a commendable job in providing young people with information technology training. These programs are provided entirely free of charge in an effort to provide qualified applicants with a top-notch education in computer technology. Some time before, an entrance exam was held for these courses. Now the Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024 is going to be released very soon.

It is important to visit the aforementioned homepage in order to learn about the date and time of the results announcement. On the student course registration form, you will be able to acquire detailed information on the governor’s plan. This page will be updated on a regular basis. The Governor Sindh Free IT Courses merit list may be accessed and reviewed via the web platform

Entry Test Free It Courses Sindh
What exactly is the catch, then? A successful completion of this exam is required before enrolling in any of these courses. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate both your fundamental knowledge of information technology and your potential for success in the classes. Don’t let it get to you, however! You will do very well on the test if you put some effort into preparing for it.

Test Date and Venue
Put this day in your calendars! The date for taking the admission exam has been set for September 15th, 2024. It will take place at a number of locations spread out over the province of Sindh. It is imperative that you arrive at the location on time, and that you do not forget your admission card!

Test Syllabus
Are you unsure about what subject to focus on? In addition to general knowledge, the course covers the fundamentals of information technology, English understanding, and mathematics. You only need to review these topics, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Governor Sindh Free It Courses Results 2024 Online Check

The results of the free IT courses sponsored by Governor Sindh, Kamran Tessori, have been announced. This section contains the online publishing of the 2024 admission exam results for the Governor of Sindh Free IT Courses, as well as the list of successful applicants. The initial entrance test will held on July 16, 2024, at the Governor Sindh IT Courses. Every day, a total of 7500 people will take part in the examination, which will take place over the course of two months.

Please click on the Course link to see a list of qualifying and ineligible applicants, as well as the results of the appropriate course’s admission test. The web platform gives users access to the Governor of Sindh Free IT Courses Entry Test Result for 2024, as well as the list of chosen applicants. The entrance test for the complementary information technology course is set to begin on July 16, according to the timetable.

A total of 7,500 people are planned to take part in the daily administration of the test, which will last two months. The most recent result for today is available online at the supplied website.

Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024 Online Check [Updated Merit List]

Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024The Governor of Sindh, Kamran Tessori has announced the test results for admission to IT courses. In addition to the Core Courses Sequence, approximately 466,444 applicants, both male and female, participated in the complementary Advanced Courses. Please enter the student’s roll number to begin the search. The Governor of Sindh, Kamran Tessori gives guidance to students taking the admission exam for the free IT course held at the Governor’s House.

IT Course Result GOVERNOR SINDH Selected Candidates List pdf

Governor Sindh Free IT Training Programs Details

  • Total number of applicants: 466,444
  • Start date entry test: July 16, 2024
  • 7500 applicants each day take the test, which lasts for two months.
  • Earn as much as $5,000 each month.
  • Apply for Governor Sindh IT Course Online by clicking here

Core Courses

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Web2 Using NextJS
  • Earn as You Learn

Advanced Courses

  • Web 3 and Metaverse
  • Cloud-Native Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning
  • Ambient Computing and IoT
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Network Programmability and Automation

Approximately 466,444 male and female applicants submitted their resumes for consideration to take part in the free Advanced Courses and Core Courses Sequence. The students are given instructions by the Governor of Sindh, Kamran Tessori, for the admission exam that is being conducted at the Governor’s House for the free information technology course.

How to Check Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024?

To check the Governor Sindh Free IT Courses Result 2024 online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the Governor of Sindh
  2. Scroll down to the “Free IT Courses” section and click on the “Result” button.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page where you can enter your roll number or CNIC number to check your result.
  4. Once you have entered your details, click on the “Submit” button to view your result.

Alternatively, you can also check the result on other websites such as, which have published the result online.

Check Here

Governor Sindh
Kamran Khan Tessori

Initiative for Artificial
Intelligence, Web 3.0 &

Grand Entry Test Result
Monday, August 14, 2024

Grand IT Course Entry Test Result 2024

 Course Name Result Link (Updated)
Programming Fundamentals Check Online
Web2 Using NextJS Check Online
Earn as You Learn Check Online
Artificial Intelligence Check Online
Web 3 and Metaverse Check Online
Cloud-Native Computing Check Online
Ambient Computing and IoT Check Online
Genomics and Bioinformatics Check Online
Network Programmability and Automation Check Online

Check Governor Sindh IT Course Result pdf Online

Governor Sindh Free IT Courses Result 2024 Merit List

The Governor Sindh Free IT Courses Result, as well as the specifics of the merit list, may be found here. You may see the initial Passing candidates and final Merit Lists for all Courses. All of the students who submitted their applications through official website they get informed if they got selected and their Name in merit list shown. You will be able to examine the entrance Test result or the Merit score, depending on which is suitable, once the test has been picked and you have been informed of the decision. Free Information Technology Courses Result for the Governorate of Sindh Online in 2024.

Cant find your Result or Name in Merit List? Please mention in below comments section.

Kamran Khan Tessori Free IT Courses Test 2024 Results Online

The results of the Kamran Tessori Test 2024 have been made public for all applicants who took the exam. Results of the Kamran Khan Tessori Free IT Courses Test 2024 may be found online for these programs. Now is the time you’ve all been waiting for! Online, you can now see the results of the test to get in. You can find out more about them at www.Governorsindh.Com, which is the main website. It’s easy as pie! Just go to the website, click on the “Results” tab, and enter your roll number. So long! On the screen, your answer will show up. Did you pass? Happy New Year! You’ve taken one step toward a successful career in IT. The chosen candidates will be called for more information about how to get in.

Didn’t pass the test? Don’t give up! As long as you keep working hard, chances will come your way.

Governor House Sindh Test Result 2024 www.Governorsindh.Com

The Governor Sindh Free IT Courses are a great way for young people in Sindh to learn important IT skills for free. The test is a fair way to make sure that this chance goes to the most qualified people. And now that the findings are live, people are more excited than ever.

So, why don’t you just do it? Check your scores and take the first step toward a successful IT job. Good luck, and may the odds always be on your side.

Governor Sindh Free It Courses Result 2024

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