Site New Design Feedback Survey

1. Do You Like Gotest New Design ?
2. Is it More Simple and To the Point ?
3. How visually appealing is our website? Mean Color Combination(Blue and White)
4. How Easy to Find Desired Information at Our Site ?
5. Are You Satisfied with Site Loading Speed?
6. Do You Find our Online Testing System beneficial?
7. How easy is it to understand the information on our website?
8. Gotest is Trusty Source of Preparation?


Do you have any other comments about how we can improve our website please Write in below commenting section.Thanks

You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.

Maan Ali

Hey there! I'm Maan Ali, your online test prep pal. Join me in the adventure of acing exams with ease. I'll share tricks, practice tests, and all you need to rock your studies. Let's make learning fun and success a sure thing!


  1. Answers of some questions are wrong in English series and Physics ….So check them and update it …. otherwise this site is really GooOOd for learning students 🙂

  2. Home page looks disturbing as many things are collapsing and are too much for one page. sizes of adds which are placed is also more than necessary. moreover, the speed of loading page becomes too slow for smooth suffering.

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