SPSC Combined Competitive Examination 2023 Online Preparation

We are Pleased to Inform you that guidelines for SPSC Combined Competitive Examination 2023 Online Preparation are being dispatched here. As competitive exams written test practice sessions online for SPSC are being mentioned on this page. Preparation data has been organized through SPSC Past Sample Model Papers and updated current affairs and General Knowledge Respectively. Such Testing Portion shall contain Computer Math Analytical General Knowledge English Urdu Pak Study IQ Intelligence and all subjects Question Answers in Solved Mcqs form being dispatched over here for Spsc combined competitive examination 2023 online preparation free of cost.

Nowadays in the reign of Cut-throat Competition, aspirants must do smart work rather than to do hard work which means to take target and to the point preparation as well.

SPSC Competitive Exam 2023 Preparation Guide

On this page, the complete preparation has been taken out from recommended books and according to the latest pattern of the concerned Commission policies as well. The major functional task of the Commission is directed towards scrutiny of requisitions, processing of applications, and the conduct of examinations, tests, and interviews for the requisitions received from various Departments of Sindh as per the laid down procedure. SPSC selects and recommends suitable candidates through a merit-based, transparent, and expeditious process to promote excellence, professionalism, and competence in the Sindh Public Service and render advice to the Government.

SPSC Combined Competitive Examination 2023 Online Preparation

SPSC Combined Competitive Examination 2023 Online PreparationRecruitment Process of SPSC Combined Competitive Examination

The recruitment process is initiated by the Commission on receipt of Requisition to fill the posts from the concerned Ministry/Division, which is advertised in all the leading National Dailies on the first Sunday of every month. With Respect to the Recruitment Policy allocation of posts to merit and regional quotas is made according to the government’s policy as well.SPSC Combined Competitive Examination 2023 Online Preparation Solved Past Papers MCQs for Screening Test and Written Test being mentioned over here

SPSC Paper Pattern And Syllabus 2023 CCE

Are you searching for the latest and comprehensive revised syllabus and previous papers of the SPSC Competitive Exam Combined? There is no need to go to any other website from this page. You can access the entire syllabus and the paper pattern. The syllabus is taken from the SPSC official website. Apart from that, you can look up your SPSC CEE syllabus online from here. To get the latest SPSC CCE syllabus, scroll down.

The SPSC CCE syllabus can be downloaded using the link below. When you click the button, the computer will begin downloading the file on its own.

SPSC Written Test 2023 Marks Division

Mark Distribution  For the SPSC CEE exams

Compulsory subjects: 600 marks
Optional subjects: 400 marks
Viva-voce: 200 marks

SPSC Combined Competitive Examination Subjects

Here are the specifics of this SPSC CCE syllabus with marks for each subject. For the CCE subjects, there are two types of subjects.

  • Compulsory subjects
  • Optional subjects

Candidates must take the tests for all subjects, which are compulsory. For the elective subjects, there are different categories. Therefore, students have to choose just one subject within each category. This means that you will see all the details and complete details of the syllabus below are the full details of subjects that are part of these subjects of the SPSC Combined Competitive exams (CCE). You can find the marks for each subject within the issues with compulsory requirements.

Compulsory Subjects

  • English Essay 100 marks
  • English (Precis & Composition) 100 Marks
  • General Paper in Sindhi / Urdu 100 Marks
  • Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs 100 Marks
  • General Science & Ability 100 Marks
  • Islamic Studies /Comparative studies of essential areas (For Non-Muslims) 100 Marks

Optional Subjects

In addition to the mandatory subject matter, you can choose subject choices for the CEE test. Therefore, candidates must pick any option from the following categories.

Group 1

  • Accountancy and Auditing 200 Marks
  • Economics 200 Marks
  • Science and politics 200 marks
  • Computer Science 200 marks
  • International Relations 200 Marks

Group 2

  • Physics 100 Marks
  • Chemistry 100 Arks
  • Applied Mathematics 100 Marks
  • Statistics 100 Marks
  • Geology 100 Marks

Group 3

  • Business Administration 100 Marks
  • Public Administration 100 Marks
  • Governance and Public Policy 100 Marks
  • Urban planning and town planning 100 marks

Group 4

  • History of Pakistan & India 100 Marks
  • Islamic History & Culture 100 marks
  • European History 100 Marks
  • History of USA 100 Marks

Group 5

  • Gender studies 100 marks
  • Environment Science 100 Points
  • Agriculture and Forestry 100 marks
  • Botany 100 Marks
  • Zoology 100 marks
  • English Literature 100 Marks
  • Urdu Literature 100 Marks
  • Sindhi literature 100 Marks

Group 6

  • Law 100 Marks
  • Constitutional Law 100 Marks
  • International Law 100 Marks
  • Mercantile law 100 Marks
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 Marks
  • Criminology 100 Marks
  • Philosophy 100 Marks

Group 7

  • Journalism and Mass Communication 100 Marks
  • Psychology 100 Marks
  • Geography 100 Marks
  • Sociology 100 Marks
  • Anthropology 100 Marks

How to Prepare for the SPSC Exam?

The SPSC conducts an exam after you apply for a role with the SPSC that is relevant to your application. But how should one train for the SPSC test? The appropriate curriculum for your job is provided by SPSC for you to study for the SPSC test. You must adhere to the SPSC syllabus in order to prepare for the exam.

  • To be ready for the SPSC test, read several books that are pertinent to the syllabus. You may do well on the SPSC exam if you do a good job of studying the texts.
  • To adequately prepare for the SPSC test, review the SPSC Past Papers. Reading SPSC Past Papers can help you do well on the test.
  • For those preparing for the SPSC test, there are several practice papers on the market. To be ready for the SPSC test, you can purchase these.

Most of the questions on the practice papers are taken from SPSC past papers. Since 90% of the past exams are contained in the sample papers, we also advise you to use them as you study for the SPSC test.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure.” – General Colin Powell

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