KPK Board 12th class Chemistry Ch 22 Industrial Chemistry questions answers

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Mardan Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Peshawar Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Swat Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Dera Ismail Khan Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Kohat Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Abbottabad  Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Bannu Board 12th classes short questions Answer

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Differentiate between reactive and non-reactive adhesives.

Reactive adhesives Non-reactive adhesives
These adhesives chemically react with material, when harden they may be multipart adhesives or one part adhesive. These adhesives either are natural or synthetic.
It has two types of adhesive. It also has two types.
1.       Multipart adhesives 2. One part adhesive. 1         Solvent base adhesives 2. Polymer base adhesives

How nail polish remover removes the nail-polish?

When a polish remover applied to the nail polish that is to be removed. The solvent molecule of remover interrupt, loosen and break the polymer chain of the polish. This dissolve the hardened and solidified polish and transformed it back to its original form.  It can be then wiped off with the help of cotton from nail.

Why temporary hair dyes are removed with single shampooing?

The dye molecules in temporary hair colour are large and cannot penetrate the cuticle layer. The colour particles remain absorbed (closely adherent) to the hair shaft and are easily removed with a single shampooing.

What are the uses of PVC and nylon?

Uses of PVC and Nylon:

  • PVC or poly vinyl chloride is widely used in imitation leathers, floor coverings, corrugated roofing material, drainage pipes, electrical pipes, gramophone records etc.
  • Nylon is well known as synthetic fiber in carpets, fabrics, rope, stockings and other clothing. Because of its mechanical strength, nylon is also used in molded machine parts such as gears and bearings.
Write down the four applications of pesticides.

Application of Pesticides: The pesticides have following application:

  • Most of the useful pesticides are used in agricultural industry for killing the unwanted weeds and pests.
  • On the basis of mode of action, different pesticides have following applications.
  • Insecticides they are used to kill or control the insects.
  • Rodenticides: They are chemicals used against rats and mice.
  • Nematocides: They are used against nematode worms.
  • insecticides and fumigants to
  • Herbicides: They are used against weeds.
  • Fungicides: They are used against fungi and molds.
  • chlordane, Aldrin, dieldrin etc. are used as insecticide and fumigants to kill bacteria and other micro organisms.
How DDT reaches to animals fatty tissues?

Ans. DDT reached to the animal tissues through a process known as biological magnification. DDT is a non-polar molecule so do not soluble in water. DDT accumulates in animal fatty tissues through food chain. DDT passes from insects to fish, fish to birds and then birds to animals and then finally to human beings.

Differentiate between addition and condensation polymer.

Addition Polymerization Condensation Polymerization
A process in which simple molecules are link together to form a long chain molecule is called addition polymerization A process in which two or more molecules combines resulting in the elimination of water or other small molecule is called condensation polymerization.
It is also known as self growing polymerization. They are also known as step growth polymerization.
In addition polymerization the molecular formula in the repeating unit is same. In condensation polymerization different molecules are combines to form polymers.
Examples: Polyethylene, Polystyrene Polyvinylchloride Examples: Polyester Polyamides Epoxy Resins

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