KPK Board 10th class Chemistry Ch 7 Environmental chemistry II water short questions answers

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Identify the factors which are responsible for dissolving polar substances in water.

Polar substances are soluble in water due to the following factors.
1) Polarity of water. 2) Hydrogen bonding property of water.

Explain why it is advisable todrink boil water.

It is advisable to drink boiled water because;
1. Boiling kill micro- organisms present in water.
2. By heating / boiling soluble bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium are converted into insoluble carbonates which settles down at the bottom and hence hardness is removed.

Why ice floats on the surface of water.

When temperature of water is decreased up to O°C or below, it freezer into ice. Daring ice formation water molecules arranges them sels in hexagonal shape. Shaces between water molecules increases, 9% increase in volume occurs. As we know that volume is inversely proporportionl to density d = so density of ice decreases as compared to water. As the density of ice is less than the density of water, so ice floats on the surface of water.

What is Eutrophication? How does it pollute water.

The enrichment of nutrients in water bodies is called eutrophication.
It pollute water by stimulating harmful over growth of Algae which can have direct toxic effect. As certain types of algae like red and brown algae are toxic.

How chemistry helps to maintain clean swimming pools.

Ans. In order to make swimming pools free from micro- organisms a chemical, chlorine gas is passed through it.
ð When chlorine gas is passed through water, it reacts with water, produces HCl and HO Cl,
The hypochlorous acid HO Cl is very much unstable and decomposes into HCl atomic oxygen.
§ HO Cl HCl + [O]
Atomic oxygen kill the germs by oxidation. Similarly wet chlorine is also act as a germicide and kill the germs in swimming pools. The conclusion is that in this process chemistry / chemicals help to maintain clean swimming pools.

Make the distinction between soft hard water.

Ans. Distinction between soft and hard water
ð Water which produces lather easily with soap is called soft water while.
ð Which do not produce lather easily with soap is called hard water.

Why water is universal solvent?

Ans. Water is a universal solvent because it can dissolve more substance than any other solvent. It can dissolve different kinds of inorganic compounds, certain polar organic compounds, acids and bases etc.

Give some of the disadvantages of detergents.

Ans. Detergents are used in laundries for cleaning purposes. Detergents are basic in nature and are highly soluble in water. When water is contaminated by detergents, drinking of such water causes various diseases like diarrhea, cholera and vomiting.

Identify the different toxic substances in household waste.

Ans. House hold waste contain various toxic substances like detergents, medicines, acids bases, bleaches, dyes, waxes, hair colours, ghee and oil etc.

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