KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 6 Inheritance Short Questions Answers

KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 6 Inheritance Short Questions Answers

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If a man with type AB blood group marries a woman with type O blood group, what type of blood group do you except in the offsprings?
  • Blood group of man IA IB(AB)
  • Blood group of female I0 I0(O)

Or by punnet square

IA                                              IB

I0 IA I0 IB I0
I0 IA I0 IB I0

= 50% of the offspring will be blood group A.

= 50% of the offspring will be blood group B.

How can crossing over brings variation?

In crossing over segments of homologous chromosomes are exchange in result of which a new chromosome of different genes are formed which results in variation in the offspring.

What are nucleosomes and how they form chromomes?

Chromosome is composed of DNA and proteins [ histone ]. The DNA duplex is coiled around the core of 8 histone proteins forming a complex structure called nucleosomes.
Nucleosomes are arranged in the from of beads in a linear fission on a DNA and then this string of beads is so arranged in compact from that it gives chromatin structure and form chromosome.

How is artificial selection used for the improvement of crops?

Formers and breeders allowed only the plants and animals with desirable characteristic to reproduce causing the education of farm stock. This process is called artificial selection.
Examples: 1) The major cereals ( rice, wheat, maize, sorghum and millet) were all developed from will grasses by artificial selection.
2) Farmers have cultivated numerous popular crops from will mustard i.e Brocli ( ), cabbage ( ), kale ( ), cauliflower ( )

Difference between different types of dominant relations?

Difference between different types of dominant relations:
1) Complete Dominance:
In complete dominance one allele is completely dominant over the other allele i.e tall (T) is completely dominant over dwarf (t).
2) incomplete Dominance:
In this case a given allele does not completely mask (hide) the action of second allele, rather they interact such a way that heterozyate phenotype is a blending (mixing of both).
Example: The inheritance of flower colour in mirabilis jalapa ( Four O’ clock plant) is an example of incomplete dominance.
3) Co-dominance:
In this case different alleles of a gene that are both expressed in a heterozygote condition are known as co-dominance.
ABO blood group system in human.

Write down the phenotypes of the individuals in the following table.

Gene type Phenotype
IA IA Blood group ‘A’
IBIB Blood group ‘B’
IB i Blood group ‘B’
IAi Blood group ‘A’
i  i Blood group ‘O’
IA IB Blood group ‘AB’

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