KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 4 Support and movement Short Questions Answers

KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 4 Support and movement Short Questions Answers

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We provided 10th class Biology short questions answers on this page of all KPK boards. Students of KPK boards can prepare the Biology subject for annual examinations.

In this List we have included all KPK boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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Why are bone considered as the dynamic structure?

Bone is dynamic structure because it provides movement of the body.

What is the contribution of Vesalius in under-standing human skeleton?

Andreas Vesalius was born in Brussels. He was a professor of anatomy at Padua University in Italy .
Ø He wrote the 1st major book on human anatomy in 1543. It was called “de Human Corpse Fabric” [the fabric of human body].

Ø He explained different parts of human body including number of bones.
Ø He also describes the source and position of each muscle and provided information on their respective functions.

Describe the function of three major types of joints and give an example of each.

Joints: Any point where two bones are meets is called joint.
There are three Types of Joints:
(a) Immovable Joints:
Ø Those joints in which relative movement of bones do not occur.
Ø There present no cartilage in between them.
Ø For example; joint of skull.
(b) Slightly moveable joints:
Ø The joints having very limited range of movement.
Ø There present cartilage in between these joints.
Ø Example; joints of vertebral disc.
© Freely moveable joints:
Ø These joints allow free movement between the articulating [rotating] bones.
Ø The articular surfaces of these joints are clothed by a cartilage which reduces friction in between them.

How are different types of arthritis caused?

Causes of arthritis:
Ø Infection [bacteria]
Ø Injury / trauma
Ø High level of uric acid
Ø Auto immune disease

Difference between a skeletal muscles origin and insertion.

The pointy where a muscle attaches to the fixed bone is called origin. Skeletal muscle is always attached with some fixed bone on its end.
The point where the muscle attaches to the moving bone.

State the function of flexor and extensor.
A skeletal muscle whose contraction causes bending of muscles.
A skeletal muscle whose contraction causes stretching of the muscle.

What are ligaments and tendons? What do function do they perform?

It is connective tissue which holds bones at the place of joints, it connects one bone to another bone.
These are tough connective tissues which connect muscles to bones. During muscle contraction the tendons exerts a pulling force on the attached bone. As a result, a bone is pulled towards the muscles.

State five functions of bones.

1. Bone gives shape and structure to the body.
2. It provides movement.
3. It protects the delicate organ.
4. It provides support.
5. Internal portion of many bones produces blood cells.

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