9th Class English: Chapter 6 Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan Short Question Answers

9th Class English: Chapter 6 Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan Short Question Answers

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How much confidence did the Quiad-e-Azam have in his nation?
Quiad-e-Azam had much confidence in his nation because he believed that his nation was made of sterling material and second to none.

What was the Quiad’s Concept of our nation?
The Quiad’s Concept of our nation was that the Muslim were a nation with their own distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, name and nomenclature, sense of values and proportion, legal laws and moral codes, custom and calendar, history and tradition, aptitude and ambitions. He said that they had their own distinctive outlook on life.

What was the ideology of Pakistan in view of Quiad-e-Azam?
The ideology of Pakistan in view of Quiad-e-Azam was based on the fundamental principle that the Muslims were an independent would be strongly resisted.

What can be possible solution to our present problems?
We can solve our present problems by comparing united leaving aside our personal, local, lingual, ethnic, sectarian or provincial identities and prejudices.

How can we become a strong nation?
We can become strong nation if we follow the principles and advices given by our Quid.

Share the information you already have about Quiad-e-Azam?
Quiad-e-Azam is our national hero. He achieved Pakistan for us.

What was Quiad’s role in the freedom movement of Pakistan?
He worked hard for a separate homeland for the Muslims of subcontinent. He gave them a sense of identity. At last, he achieved Pakistan for them.

Why did the Quiad have to take long tours during early days of independence?
He had to take long tours to build confidence and raise people’s spirit.

Why did Quid want the oneness of the whole nation?
He wanted so to make the whole nation strong and prosperous.

What was the goal of Quiad-e-Azam?
His goal was not only to achieve Pakistan but also to stabilize the nation and the state.

What did Quiad-e-Azam say in his Eid message of September 1945?
In his Eid message, September 1945, Quiad-e-Azam said, “Islam is a complete code regulating the whole Muslim society, even department of life collectively and individually.”

Are we working according to the expectations of the great leader?
We are not working to the expectation of our great leader. We have not made Pakistan a progressive, democratic country. All of us are not united ambitious to get progress and compete with other nations.

What is the result of neglecting the advice of the Quiad?
Neglecting the advice of the Quiad, we have become disunited. That is why we are facing so many problems.

Who was the “Father of the Nation?”
Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the “Father of the Nation”.

What is them of this of this lesson?
The theme is national pride and role of hero in the art of national building. Our great leader Quiad-e-Azam was profoundly concerned for his nation as well as for Pakistan. His goal was not only the achievement of Pakistan but to stabilize the nation and the state simultaneously. He strived for the unity of the masses and the welfare of Pakistan and its people.

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