9th Class Chemistry Chapter 7 Electrochemistry Short Questions Answer

9th Class Chemistry Chapter 7 Electrochemistry Short Questions Answer

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Here we are providing complete chapter wise Chemistry questions and Answers for the 9th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 9th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

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Define oxidation in terms of electrons. Give an example?

Oxidation is the loss of electron by an atom or an ion e.g,

Define reduction in terms of 10s or gain of oxygen or hydrogen. Give an example?

Reduction is defined as:
“The addition of hydrogen or removal of oxygen during a chemical reaction.”

What is difference between valency and oxidation state?

The apparent charge on an atom, ion or molecule which is called valency.
Valency is written as the sign followed by the number as valency = OII²
The apparent charge assigned to an atom of an element in a molecule or an ion.
No sign

Differentiate between oxidizing and reducing agents?

Oxidizing agents:
These are the substance that reduce itself and oxidize other.
They gain the electrons.
Non-metals are good oxidizing agent
They are more electronegative in nature.
Reducing Agent:
These are the substance that oxidize itself and reduce other.
They loss the electrons.
Metals are good reducing agents.
They are mostly electropositive.

Differentiate between strong and weak electrolytes?

Strong electrolyte:
Definition: The electrolyte which ionize completely in solution and produce more ions, are called strong electrolyte.
Example strong electrolytes are aqueous of NaCI, NaOH, and H₂SO₄

Weak electrolyte:
Definition: The electrolyte which ionize to a small extent when dissolve in water and could not produce more ions are called weak electrolytes.
Example: Weak electrolyte are the aqueous solution of acetic acid or Ca(OH₂)

How electroplating of tin on steel is carried out?

It involves the dipping of the clean sheet of ion in a both of molten tin and then passing it through pair of rollers.

Why steel is plated with nickel before the electroplating of chromium?

The steel is usually plated first with nickel or copper then by chromium because it does not adhere well on the steel surface. Moreover, it allows moisture to pass through it and metal is stripped off.

How can you explain, that following reaction is oxidation in terms of increase of oxidation number AI” Al° →AI⁺³ + 3e⁻?

According to the definition of oxidation:
“The loss of electron is called oxidation” in the above reaction.
“Al° with zero oxidation state changes to AI⁺³ mean it losses 3 electron, so, the oxidation reaction takes place”.

How can you prove with an example that conversion of an ion to an atom is an oxidation process?

In the above reaction, loss of electron takes place, chloride ion, (anion) convert into chlorine molecule by losing electrons. So oxidation takes place

Why does the anode carries negative charge in galvanic cell but positive charge in electrolytic cell? Justify with comments.

In case of galvanic ell, anode release the electrons, that gathered at anode and create negative charge while in case of electrolytic cell, the anode attached to the positive terminal of the battery, that is why, it carry positive charge.

Where do the electrons flow from Zn electrode in Daniel’s cell?

In Daniel cell, the electrons takes flow from Zn electrode (anode) towards the cathode made up of copper.

Why do electrodes get their names ‘anode’ and cathode in galvanic cell?

In galvanic cell, oxidation takes place at anode while reduction takes place at cathode. And oxidation always takes place at anode while reduction always takes place at cathode.

What happens at the cathode in a galvanic cell?

In galvanic cell, reduction takes place at the cathode as:

Which solution is used as an electrolyte in Nelson’s cell?

Brine (aqueous solution of NaCI called brine) is used as electrolyte in Nelson’s cell.

Name the by-products produced in Nelson’s cell?

Hydrogen gas (H₂) and chlorine gas (Cl₂) are the by-product of Nelson’s cell as

Why galvanizing is done?

Galvanizing is done to protect the iron against corrosion.

Why an iron grill is painted frequently?

Iron grill is painted frequently because due to presence of oxygen water in air, it become corrode, so to prevent it from rusting, it is painted.

Why O₂ is necessary for rusting?

Oxygen plays important rule in rusting. Electrons reduce the oxygen molecules in the presence of H⁺ ions.

In electroplating of chromium, which said is used as an electrolyte?

Chromium sulphate with few drops of H₂SO₄ acts electrolyte.

Write the redox reaction taking place during the electroplating chromium?

In electroplating of silver, from where Ag⁺ come and where they deposit?

In electroplating of silver Ag⁺ ion come form anode while they deposit at cathode.

What is the nature of electrode used in electrolyting of chromium?

The electrolyte is the solution of chromium sulphate Cr₂(SO₄)a few drops of H₂SO₄ are added in the electrolyte to prevent its hydrolyses, while the object to be electroplated acts as cathode and anode is made of antimonies lead.

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