9th Class Biology: chapter 5 Cell Cycle Short Questions Answer

9th Class Biology: chapter 5 Cell Cycle Short Questions Answer

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Illustrate Somatic Cells with and Example?
Those cells which give rise to cells of animal bodies are called somatic cells. Theyy increase cells in livings by means of mitosis.
Example: Epithelial tissues which covers outside of body and lines organs and cavities.
What is the difference between somatic cells and germ line cells?
Somatic cells are those which form the body of organisms, while germ line cells are those which give rise to gametes.
Define disjunction?
When the separation of sister chromatids is normal, it is called disjunction.
What is metastasis? Write its role in Cancer?
Malignant tumours can send the cancer cells to other parts of body where new tumors may form. This phenomenon is called metastasis. In metastasis when tumours spread within body they destroy further normal cell to form cancerous tumours. This process help in spread of cancer.
Define Crossing Over?
The exchange of segments between the non-sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes during meiosis-I is called crossing Over.
Define Chiasmata and Crossing over?
Chiasmata: The two non-sister chromatids of homologous chromosome jjoin each other at certain points along their length. These points of attachment are called chiasmata.
Crossing Over: The exchange of segments between the non-sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes during meiosis this process is called crossing over.
Write the name of two major phases during mitosis?
Major Phases of mitosis are:
Define regeneration?
Ability of an organisms to regenerate its lost body part is called regeneration.
Example: Sea star regenerates its lost arm through mitosis.
What do you mean by S-phase?
The phase in interphase during which the chromosomes are duplicated i.e. new chromatids are formed.
Differentiate diploid and Hapaloid Cells?
Those cells in which chromosomes are found in pair form i.e 2n they are known as diploid cels, while those cell which have half number of chromosome i.e are called haploid cells.
What is meant b cleavage furrow?
A cleavage furrow develops where the metaphase plate used to be this furrow deepens and eventually pinches the parent cell into two daughter cells.
Write a short note on the division of cytoplasm?
Cytokinesis is the division of the cytoplasm. It is different in animal and plant cells. In animal cells, cytokinesis occurs by a process known as cleavage while cytokinesis in plant cells occurs differently.
What is main function during G2 phase of cell cycle?
The main function of this phase is that cell prepares proteins for the production of spindles fibres.
When and who discovered meiosis?
Meiosis was discovered and described for the first time by a German biologist Oscar Hertwig in 1876.
What is the difference between Benign and Malignant Tumor?
Benign Tumor: As long as these tumours remain in their original location, they are called benign toumours.
Malignant Tumor: If they invade other tissues, they are called malignant tumours and their cells are called cancer cells.
What do you know about G1 phase in Cell Cycle?
G1 phase is the first phase of cell cycle in which the cell increases its supply of proteins, increases the number of its organelles and grows in size. This phase is also marked by the synthesis of various enzymes that are required in next phase i.e S phase for the duplication of chromosomes.
What is cell Cycle? Write its two major phases?
The cell cycle is the series of events from the time a cell is produced until it completes mitosis and produces new cells.
Two major phases of cell cycle are:
Mitotic Phase
Define apotosis?
The death of cell according to program is called apotosis.
Give two advantages of apotosis?
Apoptosis remove the damaged cell.
Apoptosis also gives advantages during development.
Differentiate between blebs and apoptotic bodies?
The cell membrane makes irregular buds known as blebs, while those blebs which are break off from the cell are called apoptotic bodies.
Differentiate between disjunction and non-disjunction?
The normal separation of chromosomes in meiosis is termed as disjunction while if the separation is not normal, it is known as non-disjunction.
By whom and when was the process of mitosis discovered?
In 1880 a German biologist walther Flemming discovered the process of Mitosis.
Explain S phase in cell cycle?
In this phase cell duplicates its chromosomes. As a result each chromosome consist of two sister chromatids.
What is chiasmata?
The two non sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes join each other at certain points along their length. This point of attachment is called chiasmata.
State Cytokinesis?
The division of cytoplasm is known s cytokinesis. In animals cytokinesis accur by cleavage, while in plants this process occur differently.
Describe G2 Phase?
In G2 phase cell propare protein which are essential for mitosis mainly for the formation of spindle fibres. Inhibition of protein synthesis during G2 phase prevents cell from undergoing mitosis.
What is meant by tumor?
As a result o mutations in genes and cells, they continue to divide which result in growth of abnormal cells called tumors.
What is mitosis and give its one beneit?
Mitosis: They type of division in which a cells divide in to two daughter cells is called mitosis each having same number of chromosomes as in parent cells.
Advantage: The number of cells in an organism increase by mitosis.
What is the importance of crossing over in meiosis?
During meiosis each chromosomes of parent cell under go crossing over. This is the reason that genetic variations come in gametes, which fuse to from new individuals. That is why meiosis is used to form variations in organisms. Beneficial variations help organisms to adopt to the changes in environment.
Define synapsis and crossing over?
Synapsis: The homologous chromosomes line up with each other and form pairs this is called synapsis.
Crossing over: The phenomenon in which non sister chromatids exchange their segments is called crossing over.
Define Mitosis and Meiosis?
Mitosis: The cell division in which each cell is divided into two daughter cells having same number of chromosomes as in parent cell is called mitosis.
Meiosis: The type of cell division which forms gametes in animals and spores in higher plants, each with half the usual number of chromosomes is called meiosis.
Define Karyokinesis and Cytokinesis?
The difision of nucleus is called karyyokinesis, while division of cytoplasm is called cytokinesis.
Write two difference between mitosis and meiosis?
Homologous chromosomes do not form pairs. There is no crossing over.
Daughter nuclei contain diploid number of chromosomes.
Pairing of chromosomes Crossing over between homologous chromosomes.
Daughter nuclei contain haploid number of chromosomes.
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