12th Class English Chapter 7 My Financial Career Short Question Answer

1.What light do the following expressions throw on Leacock’s state of mind when he entered the bank looked timidly round shambled in?
To Shamble means to walk with an awkward gait. The phrase to look timidly round suggests fear. Both the phrases sow that the writer was nervous.
2.Why did his manager come to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal?
The writer talked in a funny way. His face gave an odd look. His manners looked to be strange. By observing all this his manager thought that the writer would tell him an awful secret.
3.What was the attitude of the manager towards Leacock on learning that he only wished to deposit 56 dollars in the bank?
The manager thought that the writer had come to deposit a big amount. But when he learned that he wrote had come to deposit 56 dollars only he became cold.
4.What other blunders did Leacock commit after leaving the manager’s office?
First he entered the safe. Second, instead of depositing 50 dollars, he deposited 56. Third, instead of writing 6 dollars on the cheque, he wrote 56.
5.After this misadventure in the bank where did Leacock keep his money?
After the misadventure of the bank the writer began to keep his money in his socks.
6.Give as many examples as you can to show that Leacock was feeling completely lost in the bank all the time he was there?
Leacock was completely confused in the bank. First, there was no need to see the manager. Second, he entered the safe. Third instead of depositing 50 dollars, he deposited 56. Fourth instead of writing 6 dollars on the coequal, he wrote 56.
7.Why did the writer feel confused in a bank? OR What puzzled/confused/rattled the writer in a bank?
Whenever the writer entered a bank he got confused. The clerks the wickets the sight of the money and everything there rattled him.
8.Despote the fact that the writer was afraid of banks he went into one why? OR What place did the writer think proper to keep his money safe? OR How much was the writer’s salary raised?
The writer’s pay was raised to fifty dollars. He thought that bank was the only place to keep the money safe. He went there to open an account for this purpose.
9.What did the writer think necessary to do before opening an account? OR Why did the writer want to meet the manager of the bank?
He thought that it was necessary to talk to the manager before opening an account.
10.How did the manager look?
He looked to be a grave and calm man.
11. Where did the manager take the writer alone? OR What did the manager do when the writer asked him to meet him alone? OR why did the manager lock the door?
He took the writer to a private room. He locked the door to ensure privacy. Then he said that they were safe there.
12.What did the manager feel and conclude when the writer told him that he was not detective?
The manager felt relieved to find him not to be a detective. But he remained serious. He thought that the writer was a son of Aaron Rothschild or a young Gould.
13.How did the manager react/behave when he learned that the writer wanted to deposit fifty-six dollars?
He got up opened the door and called to the accountant in an unkindly loud voice. He asked him to open the writer’s account.
14.What opens at the side of the private room? OR Where did the writer enter when the manager said him good-bye? OR Where did the writer enter into confusion after his meeting with the manager? OR Why did the writer enter a safe?
A big iron door stood open at the side of the private room. The writer stepped into it. It was safe. He entered there because he was confused.
15.What did the clerk ask in surprise when the writer gave him the cheque?
The clerk saw the cheque and asked in surprise if he wanted to draw all of his money.
16.What did the writer realize when the clerk asked him if he wanted to draw all his money back?
The writer realized that he had written fifty-six instead of six in confusion.
17.What was the reaction of the bank officials when Stephen Leacock left the banks?
Stephen Leacock was fully confused. The bank officials laughed at him when he left the bank. While coming out of the bank, he heard loud laughter behind him.
18.What mistake did the writer make while writing his cheque?
While writing a cheque the writer made a mistake. He wrote fifty-six instead of six is confusing.
19.Describe Stephen Leacock meeting with the bank manager?
When they met the manager thought that the writer was a detective. But the writing told him that he was not a spy. Then the manager thought that the writer was a rich man who wants to open a big account. But he got disappointed when the writer told him that he would deposit only 56 dollars. The manager sent him to the accountant for the process.


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