11th Class English Poem 11 Leisure Short Question Answer

11th Class English Poem 11 Leisure Short Question Answer

We are providing all Students from 5th class to master level all exams preparation in free of cost. Now we have another milestone achieved, providing all School level students to the point and exam oriented preparation question answers for all science and arts students.

After Online tests for all subjects now it’s time to prepare the next level for Punjab board students to prepare their short question section here. We have a complete collection of all classes subject wise and chapter wise thousands questions with the right answer for easy understanding.

Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 11th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 11th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

In this List we have included all Punjab boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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All above mention Punjab Boards students prepare their annual and classes test from these online test and Short question answer series. In coming days we have many other plans to provide all kinds of other preparation on our Gotest website.

How to Prepare Punjab Board Classes Short Question Answer at Gotest

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Now you can start your preparation here below

1. What has the poet given his poem the title “Leisure”? OR Justify the title of the poem “Leisure”?
Life is full of cares. Man should have spare time to see the beauty spreading around. Leisure can make our life enjoyable. That is why the poet has given his poem title “Leisure”.
2. What is the poet trying to say in the last two lines of the poem?
The poet says that man is leading a busy life. His life is full of worries. He says no spare time to enjoy the beauty spreading around. Therefore, he is leading a poor life.
3. When does life become useless/ poor?
Life becomes poor and useless when it is full of worries and we do not have time to enjoy the beauty that spreads all around us.
4. For what do we not have time?
We do not have to stand under the branches, to see the streams full of stars, to see the beauty’s glance, to see the dancing feet and to see the smiling face.
5. How do we react to Beauty’s glance?
We have to time to return and pay attention to Beauty’s glance. We do not response to the beautiful look of a beautiful lady.
6. How do we treat the dancing feet?
We do not pay any heed to the beauty dancing feet. We do not bother to see how they dance.
7. What is our response to the smile of an eye?
We have no time to wait till the beauty’s lips could enrich the smile which her eyes began.
8. Why do we ignore the charm of life?
We live a busy life. Our life is full of worries. We have no leisure to enjoy the beauties of nature. Therefore, we ignore the charms of life.
9. What lesson does of the poet want to convey in the poem “Leisure”?
He wants us to pay head in the beauty spreading around. He says that life becomes poor if it is full of cares. He conveys the message that we should enjoy the beauty of nature.
10. Explain personification in the poem “Leisure”?
When non-living things are regarded as living things, they are said to be personified, for example, the plate runs, the train snorts etc. In the poem Leisure ‘Beauty has been personified. Here this word stands for a beautiful woman.
11. What is the theme/idea of the poem “Leisure”?
See the central idea at the beginning of the poem.
12. What message does the poet give in the poem “Leisure”?
We live a beauty life. We have no leisure to enjoy the beauties of nature. The poet criticizes us for sort this sort of attitude. He says that we should spare time to enjoy the prevailing beauty.
13. What beauties of nature do we miss in hurried life?
Owing to our hurried life, we miss a lot of beauties o nature. We have no times to sit under the shady trees, to see the dancing feet, starry streams and the smiling lips.
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