11th Class English Poem 10 The Hollow Men Short Question Answer

11th Class English Poem 10 The Hollow Men Short Question Answer

We are providing all Students from 5th class to master level all exams preparation in free of cost. Now we have another milestone achieved, providing all School level students to the point and exam oriented preparation question answers for all science and arts students.

After Online tests for all subjects now it’s time to prepare the next level for Punjab board students to prepare their short question section here. We have a complete collection of all classes subject wise and chapter wise thousands questions with the right answer for easy understanding.

Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 11th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 11th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

In this List we have included all Punjab boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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Rawalpindi Board 11th classes short questions Answer

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All above mention Punjab Boards students prepare their annual and classes test from these online test and Short question answer series. In coming days we have many other plans to provide all kinds of other preparation on our Gotest website.

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Now you can start your preparation here below

1. What do hollow men mean?
Hollow men are the man who lacks spirit and force. They seen to be fit but in reality they are idle and lazy.
2. What do stuffed men mean?
The stuffed men are the men whose minds are filled with straws. It means that they are stilly and stupid.
3. Who has been called ‘Hollow Man’?
The people who are idle and lazy are called hollow man. They cannot fight against the cruel people. The modern men who lack force are such people.
4. What does the phrase ‘Headpiece filled with straw’ mean? OR is the mental level of ‘Hollow Man’?
The phrase shows the mental level of hollow men. Their minds seem to be stuffed with straw. They do not show any wisdom. They are dull and stupid.
5. What is the shape of hollow man?
Their shapes have no forms. They are deformed. They lack good human qualities. Their shapes are without any beauty.
6. What does the phrase, gesture without motion, mean?
It means that their deeds are without motion any outcome. They work but it is useless. Their actions are worthless.
7. What is the central idea/them of the poem?
The poet laments the idleness of modern man. He says that modern man lacks zeal and spirit. He is idle and laze. Elliot wants to say that it is better to do evil than to do nothing.
8. What is the moral lesson of the poem “The Hollow Man”?
The poet urges us to be active. We must have real zeal and force in life. Life without passion and spirit is a dead life. The poet says that man should be even violent in taking actions.
9. What does the title of the poem “The Hollow Man”?
The title of the poem suggests that modern men are hollow men. They are idle and lack force. The poem declares that they are filled with emptiness. They are not brave and violent.
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