11th Class English Play 3 The Oyster and The Pearl Short Question Answer

11th Class English Play 3 The Oyster and The Pearl Short Question Answer

All students, from the fifth grade on up through the master’s level, can take advantage of our free test preparation. Now that this important goal has been reached, we can move on to the next one, which is to provide all students at the School level with point-based and exam-oriented preparation questions and answers for the arts and sciences.

Following the completion of online exams for all topics, it is now time to prepare the following level for students taking the Punjab board examinations by working on their short question sections here. We have a comprehensive collection of all courses’ questions and answers, arranged by topic and by chapter, and there are hundreds of them. Each question has an explanation of how to correctly answer it.

For the students in the 11th grade, we have provided here a comprehensive set of English questions and answers organized by chapter. Everyone who visits the site may get ready for the examination they will take in the 11th grade by working through the questions and answers that are provided below.

In this List we have included all Punjab boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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All above mention Punjab Boards students prepare their annual and classes test from these online test and Short question answer series. In coming days we have many other plans to provide all kinds of other preparation on our Gotest website.

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Now you can start your preparation here below

1. Where does the play take place?
It takes place in Harry’s shop in O.K- by the sea; California, population909.
2. Why is the Harry sitting in the barber’s is giving him a haircut?
He is sitting in the chair as Clay is giving him a haircut.
3. According to Harry, how does one bring merriment to the tired old human heart?
He says that one can bring merriment to the tired old human heart by composing a symphony, painting a picture, writing a book or inventing a philosophy.
4. What is Harry philosophy?
His philosophy shows ‘a way to live’. It is: The talk –it –easy way.
5. How much did Harry pay for his barber shop?
He paid 75 dollars for the shop. He has been living in O.K –by the Sea for twenty four years.
6. How many barbers are there in O.K –by-the- Sea?
Harry is the only Barber in O.K –by- the –Sea.
7. How much does Harry charged for haircut?
He charges a dollar for a haircut. But as the people in the town are poor. He takes a half or a quarter even.
8. Where is clay going?
He is going to the beach.
9. Why does Clay need money?
He needs money to bring his father back. He also wants to buy a gift for his mother.
10. What is happened to Clay’s father?
Clay’s mother fights with Clay’s father for not providing his children with the basic needs. He leaves his house and goes to Salinas to earn money.
11. What has Clay put the local newspaper?
He has put an ad in the newspaper. In this ad, Clays requests his father to come back home.
12. Who is Miss Mc Cutch eon? How does she feel about her job?
She is a young lady. She teaches children in O.K-by-the-Sea. She feels excited about her job. But she is upset at the carelessness of the school children.
13. What is Miss Mc Cutch eon looking for? How does she feel about the children of the town?
The school children have not come to school. She is looking for them. She feels angry with them as they are careless.
14. What does Harry advise her to do?
Harry advises her to go a big city. He also advises her to get married produce her own children to teach.
15. What kind of haircut does Mc Cutch eon wants?
She wants a poodle haircut.
16. Can Harry give a poodle haircut?
No, he does not know how to give a poodle haircut.
17. What does Miss Mc Cutch eon think that a poodle haircut will do for her appearances?
She thinks that by having a poodle haircut she would look well and simple. She wants to adjust herself to the surroundings.
18. Where has Clerk Lara bee been? How does he get to O.K-by-the-Sea?
He has been working in Salinas. He gets to O.K-by-the-Sea by a truck.
19. What does Clark give Harry? For what purpose?
Clark gives Harry three ten-dollar notes. He takes him to give the money to Clay ask him to take it home to his mother.
20. How for is it to Hollywood form O.K-by-the-Sea?
Hollywood is about two hundred miles away from O.k. by-the-Sea.
21. What does work the Man do?
He is a writer. He writes a bit of everything.
22. What did Clay find Black Rock?
He found an oyster there.
23. What does Clay believe is in the oyster? How much is it worth?
He believes that there is a big pearl in the oyster. The worth of the pearl might be there hundred dollars.
24. Does Miss Mc Cutch eon believe that the there is pearl in the oyster?
No, she thinks that there is no pearl in the oyster.
25. Why does Miss Mc Cutch eon have a chair with three legs?
she has just brought it from the beach. She does not seem to do anything with it.
26. What kind of Judge is Judge Applegate?
He is called a judge because once he judge animals at a country fair. He judge dogs. He is not a judge at any court of justice.
27. What year is it?
It is 1953.
28. Who is Greeley? What does he have a boatel?
Greely is a boy who brings sea water in a bottle. As pearl in the play stand for hope, the bottle of sea water stands for the details of life that have to be liked for.
29. Who suggests that they should open the oyster?
Miss McCutcheon suggests opening the oyster.
30. Why do they want Wozzeck to come?
They want Wozzeck to come to open the oyster.
31. how does Harry describe the inhabitants of O.K by-the-Sea?
Harry says that they are very poor. Some people get jobs for a couple of months. Some get pensions. Every family has a garden and a few chickens. They earn a few dollars by selling vegetables and eggs.
32. How does Miss Mc Cutch eon view harry thinking about the pearl in the oyster?
She thinks that Harry is playing a trick on Clay. However later, she comes to know that Harry wants to help Clay with money.
33. Why does the Judge think that Miss Mc Cutch eon will not last as a teacher? What kind of teacher does he think is need?
He says that Miss McCutcheon will not stay a month in the school as she is very pretty. He says that their school needs some cruel old woman instead a pretty girl.
34. what is Alllegarth’s complaint about the sea?
He says that the quality of the stuff washed up by the sea has become poor.
35. What kind of gadget does the writer describe?
He tells Harry about a gadget in New York. It is like a safety razor. Anybody can give a haircut with it. Its price is 295 dollars.
36. Who buys the oyster? How much does he pay?
The writer buys it for three hundred dollars.
37. Does the writer open the oyster? Why not?
He does not open it as he believes that pearls do not stop Clay with money.
38. Why does Clark Lara bee return?
Clay has put an ad in the newspaper about Clark. Clark reads it. He then returns to his family.
39. What does the writer do with the oyster?
He looks at it carefully. Then he turns it in his fingers. In the end, he puts it in his pocket.
40. Do you think that it is right to allow Clay to believe that there is a pearl in the oyster? Explain your answer.
Clay finds an oyster. He believes that there is a pearl in it. Harry wants to help Clay. He wants to buy the oyster. Finally, a writer buys the oyster for three hundred dollars. The end of the story proves that there is no wrong to make Clay believe that there is a pearl in the oyster.
41. If your opinion, why is the writer willing to buy the pearl? What has he received in return? What does he mean by sating: As far as I am concerned, the whole thing’s a pearl?
The whole event takes place before a writer. The event is simple but full of lofty sentiments. The writer buys the oyster. But in fact he buys the story not the pearl. The whole event is a matchless story for him. He thinks it is no less valuable than a pearl.
42. What has attached Harry other people to O.K by-the-Sea? Is it the kind of town that appeals to you? Do you think that it resembles an ideal town? Give reasons for your answer.
Ok-by –the –Sea is full of natural beauty and peace. I is an ideal town to live a peaceful life. This is what has fetched Harry there. But the village lacks the excitement of life. The people like Harry can live there. But the people loving thrill cannot be happy there.
43. Herry’s philosophy is take –it easy (Relax –and –enjoy –life) kind. How does that philosophy appeal to you? Why or why not? Do you think that this philosophy words easier in small towns than in large cities? Explain.
Harry’s philosophy of life is take –it-easy way. It looks beautiful to talk about. But in reality, man needs certain facilities to lead a happy life. Life without zeal is not worth –living. Man cannot live a lazy and inactive life. Life full of zeal is the real life.
44. In your opinion, does the play reveal the author’s view of life? If so, what is this view of life?
Usually a playwright does not depict his own point of view in his play. It is the character of the play whose point of view the playwright conveys. Different character show different temperaments. The dramatic cannot be identified with any of them. However the view of life conveyed in the drama is: Take-it-easy-way”.
46. Would you call this play on of action? Why or why not? How would describe the play to a friend?
Aristotle equates ‘action’ with the plat of the play. In this scene, the play has an action. Second action stands for the real activity of the stage. But there, a big part of the play is narrated not performed. Third, a plat action must urge the reader on action. But this play does not do so. We can tell the story of the play to a friend like Harry.
47. Do you think that this would good play to produce? Why or Why not?
To produce this play would not be good for business point of view. The play teaches the lesson of laziness and idleness. This is not a good lesson to teach. We should teach our people to work. Movement is life and stillness is death.
48. Write a three to four lines explaining why you liked, or did not like, this play?
We do not like the play as it teaches laziness and idleness. This is not a good lesson to teach. We should teach our people to work. We need thrill and excitement. Movement is life and stillness is death.
49. Write a composition describing your ideal town?
What is ideal cannot be real. However my ideal town would be a town, where there is justice and fairness; where people live like brothers and where the light of knowledge brightness life. It should be like Utopia.
50. What kind of play is “The Oyster and the Pearl”?
It is a sentimental comedy. It has humor and a happy ending. It shows faith in the basic goodness of human nature.
51. What does the play “The Oyster and the Pearl” reflect about author?
It reflects the author’s attitude towards life and people. The author finds the life wonderful, fascinating but at times a little odd.
52. What is the main concern of the playwright of, ‘The Oyster and the Pearl’?
He wants the readers/viewers to enjoy and to relax.
53. Describe the scene of the play. The Oyster and the Pearl’?
A barber’s shop in O.K-by-the-Sea, California, population 909 is the scene of the play. This sign on the window says: HARRY VAN DUSEN, BARBER.
54. What was known about Harry’s dress as a barber?
It was known that he had never put on a barber’s white jacket. He had never worked without a hat on this head.
55. Why did Harry were various hats?
He wore different hats as if putting on these various hats somewhat expressed the quality of his soul or suggested the range of it.
56. Describe Harry’s shop?
The shop is situated in O.K by-the-Sea, California, population 909. The sign on the window of the shop reads: HARRY VAN DUSEN, BARBER. In the shop various things are lying on the shelves. There are placed abalone and other shells, pieces of driftwood, a life jacket, a rope and a few sea planets.
57. What things were placed in Harry’s shop?
There were many odds and ends on the shelves and on the walls. There were placed abalone and other shells, pieces of driftwood, life jackets, a rope and sea planets.
58.What things did Harry suggest to Clay to do to bring joy to tired old human heart?
He asked him compose a symphony, to paint a picture, to write a book or to invent a philosophy.
59. What philosophy did Harry invent?
He invented a way to live. It was “The computer-it-easy way”.
60. What did Clay find and from where?
He found an oyster from the ocean side of Black Rock on the beach.
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