11th Class Computer Science Chapter 2 Information Network Short Questions Answers

11th Class Computer Science Chapter 2 Information Network Short Questions Answers

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What is gateway?

Gateway is referred to a node on a network that serves as an entrance to another network. In enterprises, the gateway is the computer that routes the traffic from a workstation to the outside networks that is serving the web pages. In homes, the gateway is the ISP that connects the user to the internet.

What is internet?

It is the network of networks around the world. It is made up of thousands’ of smaller, national, regional, governmental, academic and commercial networks. The internet is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks to reach billions of users.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. This is the protocol, or set of rules which enable files to be transferred from one computer to another.

What is WWW?

World Wide Web is service of internet. It is a system of resources that enable computer users to view and interact with a variety of electronic documents, including magazine archives, public and university-library resources, current world and business news, and software programs.

What is Bus Topology?

Bus topology uses a common backbone to connect all the network devices in a network in a linear shape. A single cable functions as the shared communication medium for all the devices attached with this cable with an interface connector.

What is groupware?

A software which enable to work in work group computing. This network is used to perform activities on a network.

What is the purpose of network layer?

This is the third layer of OSI model, the principal task of this layer is to establish, maintain and terminate commotions to support the transfer of information between end system via one, or more intermediate communication networks.

What is star topology?

In the computer networking world the most commonly used topology in LAN is the star topology. Star topologies can be implemented in homes, offices or even in a building. All the computers in the star topologies are connected to central devices like hub, switch or router.

What is router?

A router can be considered to be a large directory of networks. Rather than concerning itself about which PC is where, a routers job is to find out where different networks are. It then sends the traffic via the best path, be it the fastest, most reliable or shortest.

MAN Stands for What?

Man stands for Metropolitan Area Network.

What is Clint/server network model?

A network architecture in which each computer or process on the network is either a client or a server. Servers are powerful computers or processes dedicated to managing disk drives, Printers, or network traffic. Clients are PC or workstations on which users run application.

Describe dedicated carver?

A computer in a network which is used to server a specific type of services to the networks. File server, Print server are the examples of dedicated servers.

Define bridge?

A data-link bridge is a device that connects two similar networks or divides one network into two. It takes frames from one network and puts them on the other, and vice versa. As it does this, it regenerates the signal strength of the frames, allowing data to travel further.

What do you know about Gopher?

Gopher is a protocol designed to search, retrieve and display documents from sites on the internet. In addition to document display, document retrieval, it is possible to initiate on-line commotions with other systems via Gopher.

State some uses of LAN?

A computer network contained in a small room, normally in a room or in a building is known as Local Area Networks. LAN is used for computer labs in schools and colleges, small offices and home based networks.

Define the term “Extranet”?

Extranets are networks link that use internet technologies to interconnect the intranet of a business with the intranets of its customers, suppliers, or other business partners.

What is ring topology?

In-ring Network, every computer or device have two adjacent neighbors for communication. In a ring network, all the communication messages travel in the same direction whether clockwise or anti clockwise.

State the purpose of transport of layer?

This layer provides a reliable end-to-end service for the transfer of messages irrespective of the under lying networks. To fulfill this role, the transport layer selects a suitable communication network which provides the required quality of service.

Differentiate between bit and byte?

Bit is Binary digit and smallest unit of computer memory and byte is a group of 8 bits. Bit is smaller unit and byte is bigger unit.

List seven layer of OSI Model?

Layers of OSI Model

  1. Physical Layer
  2. Data Layer
  3. Network Layer
  4. Transport Layer
  5. Session Layer
  6. Presentation Layer
  7. Application Layer
Define the term network topology?

In computer networking “Topology” refers to the layout or design of the connected devices in a network. Network Topologies can be physical or logical. Physical Topology means the physical design of a network including the devices, location and cable installations.

Define dedicated server?

Dedicated server is network server which performs a specific task on a network.

Define the term client?

Client is PCs or workstations on which users run applications. Clients rely on servers for resources, Such as files, devices and even processing power.

State the purpose of data link layer?

This layer provides reliable transmission of a packet by using the services of the physical layer which transits bots over the medium in an unreliable fashion.

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