10th Class Physics Chapter 2 Sound Short Question Answer

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Lahore Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Rawalpindi Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Gujranwala Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Multan Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Sargodha Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Faisalabad Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Sahiwal Board 10th classes short questions Answer

DG Khan Board 10th classes short questions Answer

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10th Class Physics Chapter 2 Sound Short Question Answer

What is frequency?

The number of vibration s per cycle of a vibrating body none second is called frequency.

Why ultrasound is useful in medical field?

Ultrasonic waves carry more energy and short wavelength therefore ultrasonic waves are used to diagnose and treat different ailments.

Difference Between the loudness and intensity of sound.

i. Characteristics of sound by which we can distinguish between loud and faint Sounds is called loudness.
ii. It is not physical quantity.

Define wavelength of sound wave.

Distance between two consecutive compressions or rarefactions is called the wavelengths of sound wave.

What is diaphragm?

the chest piece consists of a plastic disc called diaphragm in stethoscope.

Define loudness? On what factors loudness depends.

“Loudness is the characteristics of sound by which loud and faint sounds cab be distinguished”. Loudness depends upon a number of factors. Such as.
i. Amplitude of the vibrating body
ii. Araa of the vibrating body
iii. Distance from the vibrating body
iv. Physical condition of ear.

On what factors pitch depends.

It depends upon the frequency. A higher pitch means higher frequency and vice versa.

Explain that noise is a nuisance?

Noise is a nuisance because it causes offence annoyance, trouble or injury.

Difference between echo and reflection of sound?

The echo is formed through reflection but the reflection does not form echo. All sounds reflect back but it is not necessary that all reflections produce echo.

What is speed?

The distance covered in unit time is called speed.

Why sound waves are called mechanical waves?

Sound waves are called mechanical waves because they require material medium for their propagation.

Difference between frequency and pitch.

Frequency: The number of vibration completed in one second is called frequency. Its unit is hertz.(Hz)

What is musical sound?

Sounds which are pleasant to our ears are called musical sounds. e.g. sounds of guitar and violin.

What is audible frequency range?

The range of the frequencies which a human ear can hear is called the audible frequency range.

Define intensity and its unit.

Sound energy passing per second through a unit area held perpendicular to the direction of propagation of sound waves is called intensity of sound.

What is SONAR?

SONAR is “sound navigation and ranging”. It is a technique used to estimate the distance of object from the ocean surface.

Why the voice of women is shriller than that of men?

The frequency of the voice of ladies is higher than that of men. Therefore, the voice of ladies is shrill and of high pitch.

Define echo is sound.

When sound is incident on the surface of a medium it bounces back into the first medium, thisphenomenon is called echo or reflection of sound.

What are sources of noise pollution?

Transportation equipment, heavy machinery, loud vehicles horns and alarms are the source of noise pollution.

Which instrument is used to see the sound waves?

By using an”Oscilloscope” we can see sound waves.

Difference between Quality and pitch.

The property of sound by which we can distinguish between two sounds of same loudness and pitch is called quality.

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