10th Class Biology Chapter 9 Pharmacology Short Questions Answer

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10th Class Biology Chapter 9 Pharmacology Short Questions Answer

What are synthetic drugs?

Such drugs don’t occur naturally but are synthesized in laboratory. Pharmaceutical companies produce these drugs
What are analgesic?

Analgesic are painkiller that reduce pain e.g.Aspirin, Paracetamol
What are the different sources of drugs?

1: Synthetic drug
2: Plants and fungi
3: Bacteria
4: Animals
5: Minerals
What are addictive drugs?

Some drugs often make person dependent on them or addicted. These may be called as addicted. These may be called as addictive drugs by using such drugs, the person’s body become familiar to it and user cannot function well without it.
What is pharmacy?

It is the study used for the profession related to drugs synthesis
What are pharmaceutical drugs?

A pharmaceutical drug is define as any chemical substances intended for the use in medical diagnosis cure, treatment or prevention of disease.
What are non-prescription?

Non-prescription drugs are sold over the counter between these are considered self-enough. These include aspirin and some cough medicines.
Define drugs?

Any substances that can absorbed that can absorbed into the body the body of living organisms alter the normal function is called drug.
Define pharmacology.

It is the study of drugs composition, properties and medical applications.
What drugs are obtain from minerals?

Several drugs produce from minerals. The mineral iodine is used for making a tincture of iodine a liquid that help to prevent infection. Powder from silver nitrate use to stop bleeding
What are the types of drug?

There are two types of drugs
1: Pharmaceutical drugs
2: Addictive drugs
What are prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs are sold only on physicians synthesized in laboratory. These includes barbiturates, antibiotic, certain tranquillizers etc.
What is marihuana?

Ans: Marijuana is hallucinogens, which is smoked. It is obtain from stem and leave of marijuana.
What are sulfonamides?

Ans: Sulfa drugs are synthetic antibiotics that contains sulfonamides group sulfonamides are broad spectrum bacteriostatic agent which inhibit folic acid synthesis in bacteria. They are used to treat pneumonia and urinary tract infection.
What are different sources of drugs?

i. Synthetic drugs
ii. Plants and fungi
iii. Bacteria
iv. Animals
v. Minerals
What are narcotics?

Narcotics are strong Painkiller. These drugs are often prescribe in conjunctions which other less potent pain killer. They are used to relieve pain for patient with disease such as cancer and also. Relieve acute pain after operations. But some people may abuse narcotics for their ecstatic effecte.g.Morphine, Codeine.
What do you know about antigens?

Pathogen contain protein called “antigen which stimulate the immune response in host i.t. synthesis of “antibiotics”.
Define Exhalation.

The phase of breathing in which is expelled from the lungs is called inhalation.
What is contribution of Joseph Lister?

Joseph Lister was English surgeon. He promoted the idea of sterile surgery for first time. He introduce carbolic acid to sterilize surgical instruments to clean wound.
What are antibiotics?

Antibiotics inhibit or kill the bacteria and treat bacterial infection e.g. Tetracycline cephalosporin
What are antiseptic?

Antiseptic reduce possibility of infection on skin.
Define pharmacology?

It is the study of drugs composition, properties and medical application.
What are disinfectants?

Disinfectants destroy microorganisms found on non-living objects.
Define Bronchus?

The part of air passage way formed by the division of the trachea.
Define diaphragm?

The muscular structure that form the floor of the chest cavity present below lungs.
What is heroin?

The most commonly abused narcotics heroin is semi synthetic drugs from morphine. It effects on central nervous system. Heroin cause drowsiness
Write classification according to sources?

1: Analgesics i-e aspirin, paracetamol
2: Antibiotics i-e tetracyclines
3: Vaccine i-e polio vaccine
4: Sedative i-e diazepams
What are vaccine?

Vaccine are used to develop immunity against bacterial infection e.g Vaccine against small pox, whooping cough, hepatitis B etc.
What do you know about antigens and antibodies?

Pathogen contain protein called ‘antigen’ which stimulate the immune response in host i-e synthesis of ‘antibiotics’.
What is the difference pharmacy and pharmacology?

Pharmacology: It is the branch of biology that deals with study of drugs composition, properties and medical application. Sources of drugs are also studies in pharmacology.

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