10th Class Biology Chapter 2 Homeostasis Short Questions Answer

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10th Class Biology Chapter 2 Homeostasis Short Questions Answer

Define thermoregulation.

It is maintenance of internal body temperature.

What is guttation?

The removal of water in the form of drops though special pores present at leaf tips or edges is called guttation.

Write function of ureter?

Ureter is the tube which carry urine from kidney to urinary bladder.

Give function of urinary bladder?

Function of urinary bladder it temporarily stores urine until it is released from body.

What is location of kidney?

They are located against the back wall of abdominal cavity just below diaphragm, one on either side of vertebral column.

Define osmoregulation.

It is the maintenances of the amounts of water and salts in body fluids. It is done by kidneys and skin.

What is halophytes?

Halophytes are the plants which live in sea water and are adapted to salty environment.

Define Homeostasis.

Homeostasis may be defined as the maintenance of internal conditions of body at equilibrium, despite changes in the external environment.

Write the function of kidney?

Function of kidney:
i. It filters water, salts, urea, uric acid etc from the blood and form urine.
ii. It maintains salts and water balance in body fluids.

What is metabolic wastes?

The wastes produced during the metabolism of body. That may harm the body is called metabolic waste.

Write the parts of urinary system?

i. A pair of kidneys.
ii. A pair of ureters
iii. A Urinary bladder
iv. A urethra

What Is Hilus?

It is a depression near center of the concave are of kidney through which ureter leaves kidney are other structures center or leave kidney

What are pyramids?

Renal medulla consists of several cone shaped areas. Which are called pyramids.

What are afferent and efferent arterioles?

Afferent arterioles form glomerulus Efferent arterioles arise from glomerulus.

What is the pH of blood.

pH of blood is 7.3 to 7.45

What are the major causes of kidney stones?

i. Diet containing more green vegetables, salts etc.
ii. Recurring urinary tract infections.
iii. Less intake of water.
iv. Alcohol consumption.

Write symptoms of kidney stones.

Severe pain in kidney Vomiting Frequent urination Foul smelling urine Blood and pus in urine

What is renal medulla?

Renal medulla is the inner part of kidney and is pale red in colour.

What is collecting duct?

The distal convoluted tubules of many nephrons open in a single opening which collect the material, this opening is called collecting duct.

What is renal cortex?

Renal cortex is the outer part of kidney and has reddish colour

What are papillary ducts?

Many collecting ducts join together to form several hundred papillary duct.

Differentiate between Glomerulus and Bowman's capsule.

Glomerulus: glomerulus is a network of capillaries present inside the Bowman’s capsule.

What are three main steps of urine formation?

i. Pressure filtration.
ii. Selective re absorption
iii. Tubular Secretion

What is kidney failure?

It is partially or completely failure of kidney to function.

What is Dialyzer?

It is an apparatus used for hemodialysis. Which helps artificial filtration of blood.

What is peritoneum?

It is the membrane that lines the peritoneal cavity and contains blood vessels.

What is dialysis? What are its types?

It is the cleaning of blood by artificial methods.
i. Peritoneal dialysis
ii. Hemodialysis

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