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The National Information Technology Board (NITB) is a government-owned institution that provides IT-related solutions and solutions to a variety of public sector organizations. NITB is a testing and examination center for various the government agencies and departments and announces the outcomes on their official site. This article provides the steps needed to find NITB result 2024 online on

NITB conducts tests to make sure that the government agencies and departments are equipped with qualified and experienced IT experts. These tests help to select the most qualified candidates for various posts, and also make sure that government agencies have the required IT capabilities to meet their goals.

About NITB

NITB is an organisation that falls under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Pakistan. Its mission is to provide IT technology and services to public sector organisations and assist in the transformation of digital technology in the nation. NITB runs various tests and tests for the selection of IT specialists in various departments and agencies of the government.

NITB Result Announced

National Information Technology Board NITB Results 2024 have been released for batches 16, 17 and 16. Find and download the NITB results. If you’re one of the folks who are looking to review NITB results for 2024, then you’re in the right place. We’ve spoken to the officials of NITB they are currently preparing to release results online in just a few days.

NITB Result Batch 18, 19, 20, 21 2024 Check Online

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) has announced the publication of the NITB Results Batch 18 19, 20 21 2024. applicants who were part of the three batches can view their results online on their official site. The NITB exam is a very competitive test, and candidates who pass the test are believed to be equipped with the skills required to succeed in the area of Information Technology.

NITB Result 2024

The NITB was founded in 2014. The goal for NITB is to offer a broad range of technical guidance and consultancy services to public sector entities to determine the most important areas of automation, such as design development, development, and deployment. It is the National Information Technology Commission provides diverse departments and individuals handicapped that have their own infrastructure, operations general and special-purpose training and technical assistance and subject knowledge for projects involving e-government.

NITB Result 2024 Check Online |

NITB Result 2024

How to Check NITB Result 2024 Online?

To see the NITB results 2024 online, you must visit their official web site for NITB that will be When you’re on the site, you can verify the results by following the steps below. Step-by-Step Guide to Check NITB Result 2024 Online.This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to access NITB results 2024 online:

Step 1: Go to the website for the official site of NITB

First, go to their official site of NITB that includes

Step 2: Click on the “Results” tab:When you’re on the site After that, click”Results” and then click on the “Results” tab, which is on the top of the page.

Step 3: Choose the exam’s name:When you have clicked upon the “Results” tab, select the name of the exam for which you wish to view the results.

Step 4 :Input your roll number:After selecting the exam’s name, you can enter your roll number into the field provided.

Step 5:Click”Search” button “Search” button:When you’ve entered the roll number into your account, press”Search.” After entering the roll number, click on “Search” button to check the result.

Step 6. Print or Save your Result:When your final result appears on your screen, you may choose to save it , or print it for later reference.

If you have any problems when you check your NITB results 2024 online, you may contact to the NITB Help Desk. The help desk will help you resolve any issues that you encountered while looking up your result.

NITB Batch 17 Result 2024

NITB plays a crucial role in authenticating the crucial automated, robust IT implementation, as well as other IT-related projects, graphic designing and development. In addition, NITB is enhancing the increase the impact of e-commerce as well as the culture of governance within all departments of government and public administration. The organization has also boosted the infrastructure for e-government and performance of the public sector.

NITB Results Batch 19 2024

National Information Technology Board NITB Results 2024 have been released to batch 19. Check and download your NITB results here. nitb waiting list batch 18 availiable on this page.

NITB Result Batch 16

We are delighted to let you know that all essential information required to verify online results and dates are listed on the studies. Make sure you submit your results in time. This page will provide the latest information about education.

Check Online

National Information Technology Board Result 2024

It is important to note that failed or absentees are not required to apply for retakes. They will automatically be scheduled to the next retake test. The status of the result “RL” means Result Late that is declared after 15 days.

NITB Result Batch Wise

Public Information Technology Board NITB Punjab was set up in 1999 by the Govt. of Punjab. It is an autonomous body which is part of the Department of Industries Punjab. The purpose of this board is guide the Pakistani nation towards advanced strength through providing Information Technology support to the departments and government services to enhance their progress. NITB Reports Batch 2024 check direct link is accessible.

NITB Result Batch 15 2024
Result of Batch-14 Check Online
Result of Batch-15 Check Online

NITB Result Batch Wise

Basic IT Result of Batch-13.5 Check Online
Batch 13 CPL1-3 – RL Result Check Online
Result of Batch 13 Check Online
Result of Batch Batch-11(1658 candidates) Check Online
Result of Batch Latest Batch-10.5 (444 candidates) Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch 12 Latest Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5-Latest Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch 12 Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5 Check Online
Result Batch_11 Check Online
Result Batch_10-5 Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11 (Module-3) Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11 (Module-6) Check Online
Basic IT result of Batch-10 (Module 3) Check Online
Basic IT result of Batch-10 (Module 6) Check Online
BIT Result of Batch-8.5 Check Online
Result Batch-9 Check Online
Result Batch-9.5 Check Online
Result Batch-8-5 (Retake-5) Check Online
Result Batch-8 Check Online
Result Batch-7 Check Online
Result Batch-7.5 Check Online
Result Batch-6 Check Online
Result Batch-6.5 Check Online
Result Batch-5-Module 6 Check Online
Result Batch-4 Check Online
Basic IT Result of Batch-9.5 and Retake-6 Check Online
Result Batch-5-Module 3 Check Online

 NITB Result by name

Batch 16 and Batch-15.5 results will be announced by Nov. 15, 2024 for Batch-15 and Retake-14-5. The NITB Results Batch 16 2024 can be viewed online. So, NITB is sure to choose skilled employees to work in the department. The success of our country Pakistan is directly related to the quality of education. Particularly, technical education is the primary requirement for a nation to be able to stand against developed countries. So, Govt. must hire the most qualified candidates to do the job. To aid applicants there is a direct link provided to download NITB Results Batch 2024.

NITB Result Batch 2024 Check Online

Download and check the NITB results batch 14 list according to roll number, CNIC, and student ID. The easiest method to determine the results is to click the button below for downloading the results. The list will include batches (14/15) results, in which students roll no, CNIC and application candidate’s name are included. Find your roll number, CNIC as well as the student’s name and verify whether you are in good standing (Fail/Pass). Absentees or those who failed the exam do not need to apply for a second time. They will be automatically required to take the exam again. Results 2024

You must remain in touch with your results following the official announcement. You can also download the group’s insightful results from this webpage. We’ve provided a quick link to look at results without much difficulty. NITB results Batch 2024 is available to look up on this page.

 NITB Contact Detail

  • Address: No. 24_B، Street 6, Sector H-9/1 H 9/1 H-9, Islamabad
  • PH: (051) 9265058
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


What is NITB?

NITB is a governmental entity that offers IT-related services as well as solutions for various government sector organizations.

Why does NITB conduct exams?

NITB conducts exams to verify that the government agencies and departments are equipped with qualified and experienced IT experts.

How can I check NITB Result 2024 online?

To view NITB Results 2024 online, you must go to the official site of NITB and that’s Select”Results” from the “Results” tab and choose the name of the test that you wish to view the result. You will need to enter your roll’s number, and select”Search” “Search” button. The result will appear at the top of the page

Is it necessary to have the roll number to check the NITB Result 2024 online?

Yes, it is essential to have the roll number in order to verify the NITB 2024 Result online. If you do not have the roll numbers, you’ll not be able check your score.What should I do if I forget my roll number? If you’ve forgotten the roll code, verify it on your admit card or call the NITB Help Desk to get help.


The final conclusion is that reviewing the NITB Results 2024 online is a straightforward and easy procedure. If you follow the step-by-step instructions given in this article you will be able to easily verify your score at the official website of NITB. If you encounter any difficulties it is possible to call the NITB Help Desk for assistance.

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